Monster Jam Steel Titans Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: March 28, 2023
Monster Jam Steel Titans
  • First Released: Jun 24, 2019

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Unlock Trucks


As you progress through the game and win events, you’ll earn points. Earning points lets you unlock more trucks. You’ll also be able to purchase upgrades for your vehicle.

If you’re having trouble getting enough points to unlock all of the trucks, try focusing on the Arena Championship due to the high payout from its events.

Upgrade your truck


There are many different trucks you can use. Try finding a favorite truck that you want to focus on and then work toward upgrading it by buying new upgrades with currency you earn. Upgrading your truck will help you win more events to get more points, letting you unlock even more things from there. Once you have a fully upgraded truck, you can win some races and events quite quickly.

All Collectible Locations


There are 50 collectibles for you to find. To get all of them, you will need to have completed the campaign so you have access to all the areas, and you’ll also need a fully upgraded truck to reach them all. They appear as yellow and white triangles. Drive through a collectible to collect it.

Collectibles are also displayed on the map, which you can see if you zoom in. Found collectibles will remain, but will become see-through instead of solid.

If you’re having trouble finding any of the collectibles, use the video guide below for help.

Secret UFO

Easter Eggs

In the Dunes area, you can find a building with a UFO inside. If you approach it with the Alien Invasion vehicle, the alien ship will light up at your approach and begin spinning, although there is nothing else you can do with it.

Drive Out of the Map (including in water)


It is possible to exploit a glitch to end up out of the map, which allows you to drive through water, among other things.

An easy place to do this is at the road near Vermilion Lake, as shown in the video included below. There are some trees near the edge of the water, where you’ll begin to get out of bounds warnings. If you release the gas and let yourself coast toward the far side of the tree on the left, you’ll get shot out of bounds. At this point, you’ll have the freedom to explore outside of the map.

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Is  it  2  players?
Charles Goodwin, 10 months ago Reply
Halfway  into  the  career  mode    all  trucks    have  slowed?  They  are  fully  upgraded  but  cannot  keep  up  with  AI  trucks  on  any  format  level.  I’ve  reset  the  game  controls  think  I  may  have  adjust  something  by  mistake  but  so  far  nothing  has  worked.  
Zach, 3 years ago Reply
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