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Last Updated: September 14, 2023
Persona 3 Portable
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  • First Released: Jan 18, 2023
  • Genres: Role-playing (RPG), Strategy, Adventure, Visual Novel
  • Themes: Action, Horror
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB M

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Vincent Brooks

Easter Eggs

In Persona 3 Portable there are several in game references and easter eggs to be found. In Club Escapade you will find a man drinking alone, the character depicted in the scene is Vincent Brooks.

Vincent Brooks is a character from another Atlus game called Catherine, which was released over a year after Persona 3 Portable. This scene marks the character’s first appearance in any game. 

TheKJman shares an easter egg for Persona 3 Portable.

TV Easter Egg

Easter Eggs

There is a trend in the Persona Portable series that can be dated back to the original first edition. Tris, a Persona 2 character, is the host of a TV program called “Who’s Who”, and on the TV show she talks about a character with blonde hair who has an idol sister.

This description fits perfectly for the character named “Lisa” in Persona 2. Furthermore, the TV program included characters from Persona 1, and acts as a reference to the entire series.

Sky’s Gaming Academy shares an easter egg for Persona 3 Portable.

Void Glitch


In Persona 3 Portable there is a void glitch which unlocks every warp in Tartarus. In order to perform the glitch, you will need to attack any enemy right before your teammate is able to find the warp point, which leads to the entrance of Tartarus.

You must then run away from the enemy and close the last textbox on the battle screen. The lobby will then be unloaded; you will find a trigger near the Velvet room which unlocks every warp in Tartarus.

It is easier to perform this glitch when using a two-handed sword rather than a single-handed sword. This glitch can also be performed if you let yourself die. You can do this by pressing square, waiting through your turn and closing the last textbox just after the fade to black. 

By doing this, you will spawn into the unloaded Tartarus lobby and unlock every Tartarus warp in the game.

RadixSmash shares a glitch he found in Persona 3 Portable

How To Fuse Thanatos


In Persona 3 Portable, Thanatos is the final Death Arcana Persona and you will only be able gain access to him once your Social Link with Pharos in the arcana is completed. Once the Social Link has been completed, you will thereafter be able to fuse Thanatos.

In order to fuse Thanatos, you will first need to require all the other Personas of the Death Arcana, namely Ghoul, Loa, Pale Rider, Samael, Mot and Alice. You can then perform a hexagon-spread fusion in the Velvet Room, which will fuse the demon. 

SaiyanSonic91 shares a guide on how to fuse Thanatos.

Max Your Social Stats


One of the best ways to maximize your social status in Persona 3 Portable is to get sick, you will be able to do this once you have left the game's dungeon “Tartarus”. While you are sick you can make use of a courage increase to boost your social stats.

In order to do this, you’ll need to go to the school’s clinic and drink the concoction which the nurse offers you. This will immediately increase your courage stats.

Rozalin shares some tips for Persona 3 Portable

Regularly Save Your Game


It’s never nice to lose any game progress because you forgot to save your game. In Persona 3 Portable you can manually save your progress in the game at a few places. Your game will be saved if you use the sign-in sheet at the front desk at Iwatodai Dormitory.

Additionally, you can manually save your game near the clock at the entrance to the Tartarus or by clicking on the sub-menu.

How To Beat Elizabeth


In Persona 3 Portable, there are several boss fights which will challenge your dueling skills. Elizabeth is one of the baddest bosses in the game, who doesn’t appreciate those that disobey her unwritten rules.

Elizabeth is a powerful boss with 20 000 HP, better yet, she will fully heal herself when her HP drops below 10 000. This means that her health will have to go below 10 000 HP on your turn, which means that you are required to use a strategy.

Furthermore, Elizabeth has two powerful Megidolaon spells which she uses to great effect in killing you. In addition, she has two turns to your one,however, she is predictable so you will learn to tell what’s coming next.

Elizabeth’s attack always follows the same pattern. She will start off by using Surt’s Fire and physical attacks. Then she’ll move on to Jack Frost’s Ice attack and physical attack. Thirdly, she’ll summon Thor and use his Electrical attack.

Fourthly, she’s going to use Cu Chulainn’s Wind and physical attacks. Fifthly, it’s time for her to summon Metatron’s Light attack. Her sixth move will be to summon Alice’s Dark attack and then she’ll summon Nebiros Status attack.

Her final attack move will be to summon Masakado with her two Megidolaon attacks. She will then repeat her sequence of attacks in the same order. If for some reason she decides to summon Pixie, it’s the end of the road for your duel.

There’s a lot to consider when planning an attack against a formidable boss like Elizabeth, however, you can destroy her by implementing a simple attack strategy and counting how much damage she’s taken.

The advantage is you already know what’s coming, so it’s easy to strategies an attack against Elizabeth. When the battle begins, your first attack move to use against Elizabeth must be “Mind Charge”. 

You already know that she’s going to summon Surt, who is susceptible to damage from Ice. This means that you must cast Niflheim, in order to combat her attack.Your remaining attack moves must be a combination of; Mind Charge, melee attacks, and healing yourself.

When Elizabeth decides to summon Nebiros and uses Status effect spells on you, after Alice’s Dark attack, you must use one an infinity spell. These spells will increase your defenses against Elizabeth’s 2x Megidolaon attacks.

If you manage to inflict around 9800 HP damage on Elizabeth, you will need to change your strategy in order to prevent her from fully regaining her health. When Elizabeth’s health is near the 10 000 HP mark, only use counters against her to inflict 500 HP damage.

Once her health has depleted over the 10 000 HP mark, you can finish off the battle by using Armageddon. Remember that Elizabeth has two powerful Megidolaon attacks in her arsenal that can end the fight at any moment, so it’s best to not use any equipment that will repeal or null her attacks.

In addition, avoid using Mirror Magic or Attack Mirror against her. If you decide to use Armageddon too early, she’ll recover all her health and you will be defeated on the next turn.

BuffMaister shares a guide on how to beat Elizabeth.

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