Remnant: From the Ashes Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: October 25, 2022
Remnant: From the Ashes
  • First Released: Aug 19, 2019
  • Genres: Shooter
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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Indiana Jones reference

Easter Eggs

One of the randomly-generated dungeons in the Sewers, ahead of the first boss, contains a message written on the wall that says “Only the Penitent Man Shall Pass.” This is a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and you need to overcome this as the same way as in the movie—crouching here will make the illusory wall disappear so you can pass and get the Leto’s Amulet item.

Note: due to dungeons being randomly-generated, you won’t necessarily see this in your game.

Darksiders connections

Easter Eggs

There are numerous things that remind fans of the Darksiders series, including the potion sound being the same as that from Darksiders 2 and several levels, environments, etc. being re-used from Darksiders 3. The connections are extensive enough that some fans questioned whether or not Remnant: From the Ashes and Darksiders are set in the same universe. However, the developers have denied this; since the developers of Remnant are the same as those for Darksiders 3, it’s simply a case of re-using assets. Instead, Remnant is set in the same universe as the VR game Chronos.

Unlock All Traits


Traits grant you passive abilities and bonuses that are always active once you unlock them. There are 50 total traits to unlock, and each trait can be strengthened by leveling it up with Trait Points. The maximum level for a trait is level 20.

Follow the instructions below to unlock all traits:

Trait: Arcane Strike

Effect: Increases Mod Power gained on Melee hits.

To unlock: Defeat The Ravager or Totem Father on Yaesha

Trait: Armor Piercer

Effect: Increase damage dealt to enemy armored regions.

To unlock: Deal 5,000 damage to enemy armored regions.

Trait: Bark Skin

Effect: Increases Armor Effectiveness.

To unlock: Wailing Tree Event: Find the Mad Merchant

Trait: Blood Bond

Effect: Increases damage absorbed by summons when the summoner takes damage.

To unlock: Obtain the Cryptolith Sigil from the Iskal Queen (Boss) in Adventure Mode. Use it twice on the Cryptolith.

Trait: Catalyst

Effect: Increases Mod Power generation when attacking an enemy with an active status effect.

To unlock: Defeat The Thrall in The Capillary or Canker in The Drowned Trench

Trait: Climber

Effect: Increases Vaulting speed.

To unlock: Vault 50 times.

Trait: Cold as Ice

Effect: Increases Ranged and Melee damage dealt to enemies when attacking them from behind.

To unlock: Win the faceoff by killing an ally in co-op after talking to Brabus in Cutthroat Channel.

Trait: Concentration

Effect: Increases Weapon Mod Duration.

To unlock: Obtain the Cryptolith Sigil from the Iskal Queen (Boss) in Adventure Mode.

Trait: Demolitionist

Effect: Increases Explosion Damage.

To unlock: Get 100 kills with Explosion damage.

Trait: Elder Knowledge

Effect: Increases earned Experience when killing enemies.

To unlock: Play the tape recorder found on Level B2 of Ward 13.

Trait: Endurance

Effect: Increases Stamina.

To unlock: Acquired at the beginning of the game.

Trait: Evocation

Effect: Increases Weapon Mod damage.

To unlock: Destroy all Hives in the Circlet Hatchery Dungeon at Corsus without getting hit by Wisps.

Trait: Executioner

Effect: Increases Critical Hit Chance.

To unlock: Defeat Ixillis in The Grotto

Trait: Exploiter

Effect: Increases Weak Spot damage.

To unlock: Kill 150 enemies with Weak Spot Damage.

Trait: Flash Caster

Effect: Increases Weapon Mod Casting Speed.

To unlock: Acquire 25 Weapon Mods

Trait: Footwork

Effect: Increase Aim Movement Speed.

To unlock: Kill the Iskal Queen (Boss) in Adventure Mode.

Trait: Fortification

Effect: Reduces damage taken while reviving teammates.

To unlock: Fetid Pools event.

Trait: Glutton

Effect: Increases Consumable Use Speed.

To unlock: Kill The Unclean One in The Shack

Trait: Guardian's Blessing

Effect: Increase Melee damage reduction.

To unlock: Kill the Root Horror in the Guardian Shrine

Trait: Handling

Effect: Reduces Spread and Recoil.

To unlock: Obtain 10 Weapons

Trait: Hard Charger

Effect: Increase Melee Charge damage.

To unlock: Defeat optional boss Brudvaak, the Rider and Vargr, the Warg

Trait: Invoker

Effect: Increases Summons damage.

To unlock: Kill 100 enemies with summons

Trait: Keeper's Blessing

Effect: Increases resistance to elemental damage, buildup, and status effects.

To unlock: Enter The Labyrinth for the first time.

Trait: Kingslayer

Effect: Increases Critical Hit Damage.

To unlock: Defeat the Undying King

Trait: Last Resort

Effect: Increase all damage dealt when Health is below 15%.

To unlock: Defeat Harsgaard, Root Harbinger in Ward Prime

Trait: Luminescent

Effect: Increases chance to double the amount of Lumenite Crystals acquired on pickup when killing Elite enemies.

To unlock: Bring an Opalescent Shell from The Abandoned Throne and then bring it to Mar’Gosh in the Brain Bug event

Trait: Mind’s Eye

Effect: Increases Ranged Damage.

