Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: September 4, 2022
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
  • First Released: Oct 17, 2019

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Dark Souls reference (Bonfire and Siegmeyer)

Easter Eggs

Near the end of the Peachy District, drop down from the cliff near the big bridge onto the strip of land below. There, you can fight a bonfire with a sword stuck in it. This is a reference to the bonfires in Dark Souls. An onion is also on the ground near the bonfire, most likely a second Dark Souls reference, specifically to the Catarina armor set, which has an onion-like appearance (most notably worn by the NPC Siegmeyer).

Unlock All Costumes


There are numerous costumes you can unlock through a variety of methods. Many of them come as random rewards from the reward-o-tron, while others come from completing certain maps or as special rewards. Costumes are cosmetic changes only.

Gnome Door Puzzle

Easter Eggs

In Giddy Park, there are numerous stone platforms that respond when you emote while standing on them. If you emote on all of them, you receive a message saying that the gnomes have judged you worthy. This allows you to pass the giant stone face-like door by saying “Gnomes” to it. Inside, you’ll find chests as well as a puzzle to solve. To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to operate levers in order to reach the correct sequence of symbols. The diamonds below the symbols light up when one is in the correct spot.

The door puzzle solution is Shovel, Fence, Flamingo, Plant, Glove, Fork, Boot. However, the starting sequence is different every time you start, so you can’t follow a guide to know what order specifically to use the levers in. You’ll need to work at it until you get that sequence. Once you have the correct sequence, you’ll be able to access the final chest, which is locked behind bars in the same area.

Game and Movie references

Easter Eggs

There are numerous small references throughout the game to other games, movies, etc.

On the plant side of Giddy Park, you can interact with a garlic on top of Rux’s bookshelves that cause a giant garlic to rise up if you’re fast enough to reach it. The giant garlic is a reference to the mobile Plants vs Zombies garlic.

On the zombie side of the Peachy District, you can find a red balloon that is a reference to IT.

Inside the factory, you can find a machine that says “Cones” that resembles the machine from Visceral Cleanup Detail.

The Peachy District Turf Takeover map has a secret shortcut by activating a button at the seed capture point that activates a jump pad. The jump pad lasts for a short amount of time before it needs to be activated again.

On the plant side of Giddy Park, you can shoot a button in the upper corner of the room in order to change the sound the piano makes.

Some of the vans in the Town Center say “Plumb & Plumber” on them, a reference to the Dumb & Dumber movies.

Giddy Park has a platform marked with a question mark, which resembles the bonus level platforms found in Crash Bandicoot games and might be a reference to the series.

The clock on top of the museum in the Town Center reads approximately 10:04, the time lightning strikes the clock tower in Back to the Future.

In Daisy Drive, one of the sewer tunnels shows green goo and a pile of pizza boxes on the other side, a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

On the plant side of the Town Center, near the spawn point, five lawnmowers are behind you on separate lanes of grass, a reference to the original Plants vs. Zombies.

Near the center of the Oozevoir map, in the blue room, there is a copy of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare stuck on the ceiling.

All Upgrades


By spending upgrade points, you will be able to unlock special upgrades that give you new abilities or bonuses. Each character has its own set of upgrades, and you have a maximum of 7 upgrade points to spend on a character’s build. Each upgrade costs a certain amount of points depending on what it is.

Basic Tips


Neighborville uses a free roam area to let you access different options. However, when you stand on the question mark platform, it will highlight all of the options to tell you what they are.

Each area has 57 chests for you to find. These chests contain coins, so searching for chests is a great way to earn more coins to spend. At 57 chests per area, that’s a lot of coins you can gather.

Coins are also given to you as rewards for replaying missions

Try out different upgrades to see which ones you like. You can switch out your upgrades, so don’t be afraid of experimenting.

Your abilities have cooldown times. Practice with your characters to know the cooldown time and plan your attacks accordingly.

Jumping while sprinting will make you go a little faster as well as making you more difficult for enemies to hit.

When you die, you can check the spawn point by switching the camera to focus on it, to make sure the area is safe instead of respawning into change.

While you’re playing multiplayer, pay attention to your teammates and work together.

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