Easy Ball Stealing Method for NBA 2K14 on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Easy Ball Stealing Method

Ball stealing is easy with just about anybody.

  1. While defending an opponent, hold down L2/LB to "face-up" the player. Holding this will keep your player facing the opposing player no matter what direction you're moving.
  2. While holding L2/LB you will see a glowing circle under your player. It pulses from white to red at a set speed according to your current players stealing ability or stats. You basically have to time your steal so that your player reaches in at the moment the circle is about to turn white.
  3. You only want to attempt a steal on a white circle. Also factor in that it's much easier if the opposing player is facing you, dribbling the ball and not holding it away from you, etc. These two things make it ridiculously easy to time your button push to steal the ball.
  4. Even players with poor stealing capability can get steals easily with this method. Remember to hold L2/LB always while on defense, otherwise you will get intentional fouls all day.

2K Games put this system into the gameplay to make it easier for people to steal without fouling out, and to incorporate a level of skill and finesse with stealing.

By: tazbo27