Rust: Console Edition Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: December 17, 2022
Rust: Console Edition
  • First Released: May 20, 2021

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Half Life 2 Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

If you are an avid Half Life 2 fan you would love what these guys found by pressing two buttons at the same time.

RUST: Half Life 2 Easter Egg in RUST!
By: Jonathan Nestler Comment

5 Rust Console Edition Bugs.


Check out the video below for a description of these 5 common Rust game breakers.

Glitches & Bugs That Could RUIN Your Wipe | Rust Console (Xbox & Playstation)
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Get good at playing Rust quick!


Getting ahead in the game
Rust on console allows you to change what the left bumper button does on your controller. Once you spawned into a fresh map, get out of the spawn area fast. Grab up cloth plants and craft sleeping bags as you go, this way you create spawn points on the go then enable autosprint in the settings to continue sprinting without having to hold the stick forward. 

Keep your stocks high
For easy free healing and food; gather as much food as you can, then you’ll be able to heal yourself whenever needed. Use some of the cloth you’ve gathered to craft bandages and have them in your hotbar at all time.

Make things easier
Hitting the crosses on trees and the shiny points on rocks will harvest the resource more quickly. Also make sure you are using the right tool for the job by checking its stats in your inventory; better tools give more resources when harvesting. Don’t forget to use the NPC areas; the Baditcamp and the Outpost have useful workstations in them.

Building made easy
Once you put down a base make sure you put locks on the doors and lock them to stop other players entering and also place a tool cupboard again with a lock on it, upgrade your twig tear base to wood as soon as you can as it does not last very long, also upgrade your walls and ceilings while you do this. 

Once you place an object with your building plan you can actually demolish it using a hammer for up to ten minutes, after that time is elapsed the object is there until it is broken. Walls have a soft side and a hard side, you can rotate them with a hammer provided it's within ten minutes of placing it the soft sides are a lot easier to smash so make sure you place it the right way. 

If you unlock a lock you have placed you can remove it and use it somewhere else, remember doors can also be removed without breaking them down provided you remove the lock and then open the door. Make sure you have an airlock of more than one door, in case someone kills you while your door is open. 

You can heal by boosting your comfort with a fireplace so you can save on bandages and food, use fireplaces to check for door campers, it will make your comfort go up to 50 but if there is another player close by it will make your comfort go higher.

Kill wild animals early on, boars are probably your best bet, harvest them with a hatchet to get bones and animal fat. Once you have enough bones use them to craft a bone knife and then use that to harvest animals to get a better yield. The animal fat you get can be used to make low grade fuel which you'll need to make furnaces. 

Play the game smart
Monuments yield higher rewards but they are radioactive so you’ll need to wear protective clothing, loot Crates and red toolboxes on the roadside and at monuments to get scrap and also a chance to find tools and guns.

Killing the blue NPC scientist is a good way of getting loot. Zust make sure you stoked up on meds because they are pretty good shots.

By placing an item such as a gun or ammo into a research bench and then adding scrap you can learn their blueprints then you can craft it as much as you want. Do this with any good item you find.

Servers on Rust will wipe on a regular basis these wipes will reset your map and your inventory and the time between each wipe is indicated in the server name. The only thing not reset is your blueprints.

Practice your PVP as much as possible.

25 Tips & Tricks for Beginners // Rust Console Tips
By: Jonathan Nestler Comment

Console commands


Bring up Rust's in-game console, after which you can input any of the console commands and cheats you see below. Remember you will need to be either the server admin or a player who's been given admin privileges for them to work. In some cases, the latter may have to add "sv", minus the quote marks, before the command itself.

Below, you'll find some useful Rust console commands and cheats, as shared on the developer's wiki. Remember to remove the brackets when inputting cheats.

• admintime (1-24) - Sets the time of day for you; -1 resets server time
• env.time (1-24) - Sets the time of day for whole server
• banid Steam64ID (name) (reason) (duration) - Bans player from the server
• banlistex - Shows list of banned users and reasons
• debugcamera - Enables free camera
• drink (number) - Increases thirst by set number
• eat (number) - Increases hunger by set number
• ent kill - Destroys the entity you're looking at
• fillwater - Fills water containers in inventory with fresh water
• gesture (gesturename) - Perform named gesture
• god (true) - Enables god mode
• god (false) - Disables god mode
• heal (number) - Heals player by specified number
• - Starts helicopter patrol event
• kill - Kills your character
• killplayer (Steam64ID/playerName) - Kills target character
• noclip - Enables noclip for your character
• quit - Shuts down game; add sv before the command to close the server
• refillvitals - Refills health, hunger, and thirst
• spawn (entity name) - Spawns specified entity
• spawnitem (item name) - Spawns specified item
• teleport (playerName/Steam64ID) (playerName/Steam64ID) - Teleport to specific player; 
• input two players to teleport the first player to the second player
• teleport2me (playerName/Steam64ID) - Teleports named player to you

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