Outlast Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: December 8, 2023
  • First Released: Sep 3, 2013
  • Genres: Adventure, Indie
  • Platforms: Mac,PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4,Linux
  • Developer: Red Barrels
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Unlimited Batteries


Note this cheat has not been confirmed!
  1. Find the 3 fuses near the end. Once you have done that there is a little corner where you can hide (on the right side).
  2. Enter that corner and look at the floor.
  3. Spin round 4 times. Then look to the sky and press X (3 times), B, up, down, down, up.
  4. A message will appear on the wall saying: 'You are dead now'.
  5. Unlimited Batteries are now locked in.

This  doesn't  work,  I  sat  here,  spinning  four  times,  jumping  three  times,  yet  nothing  happened,  I  tried  ever  way  I  thought  of  and  it  did  not  work.
Grim Interfaze, 9 months ago - Reply
I  might  be  dumb,  but  what  does  this  mean  
Find  the  3  fuses  near  the  end.  Once  you  have  done  that  there  is  a  little  corner  where  you  can  hide  (on  the  right)?  Does  it  mean  after  I  plug  in  the  fuses,  where  I  found  the  last  one  or  where  I  plug  them  in?  Sorry  if  this  sounds  dumb.
swordman915, 3 years ago - Reply

Crouching Glitch


This works sometimes... when you are near an enemy keep pressing the circle button repeatedly and often they won't be able to touch you!

Unlimited Batteries


Here's a nice tip to get up to 100 batteries! When you find a battery, just keep saving and then reloading your game near to it. Each time you reload the battery will respawn and you can grab it and then repeat the process!

Game Lag / Enemy Spawn


If the game lags for a second, it might mean an enemy has spawned. The music will change if an enemy is nearby or has noticed you, and the main character's breathing will become rapid.



Icon Title Description Type
Restore power to the Administrative Block
Drain the Sewers
Activate the sprinklers in the Male Ward
Collect the key in the Female Ward
Collect 15 documents and complete 15 recordings
Finish the game
Collect all documents and complete all recordings
Finish the game in Insane mode

Escape Routes


Don't close all of the doors in the room you are in. Leave one open to provide yourself an escape route. Keep in mind that enemies can break down doors.

Night Vision & Batteries


Follow the instructions below to conserve your batteries.

  • If night vision is off, the camera won't drain your batteries.
  • Don't use night vision in a well-lit area.
  • Don't use night vision while hiding in a locker. Instead, listen to your enemy's activities.
  • If you run out of batteries, you will still be able to see a short distance ahead of you. Backtrack and search for more batteries. They glow blue. If you can't find any, consider loading an earlier save.

Record Notes


Whenever you see something noteworthy, such as a new enemy or writing on the wall, bring up your camera. This will record a note explaining your character's thoughts.

Nearby Enemies


Nearby enemies will hear you if you run. If you haven't been spotted yet, walk slowly until you are out of danger.

Insane Difficulty Mode Walkthrough


Watch this video to be shown how to do a speedrun of Outlast on the insane difficulty mode. If you can do it, you'll earn the Lunatic trophy (which is gold). Note that insane mode is based on "Nightmare" difficuulty mode, but there are no checkpoints and you can't save the game! If you die you will need to start from the very beginning...

Documents and Notes Locations Guide


There are 31 documents to find and collect, as well as 31 notes. To collect notes, you must aim your camera at certain things in the game. Once you find 15 of each in a single playthrough, you will earn the "Educated" Trophy, and once you find all 31 of each in a single playthrough, you will earn the "Pulitzer" trophy. Follow the instructions below to find them all.

