Persona 5 Easter Eggs on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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My Neighbor Totoro reference Easter Eggs

When you first enter Mementos and Morgana demonstrates his ability to transform into a bus, he explains it as being because this is “an extremely widespread cognition among the general public.” This is a reference to the Catbus in the film My Neighbor Totoro.

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Power Rangers, Ginyu Force, and Aperture Science Easter Eggs

Futaba’s room includes Power Ranger figurines (eventually put in the Ginyu Force pose from Dragon Ball Z), as well as a book that might have the Aperture Science logo from Portal on its front cover (although it’s possible it’s just an aperture to signify a photography book).

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Rise and Kanamin Easter Eggs

The posters at the Shibuya station sometimes display Risette (Rise) and her rival Kanamin, idols from Persona 4. You can even get a poster of Risette during an optional scene with Ann.

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Uehara Easter Eggs

During Takemi’s confidant story, she eventually references a nurse named Uehara-san. This is a reference to a nurse named Uehara in Persona 4.

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Music from other Atlus games Easter Eggs

The music played during “The Cake Knight Rises” at the movie theater comes from Catherine, another game from Atlus. The music played if you watch the “Bubbly Hills” DVD is from Persona 3.

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Catherine Figurine Easter Eggs

If you visit Akihabara with Futaba, she will buy a figurine from Catherine, another game made by Atlus.

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Maurice Leblanc Easter Eggs

The café at which you live is called Leblanc. This is most likely a reference to Maurice Leblanc, the author who created the fictional thief Arséne Lupin, who is the protagonist’s first Persona.

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Kogoro Akechi Easter Eggs

The detective Goro Akechi is a reference to the fictional detective Kogoro Akechi, created by the author Edogawa Rampo. Kogoro Akechi is well-known in Japanese popular culture, and is sometimes depicted as the rival of Arséne Lupin.

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Tanaka Easter Eggs

If you repair the broken laptop, you will be able to purchase items from a black market site run by a man named Tanaka. Tanaka is a character from Persona 3, and he also had a cameo appearance in Persona 4.

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