Road Fury Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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  • Ratings: PEGI 7,
  • First Release (Any platform): Mar 31, 2021

Road Fury is an endless 2D shooter. Using a simple navigation system you weave your way through the traffic, overtaking the slower cars on the road and shooting anything in your way. You win coins for each car you destroy, the larger cars offering a bigger reward. Some vehicles may also leave behind power-ups to help you along your way. At the end of each level you’ll encounter an end of level boss who’s trying to shoot you off the road. Dodge their bullets and make each of your shots count! Keep playing until your health falls to zero. If you get hit by bullets or hit other cars you will lose car health. Periodically you’ll encounter roadworks - avoid these at all costs! The car’s weapons continuously shoot, so there are no weapons to control - the player’s focus is to weave around other cars collecting the coins and power ups: - Laser: maximum damage to the other vehicles - Nitro: give your car that extra speed boost - Magnet : brings all the coins to you When you’re ready you can take a pit-stop to the shop and use your coins to upgrade your wheels. You can upgrade any of the six upgradable items for your car: - Shield - makes your car last longer - Guns - the better your guns the more damage they do - Side Guns - triple your weapons reach by shooting out the sides of your car too - Magnet - increase the length of time the magnet…

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