Chapter 1: Administration Block

  • Document #1: The Whistleblower - You will receive this one automatically when you reach the asylum.
  • Note #1: Mount Massive Asylum - Enter through the main gate and point your camera at the asylum building.
  • Document #2: Project Walrider Patient Status Report for William Hope - To get inside the asylum, you will have to enter through a window and then make your way into the hall. Once there, enter the second office on your left and search the desk.
  • Note #2: I'm Inside - Once you go through the library, you will encounter a police officer impaled by a spike. Point your camera at the scene.
  • Document #3: Warrant for Seizure - You will crash through a window. When you land, search behind the desk in the room.
  • Document #4: Project Walrider Patient Status Report for Chris Walker - Once you pass through the computer room, you will reach an area used for storing files and documents. Search the desk in the right corner.
  • Note #3: Broken Men and Dead Television - You will encounter men staring at a television screen that displays only static. Capture the scene with your camera.
  • Note #4: The Witness - Enter the bathroom beside the Security Room. Open the middle stall door to find a corpse with "Witness" written above it. Point your camera at it.
  • Document #5: Project Walrider Profitability Report - Beyond the Security Room, you will find an office. Search the desk against the far wall.
  • Note #5: Big Fucking Guy - While you hide in the locker after using the Security Room's computer, a large man will burst into the room. Film him.
  • Document #6: MKULTRA CIA Hypnotic Suicide - In the basement, you will make your way through a tiny gap in the wall. Head right to find a desk in the corner.

Chapter 2: Prison Block

  • Note #6: Father Martin's Cell - Use your camera on the writing on the walls of the padded cell.
  • Note #7: Necromantic - Once you leave the first area of the prison and climb onto a ledge, you will encounter a straitjacketed inmate. Film him.
  • Document #7: Father Martin, Finger Painter - The trail of blood will lead you upstairs to an inmate by a wall with words written in blood on it. Go to the left down the hallway and search the desk you find.
  • Document #8: Purge Gate Maintenance Memo - After you escape through a window to avoid the men behind the gate, enter a security room through a broken window and go to the desk to your right.
  • Note #8: Total Security - On your way to find the keycard for the showers, point your camera down and to the left as one man tears another's head off.
  • Document #9: Dr. Wernicke Death Certificate - Leave the showers. Take a right, and then a left. You should be in a room that features a torture chair. Search the desk on the right.
  • Document #10: Dr. Wernicke Obituary - Take the other path to the showers as you make your way through the prison block. Once you reach the second floor ledge, search the cell on the left.
  • Note #9: Walrider - Once you leave the prison block and head downstairs, film the bloody writing that covers the walls and the lockers in the new area.

Chapter 3: Sewer

  • Document #11: The Gospel of Sand - In the sewers, watch the left-hand wall for a broken ladder. The document is right beside it.
  • Note #10: The Doctor is Dead - After you leave the lower sewer by climbing a ladder up into a lit hallway, go inside the room to your left and film the inmate there.
  • Document #12: Still Bleeding - When you drop from the catwalk in the flooded area, you will reach a second catwalk. Climb onto it and make your way to the room at the end. The document is near a body in the corner.

Chapter 4: Male Ward

  • Note #11: A Feast for Flies - When you reach the stairs that lead to the Male Ward, ignore them for the moment and continue ahead. Point your camera at the bodies in the room to your left.
  • Note #12: Organized Torture - You will make your way through a vent into a room where an inmate is tied to a chair. Leave the room and turn left into a new room. Turn on your night vision and view the writing on the wall with your camera.
  • Document #13: Project Walrider Cost Report - Make your way to the last cubicle on your right in the hospital ward to find the document.
  • Note # 13: Dr. Rick Trager - Once you escape the wheelchair, you will find a room in which a torture victim is imprisoned. Hide under a bed and film the scene as Trager returns to kill the victim.
  • Document #14: Request for Reassignment - As you search for the elevator key, you will make your way through a vent. On the other side of the vent, enter the nearby bathroom and search the cubicle to the right of the room.
  • Note #14: Death of Trager - Once Trager is dead, film his body.
  • Document #15: Persecutorial Delusions - Once you talk to Father Martin, take the corridor to your left and then turn right. Enter the locker room at the end of the hall and search the area around the bench at the far side.
  • Note #15: Let It Burn - As the cafeteria burns, enter through the window and film the inmate at the table.
  • Document #16: Psychopathological Proximity Stress Disorder Pamphlet - When you leave the cafeteria, head down the hallway to the right, enter the room at the end, and search the desk near the window.
  • Note #16: Fingers - In the kitchen, enter the side room to your left and film the bowl of fingers.

