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Last Updated: October 22, 2022
  • First Released: Apr 29, 2021

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Unlockable ships


Below are ships that can be unlocked in the game and how to unlock them:

  • R-9A3 Ladylove #3 - the password to unlock the ship is “loveandpeace”
  • R-9B Strider #24 - the password to unlock the ship is “granzella”
  • TP-3 Mr. Heli #59 - the password to unlock this ship is “mrheli”

Cheat Engine


R-Type Final 2 has no official cheats; however, cheats can be added manually using an R-Type Final 2 trainer, which can be installed on the Cheats Happen and Plitch pages.

Listed below are cheats that can be utilized using the trainer:

  • Unlimited Lives
  • Instant Beam Charge
  • Infinite DOSE Gauge
  • Score Multiplier
  • Unlimited Continues
  • Freeze Enemy Shots
  • Slow Motion
  • Godmode
  • Al Godmode
Plitch brings you cheats and trainers.

Unlockable levels


There are 7 levels of difficulty, of which the first five are available, and the last two are unlockable. Listed below are the levels that are unlockable:

  • R-TYPER 2 - this difficulty level can be unlocked when stage 7.0, 7.1, or 7.2 is cleared once on R-TYPER difficulty.
  • R-TYPER 3 - this difficulty level can be unlocked when stage 7.0, 7.1, or 7.2 is cleared once on R-TYPER 2 difficulty.

Levels of Difficulty


There are 7 levels of difficulty in the game, which are listed below:

  • Practice
  • Kids
  • Normal
  • Bydo
  • R-Typer
  • R-Typer 2
  • R-Typer 3

How the Bosses on each stage operate and the strategies to help defeat them


Below is a list of bosses and strategies to use in order to defeat them:

  • Stage 1.0 - Abandoned Space City: Ice-bound Squirming One
    • Ice-bound Squirming ones is a combination of electronics and Bydo biological technology. Its chest orb acts as its weakness and is capable of shooting lasers and a beam.
  • Stage 2.0 - Invaded Plant Factor: Yatebeolox Harvester:
    • The boss is a ring, and the harvesters move around the ring.
    • The harvester moves clockwise when emitting blue light and anti-clockwise when emitting orange light. 
    • The harvesters release Tehby seeds while moving. These seeds grow into sprouts when hitting a wall.
    • The core of the harvester is mostly on the right side.
    • Once one harvester is destroyed, the other will increase its movement speed.
    • The harvesters follow one of four patterns before time out.
    • Your fighter will not crash into the harvesters if they are in the topmost or bottommost zone due to the small hitbox, thus creating a safe zone for some fighters such as:
      • R-9AD3 King's Mind which can create a safe zone when the Decoy Wave Cannon creates 6 decoys at a max charge to destroy the Tehby seeds before they reach the walls.
      • R-9B2 Stayer and R-9B3 Sleipnir can create a safe zone when the Balmung uses its huge explosion radius to destroy the Tehby seeds/sprouts around.
  • Stage 4.0 - Living Organisms On The Former Space Base: Lilil Prototype
    • The Lilil Prototype hangs on the ceiling and is affected by the laws of physics.
    • Hitting it will result in it swinging.
    • Its attacks include:
      • Releasing slimes from its bottom that jumps up to the ceiling and explodes.
      • Emitting flames from its two burners on one side, causing it to swing.
    • The core faces right by default and is on the top. It will only turn once it has taken enough damage.
    • In order to damage the core, the fighter can:
      • Adjust its position and detach the force so that the fighter can hit the core.
      • Use weapons such as Mega Wave, Cannons, Shock Wave Cannons, and its variants, Recon Wave Cannon, Psy Bit homing attack, or Balmung, which can pierce through terrains or have a huge radius.
    • Once the core is destroyed or time out occurs, the Lilil Prototype will fall to the floor and explode.
  • Stage 5.0 - Giant Crystal Colonies: Ouroboros
    • Ouroboros is the leader of a school of wild Amphibian IIl. 
    • It only swims and produces more Amphibian III if they are destroyed. 
    • Your fighter also has to avoid indestructible Gridge Crystal obstacles. 
    • The HP of Amphibian III increases on higher difficulty levels, limiting your zone.
    • Once time out occurs, the Ouroboros swim away and leave the stage.
  • Stage 6.0 - Decaying Erosion Cave: Mabosternbern’s
    • Mabosternbern’s core is protected both by sideway barriers and shells on the top and the bottom that are indestructible. 
    • It can only attack by growing coral branches on its shells while rotating around the stage. 
    • When its barrier is destroyed, it will pause for a few seconds, then increase its speed.
    • Your fighter can switch the Force position to keep firing and destroying the branches, the barriers, and, eventually, the core. 
    • If the sideway branches are destroyed, you can detach the Force to reach the barriers and the core, dealing heavy damage too.
  • Stage 6.1 - Unknown Underground Ruins: Principle Wall
    • You can defeat Principal Wall by destroying both of its arms.
    • Principle Wall’s attacks include:
      • Using the cannons on its arms and head to fire laser beams.
      • Throwing bombs from its arms which scatter in 5 directions when it explodes or is destroyed.
    • It will rotate anticlockwise when its arm on the left side is present. You must then position the Force on the fighter's back to continue damaging it.
  • Stage 6.2 - Defense System: SIN-G
    • SIN-G is similar to the Compiler and consists of two parts:
      • The front is equipped with four indestructible turrets. These turrets fire blue-homing fireballs, which can be destroyed.
      • The back, which is the core and engine, is equipped with two laser cannons that fire straight forward. The top and the bottom of the screen are semi-safe zones, as the lasers can't hit those areas.
    • The SIN-G flies across the screen from right to left and then returns to the center, separating itself into two parts. 
    • To defeat it, you must destroy the back part while avoiding the lasers and the fireballs. 
      If a timeout occurs, it will combine and leave the stage.
  • Stage 7.0 - Graveyard of Trans-Dimensional Fighters: Ahms Vault 
    • Ahms Vault is a giant cocoon with four organic vaults that face outwards and has an orange core inside. 
    • It only has two attacks being:
      • inhaling R-Craft debris (Old Workers) and POW Armors, and 
      • firing laser beams from its vaults. 
      • Old Workers and POW Armors are often drawn from the left of the screen; therefore, firing with the Force on your back is recommended to prevent them from hitting you. 
      • Its core will come out once all four vaults are destroyed.
      • Hit the core with the detached Force to proceed and fight its second form (The Final Force). 
      • If there is no Force, hit it with the Vulcan Cannon, which will also work.
  • Stage 7.0 - Graveyard of Trans-Dimensional Fighters: The Final Force
    • Once Ahms Vault's core absorbs your Force, it becomes the Final Force.
    • It then grows bigger and releases R-Craft debris, which has long tentacles that reach out.
    • If there is no Force, you have to finish it off with only the Vulcan Cannon or Wave Cannon. 
    • It is impossible to have a timeout in this battle, as the constant growth of the Final Force will eventually hit you.
    • It will shrink and disappear once destroyed, ending Stage 7.0.
  • Stage 7.1 - A Familiar City: No boss
    • Your fighter turns into B-1D Bydo System Alpha and fights against the Space Corps armada of the Heimdal Class Battleship, the R-9A4 Wave Master, and the R-9DH3 Concertmaster fighters.
  • Stage 7.2 - Center of the Planet Bydo: Obsidian Pupil
    • Its only attack is the Psi-Storm, which is now localized as the Psywave.
    • It moves in an irregular pattern.
    • You can only damage it when it opens its shell, in which you must then either make the detached Force or the fighter itself enter its inside.
    • There are two safe zones:
      • the bottom left corner
      • the inside of the Obsidian Pupil.
  • The safe zones are temporary, as its Psywaves will be able to hit everywhere on the screen, including the safe zones.
  • Therefore, it's impossible to have a timeout.

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