Resident Evil 2 Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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All codes and puzzle solutions Hints

There are numerous puzzles you’ll need to solve and codes you’ll need to figure out. Here are the codes you’ll need to use.

  • Leon’s Desk (1) – MRG
  • Leon’s Desk (2) – NED
  • 2nd Floor locker – CAP
  • 3rd Floor locker – DCM
  • Sewer locker – SZF
  • 1st floor safe – left 9, right 15, left 7
  • 2nd floor safe – left 6, right 2, left 11
  • Treatment pool safe – left 2, right 12, left 8

The portable safes, however, have randomized solutions, so you’ll need to figure them out, which is possible to do through trial and error.

If you’re having trouble with the locks/safes or any of the other puzzles, use the video guide below to help you with every puzzle solution.

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All Mr. Raccoon locations Hints

There are 15 Mr. Raccoon bobblehead figurines that you can find and destroy as a collectible. Destroying them all will also unlock a bonus weapon.

Note: some of them are missable, and some can only be found with either Leon or Claire, not in both campaigns.

If you’re having trouble finding any of them, use the video guide below for help.

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