Chapter 5: Courtyard

  • Document #17: MKULTRA Program Excerpt - When you see the exit, enter the room to its right and search the desk against the far wall.
  • Document #18: Our Own Personal Cavalry - Outside, pass the fountain and continue on until you reach some stairs. Climb up. The document is on the floor by the wall with the writing on it.
  • Note #17: The Thing in the Dark - Once you unlock the door and enter the dark corridor, turn on your camera's night vision and continue forward to film the specter.
  • Note #18: Don't Drink the Water - You will eventually pass through a tunnel and emerge into an area with a bloody, corpse-filled fountain. Film it.

Chapter 6: Female Ward

  • Note #19: The Sound in the Machine - In the Female Ward, you will go through a gap, and then a window, and find yourself in a room with a machine making a lot of noise. Film it.
  • Document #19: Walrider and Nightmares - Pass through the lit area and head right down the corridor. A broken staircase is at the end, with the document beneath it.
  • Note #20: No Safe Place - You will enter an area with stairs, a wheelchair, and a lift with a corpse in it. Film the corpse in the lift.
  • Document #20: Project Paperclip Excerpt - Take the stairs to the right of the lift and search the desk against the far wall of the room below.
  • Document #21: You Promised Me a Rose Garden - Once you fall through the floor and make your way back up, enter the next room and search the bed by the window.
  • Note #21: Lies - When you follow the Walrider, go inside the room on the right. It is filled with candles, and the word "Lie" is written in blood on the wall. Film it.

Chapter 7: Return to the Administration Block

  • Document #22: Billy's Dreams - You will need to flee into a room on the left side of the hallway, into an air vent. Crawl through the vent and take the right-hand path. Jump down into the office below to find the document on a desk.
  • Document #23: The Spirit Breach - Once you reach the main corridor, go through the door on the left to enter the library. Search the computer desk against the far wall.
  • Note #22: The Wernicke Exit Interview - When you enter the theater, the screen will light up with a film. Point your camera at it and wait until you get the note.
  • Document #24: Necrotizing Fasciitis - Follow the corridor after the theater to the lit room at the end and collect the document from the stacked boxes.
  • Note #23: Static Prayer - Upstairs, beyond the kitchen, you will enter a new hallway with a recreation room to its right. Go inside and point your camera at the inmate praying in front of the dead television.
  • Document #25: The Gospel of Judas - Once you pass the praying inmates, search the desk inside Room B329.
  • Note #24: The Passing of Father Martin - Go to the church and point your camera at Father Martin as he burns on the cross.

Chapter 8: Underground Lab

  • Note #25: Under the Mountain - Point your camera at the front desk in the underground laboratory.
  • Document #26: The Pride of Wisdom - Search behind the front desk to find the document.
  • Document #27: Variant Postmortem - Once you exit the tunnel, enter the second lab to your left and search the central table.
  • Note #26: Morphogenic Formula - When you see the window with the view of the trucks outside, enter the green-lit door across the hall and point your camera at the writing on the whiteboard.
  • Note #27: A cutscene triggers this note.
  • Document #28: Gods and Monsters - After you flee through the upstairs decontamination room, go into the very next room and search the desk on the right.
  • Note #28: Wernicke's Machine - When you reach the laboratory filled with machines, point your camera at the large spherical device.
  • Document #29: Morphogenic Engine Chamber Precautions - Approach the sphere and search the computers beneath it.
  • Note #29: Billy Hope - Once you collect the document, film the body in the nearby glass sphere.
  • Note #30: Life Support - A sign will direct you to the Life Support Fluid Reservoir. Go there and point your camera at the tanks of fluid.
  • Document #30: The Modern Prometheus - Head upstairs to the control room and search the desks.
  • Document #31: Permission to Proceed - Once you flee through the decontamination room from the Walrider, go upstairs and search the desk on the left.
  • Note #31: Death of Hope - When the cutscene ends, go to the main room, disable the Life Pod failsafe, and film the bloody pod.

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