Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Advanced Movement and Plink Dashing Hints

Your ground movement is highly important in Battle for the Grid, especially as you start experimenting with more advanced combat styles. You’ll need to learn how to use dashing and wavedashing to your advantage to quickly move around. There is also a method of quick movement referred to as a “plink dash.” To execute a plink dash, you’ll need to use your light and medium attacks together, one right after the other, to transition the attack into a dash. It’s riskier, but is the fastest way of moving.

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Combo System Guide Hints

Combos are an important part of fighting. You’ll need to have a good grasp on how to use advanced combos in order to defeat your opponents. Some of the main combo systems you’ll need to understand to fight effectively are hit stun deterioration, juggle limit, and special combo states that can be used together with those systems, as well as the exceptions to the rules that work differently.

If you’re having trouble learning the combo system, use the video guide below for help.

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Basic Tips Hints

Experiment with different styles and use training to practice your moves and combos.

Buttons can be remapped if you dislike the default settings. Try different arrangements until you find what works best for you, especially if you’re used to a different fighting game’s setup.

Don’t become too reliant on blocking. Offensive styles are often rewarded, so if you block too often, you’ll be putting yourself at risk.

Your special attacks are situational, so experiment to understand how your character plays and when you can make the best use of your specials.

Some characters have ranged projectile attacks that you can use from a distance.

While basic attacks are pretty easy to learn, there’s a variety of ways you can use the combo system for more complex fighting as you get used to the gameplay systems.

You can switch out your current character for one of your others using the shoulder buttons. Use this if your current character is at a disadvantage or if you think one of the others is more suited for the situation.

If you lose one of your characters, hit the shoulder buttons at the same time to summon a Zord attack. During this state, all of your attack buttons will have them attack.

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