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Last Updated: July 5, 2022
Open Country
  • First Released: May 17, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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This glitch works when a player goes fishing and is unsuccessful. After the player has been fishing they must store their equipment in the RV.

A player will then have a piece of string attached to their hand that will stay with the player.

Weapon Malfunctions


When a player starts their journey to complete the Hunt For Ole Chip. The player must take out their rifle.

A player must then try to aim their rifle at the target. The player will experience a glitch and will not be able to move the crosshair in any direction and won't be able to shoot.

Bumblewoot shows a player a glitch in Open country.

Running Deer on the spot glitch


As a player approaches Halbert Meadow. There will be a large Male Deer standing in the Meadow.

The Deer will try to run away from a player but it will be stationary on one spot.

The player can shoot the Deer and gather the meat.

Sim UK shows a player some glitches in Open Country.

Flying glitch


When a player is on the mountain near Kyrions Plateau. The player must start to loot materials to build a camp.

When the player reaches a forest and gathers some wood, the player will be launched into the air and the voice of a pilot flying a plane will be heard.

The player will die as they fall from the launch. 

Way she goes gaming shows a glitch a player experiencing while playing Open Country

Learn to Fish guide


A player will need to advance in the game before they can attempt to fish for food.

Once a player has completed "hunt gone wrong" and "drive-through infiltration" Ainsley will guide the player to Boating About mission.

The first step for a player to fish is to have a fishing rod. This can be done by using a few resources a player can collect during gameplay.

The player will need a rope, a branch, a hatchet, and a knife to build a fishing rod.

The player could also just buy a fishing rod from the trading post in Snowridge Lodge.

However, this option will only be available after a player has completed the Boating About mission.

The Baitcasting Rod will cost a player $300 and is most effective and appropriate for small fish.

The player can also purchase a spinning Rod for $600 which is a sturdier option and can be used to catch any fish.

The next step is for a player to find the bait. The player can either use worms or a lure for bait.

The player can collect worms but first, they will need to pick up a rock.

Once the player has collected a rock the rock will be stored in their inventory. The player will have to go to their backpack inventory, select the rock, and drop it on the ground.

The player must pick the rock back up and drop it again. When a player collects a worm there will be a notification that will pop up.

A player can also find worms in leaf piles, and old stashes.

When a player is on a Boating about the mission, there will be a lure on a table when they enter the boat at the end of the Old Dock.

Once a player has their rod and baits the player must locate the lake on the map. 

A player can fish from the shore or from a dock. As long as they can locate a fishing spot.

The player will have to cast into the area and apply tension to their line when the fish bites.

Once a player is fighting a fish a bar will appear and the player must keep tension on their line.

If the player is successful a picture of the fish will appear on the screen.

Idaho Panhandle shares a guide on how to fish.

Use an RV


The player must use an Rv as it has multiple functions. The Rv is a fast-travel option that a player can use to drive between different campsites.

A player can use the Rv to rest and refill their stamina gauge and change their outfit if they have bought additional clothing.  

The Rv can be used as a place to store items from a player’s backpack. The Rv has a fridge and will allow a player to store their food and it will remain edible for longer.

The storage facility on the Rv will allow a player to empty their backpack, and go out and collect more pelts or meat. 

Xstream shows a player some tips in Open Country.

Save berries and branches


A player must pick berries and collect branches when they appear. 

The berries will sustain a player and refill their hunger gauge.

The player can also sell the berries at the trading post.

A player can't cut down trees or branches for firewood. Branches can only be picked by a player off the ground.

Branches are necessary for a player to craft items, create a shelter, and for them to cook their food.

Buy large water flask


A player will start the game with a normal flask that will have three bars. One bar is equivalent to one drink of water.

A player must upgrade their flask to a large water flask. This will give a player an additional two bars. 

The player must purchase the large flask from Nancy Dean, at Snowridge Lodge, for $250. This will allow a player to hunt for longer periods of time.

Once a player has purchased the flask, the original flask will be stored in a player's backpack.

A player can equip either flask by selecting it from their inventory, with the other stored in your backpack, and they can swap between them at any time. 

This will end up increasing the player's potential water storage to eight slots.

Sim UK shows a player some tips in Open Country.

Water gathering


Water is important in the game as it is used to create health remedies and refill a player's hydration.

The player must refill their water flask with fresh water from any river they locate in the game. 

The water will be safe for a player to drink if the water is moving. If the water is stagnant the player will first have to boil the water before they can drink it.

To avoid parasites from drinking water a player must boil the water at a campfire.

The player will need to first add the CampFire Grill upgrade before they can boil their water.

Way She Goes Gaming shows a player some tips to survive Open Country.

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