Resident Evil: HD Remaster Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: September 11, 2022
Resident Evil: HD Remaster
  • First Released: Jan 16, 2015
  • Genres: Adventure

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Unlock All Costumes


Complete the game to get the Closet Key, which lets you unlock the closet on the second floor of the mansion, where you can change into unlocked costumes (as well as the BSAA uniforms included by default in the HD remaster).

Complete the game as Chris to unlock the “The Mexican” costume for him as well as a cowgirl costume for Rebecca.

Complete the game twice as Chris to unlock his Code Veronica costume.

Complete the game as Jill to unlock the “Sarah Connor” costume.

Complete the game twice as Jill to unlock her Resident Evil 3 costume.


Easter Eggs

Words written with Greek letters can be found throughout the game. Most are just gibberish when translated, but one of the tombstones includes a name that can be translated to “Kapkom,” a reference to Capcom.

Mikami's Message

Easter Eggs

If you complete Invisible Enemy Mode within five hours, you will get to read a special message from Shinji Mikami, the game’s director. Mikami had already left Capcom before this point, but the message was included in the original release of the remake and kept intact for the HD remaster.

Unlock Modes and Items


Finishing the game on different modes and in certain ways unlocks new modes, items, and more.

Complete the game to unlock Once Again mode, which is a New Game+ that lets you load your cleared saves to play with your unlocked content.

Complete the game on Normal mode to unlock Real Survivor mode. In Real Survivor mode, the item boxes are separate instead of a shared space.

Complete Real Survivor mode to unlock Invisible Enemy mode. In Invisible Enemy mode, every enemy is invisible.

Complete the game on Normal or higher with both Chris and Jill on the same save file to unlock One Dangerous Zombie mode. In One Dangerous Zombie mode, Forest appears as a zombie with grenades attached to him, so you can’t shoot him.

Complete the game on Normal or Hard in less than 5 hours to unlock the Samurai Edge with unlimited ammo.

Complete the game on Normal or Hard in less than 3 hours to unlock a Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammo.

All Endings


Each character’s scenario has several possible endings depending on who you save, leading to 12 endings total.

Jill’s endings:

Give back Barry’s gun and keep him alive, and save Chris (best ending).

Give back Barry’s gun but he dies at the heliport, and save Chris.

Don’t give back Barry’s gun, but save Chris.

Give back Barry’s gun and keep him alive, but don’t save Chris.

Give back Barry’s gun but he dies at the heliport, and don’t save Chris (bad ending).

Don’t give back Barry’s gun and don’t save Chris (bad ending).

Chris’s endings:

Rescue Rebecca and keep her alive, and save Jill (best ending).

Rescue Rebecca but she dies at the heliport, and save Jill.

Don’t rescue Rebecca, but save Jill.

Rescue Rebecca and keep her alive, but don’t save Jill.

Rescue Rebecca but she dies at the heliport, and don’t save Jill (bad ending).

Don’t rescue Rebecca and don’t save Jill (bad ending).

Interestingly, none of the twelve endings are actually canon. The canon ending is that all four characters (Chris, Jill, Rebecca, and Barry) escaped the mansion, but since Barry only appears in Jill’s scenario and Rebecca only appears in Chris’s, there is no way to replicate the canon ending in the game.

MO disk reader design?

Easter Eggs

Since the Resident Evil remake was originally released on the GameCube (and later the Wii), the MO disk readers were designed to look like the GameCube. In the HD remaster, the MO disk reader shape remains the same, but its features have been altered so it no long looks like a GameCube.

Tofu Audio

Easter Eggs

If you enter “Mole” in the computer near the end of the game, you will hear a brief clip of Tofu, the unlockable joke character from Resident Evil 2.

All Herb Mixtures


The following herb mixtures are possible:

Green + Green – Double the healing effect of a green herb.

Green + Green + Green – Fully restore health.

Green + Blue – Restore health (normal amount) and heal poison.

Green + Green + Blue – Double the healing effect and heal poison.

Green + Red – Fully restore health.

Green + Red + Blue – Fully restore health and heal poison.

Alternate Zombie Scene (Save Ammo)


At the start of Jill’s scenario, when you encounter the first zombie, don’t fight it. If you run back to the dining room instead, Barry will shoot the zombie.

All File Locations


There are numerous files throughout the game. Some provide valuable clues you need to progress, such as passwords, while others just contribute to the backstory and lore instead. Use the video guide below if you’re having trouble finding all of the files.

Original vs Alternate Controls


There are two different control options in the HD remaster. The “Original” option keeps the game’s original tank controls, where moving forward moves you in whatever direction the character is facing. You will need to turn the character to move in a different direction. The “Alternate” option lets you move in whichever direction you move the control stick. Keep in mind that while the alternate controls might feel more natural, they can be trickier than the tank controls at times due to the fixed camera angles.

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