Saints Row IV Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: December 25, 2022

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Gat Out of Hell Hints


  • To get the Last Supper weapon, representing Gluttony, you must visit three Tacos Malos restaurants. Find them by going to the following spots:
  • First, go to the Forge, and then to the area called Hellwrought. The restaurant is west of the highway ramps and south of the Torment Fraud area.
  • Next, go north from there to the Den and Satan's Brilliance. The restaurant is slightly south of the Marshaling Ground in the northwest second.
  • Finally, go to Shantytown, then to Glutton's End. The restaurant is in the neighborhood beneath the bridge that leads to Downtown, to the southwest.

Text-Adventure Mini-Games


Search the locations described below to find the 8 text-adventure mini-games.

  • Text-Adventure #1 - In Burn Hills, go to the north section of the nuclear plant and search the roof. You should be on a tower near a Data Cluster and Stomp Cluster.
  • Text-Adventure #2 - Find the bridge heading east out of Ashwood, and head to the spot above it. Look for a platformer by the water.
  • Text-Adventure #3 - If you follow the same bridge toward the east, the next text-adventure is on another platform once you've gone about halfway.
  • Text-Adventure #4 - Go behind the casino in Port Pryor and look on the stairs that lead to the water.
  • Text Adventure #5 - Start from the big bridge in the north section of Loren Square, and get on top of the rooftops on the right side of the street. The text-adventure is on one of the roofs.
  • Text-Adventure #6 - In Wesley Cutter International, start from the maintenance buildings to the east and search the other side of the street.
  • Text-Adventure #7 - From the middle of the Rosen Oaks neighborhood, head south. Take the left path at the fork in the road. Search the yards of the homes there.
  • Text-Adventure #8 - In Espina, find the island where the National Guard base is, and search the south bridge.

Gat Out of Hell Achievement / Trophy Help


If you're having trouble getting the "Put Up Your Dukes" trophy/achievement, there are two methods you can try. First, if you want to fight an Arch Duke that arrives when you reach a high enough Notoriety Level, try using a combination of the freezing skill from Coldfire's Aura and Uriel's sword.

An easier method is to start one of the Marshaling Ground activities and activate the two stones. An Arch Duke with a health gauge will appear. Keep your eye on his health as you fight him normally, and start using melee once it's almost depleted.

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