To unlock: Defeat Dreamer/Nightmare in Ward 17

Trait: Mother’s Blessing

Effect: Increases Ranged damage reduction.

To unlock: Save the Root Mother in the church on Earth.

Trait: Quick Hands

Effect: Increases Reload Speed.

To unlock: Defeat The Ent in The Choking Hallow or Singe in The Ash Yard.

Trait: Potency

Effect: Increases Consumable duration.

To unlock: Talk to the Iskal Queen in Adventure Mode with the parasite status, then interact with the Graveyard Elf cauldron.

Trait: Rapid Strike

Effect: Increases Melee Speed.

To unlock: Level any non-boss melee weapon to level 20

Trait: Recovery

Effect: Increases Stamina Regen.

To unlock: Defeat Claviger in the Loom of the Black Sun or The Harrow in The Bunker.

Trait: Revivalist

Effect: Increases Revive Speed.

To unlock: Revive teammates 10 times.

Trait: Scavenger

Effect: Increases the amount of Scrap picked up.

To unlock: Find a Tarnished Ring and give it to Reggie in Ward 13

Trait: Shadow Walker

Effect: Reduces enemy Awareness range.

To unlock: Open the Hunter's Hideout inside the Hidden Grotto. (Hunter starts with it by default.)

Trait: Siphoner

Effect: Increase Health Steal rate.

To unlock: Complete the “Rescue the Krall Baby” (Obtainable if you have Krall Mother in Chillwind Hovel and Krall Baby in Wuthering Keep or The Wild Reach.)

Trait: Sleight of Hand

Effect: Increases Firearm Swap Speed.

To unlock: Get 100 Kills with 10 different Guns, for a total of 1,000 kills.

Trait: Spirit

Effect: Increases Mod Power generation.

To unlock: Complete the Supply Run Event. (Ex-cultist starts with it by default.)

Trait: Suspicion

Effect: Reduced damage taken from friendly fire.

To unlock: Get downed 10 times by friendly fire (including summons).

Trait: Swiftness

Effect: Increases Movement Speed.

To unlock: Play the “Song of the Guardian” on any of the bells but skip the second line completely.

Trait: Teamwork

Effect: Extends the range of the Teamwork buff.

To unlock: Join another player's game or have another player join your game

Trait: Tormentor

Effect: Increase status effect duration when applied to enemies.

To unlock: Apply 100 status effects to enemies

Trait: Triage

Effect: Increases Healing Effectiveness.

To unlock: Survive the fight with the Rebels siege on Yaesha - Shrine of The Immortals

Trait: Trigger Happy

Effect: Increases Fire Rate.

To unlock: Level up any ranged weapon to level 20.

Trait: Vaccine

Effect: Reduces status effect build up rate.

To unlock: Cure 25 status effects using Consumables.

Trait: Vigor

Effect: Increases Health.

To unlock: Acquired at the beginning of the game.

Trait: Warrior

Effect: Increases Melee Damage.

To unlock: A Tale of Two Liz’s event. (Scrapper starts with it by default.)

Trait: Will to Live

Effect: Increases Health while wounded.

To unlock: Be revived in multiplayer 10 times.

Trait: Wisdom

Effect: Increases Elemental damage.

To unlock: Complete the Ward Prime quest line

Trait: World Walker

Effect: Reduces Stamina Cost when sprinting and evading.

To unlock: Obtained when you first enter Rhom

Hidden Items / Weapons / Armor


There are numerous hidden weapons, items, special armor sets, and other pieces of loot that you can find through careful exploration. However, part of the problem is that areas in the game are randomly-generated, so a guide may not necessarily show the precise spot where you will find the hidden item in your game. It isn’t completely random, though—the item should always spawn in a similar location, so guides should give you a rough idea of where to begin looking.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the hidden items and secrets, use the video guides below for help.

Basic Tips


Make sure you take items and ammo with you, especially items that will heal status effects.

You will also restore health by using your Dragon Shard. The Dragon Shard can be upgraded after the second boss.

There are many secrets to discover, so explore thoroughly and try to check every part of the map.

You also should break any breakable items in the area, as this is a good way of collecting additional Scrap.

If your damage numbers show up in red, that means you’ve hit the enemy’s weak spot. If it’s yellow, that means you’ve made a critical hit. If it’s red and bold, that means it’s a critical hit at a weak spot.

Different types of enemies have different weak spots, so pay attention to what they are and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Dodging is quite helpful. With the right timing, you can dodge any attack.

Your dodge becomes slower if you have heavier gear equipped, so pay attention to this and decide whether you want a faster dodge or heavier armor.

Pay attention to the crosshairs. The reticule will change depending on whether or not you’re aiming at the ideal range and if there is an obstacle in your way.

You might also consider using your melee attacks to take out weaker enemies and conserve a little ammo.

Enemies can spawn behind you, so stay alert and listen for any approaching enemies.

Go slowly and take your time to be aware of any threats up ahead.

Weapon mods are very useful, so be sure to use them for the special effects they provide. While you might be tempted to save them for the boss, you can recharge them along the way, so it’s worth using mods against normal enemies too.

Avoid rerolling your world unless you’re looking for a challenge. It will match it to your highest-level equipment, so a rerolled world will often end up being harder.

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