Metro Exodus Unlockables on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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All Suit Upgrades Unlockables

There are 13 suit upgrades and tools you can find for Artyom. Not only will they help you, but once you have them all, you’ll unlock the “Dressed for Success” trophy/achievement.

Compass – The compass points toward your next objective, helpful if you aren’t sure where to go.

Extended Filter – This gas mask filter makes your gas masks last longer.

Ammo Pouches – These let you carry more ammo.

Throwing Weapons Harness – This lets you carry more throwable weapons, such as knives, grenades, and Molotov cocktails.

Battery Charge Controller – This extends your battery life.

Reinforced Helmet – This lets you take more headshot damage without dying.

Metal Detector – Equipping this makes it easier to find resources.

Night Vision Goggles – These let you use night vision. Note that there is a key in the same areas as the Ammo Pouches that will give you access to the night vision goggles early.

Motion Scanner – Equipping this detects motion nearby.

Extra Bright Flashlight – This light is brighter and lights up a larger area, but it also consumes batteries faster.

Armored Glass – This gas mask upgrade makes your mask more durable, so it cracks less often.

Consumables Carrier – This lets you carry more consumable items, such as air filters and med kits.

NVD Amplifier – This upgrade for your night vision goggles improves your night vision to make it easier to see with.

Most of these upgrades can be found in multiple locations, but if you’re having trouble finding any of them, the video guide below can help you locate them.

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I  am  at  the  "get  to  the  dam"  mission.  I  am  fighting  the  bear.  I  only  have  14  arrows  and  12  AK  rounds.  Any  way  I  can  get  past  it?  I  have  gone  back  and  loaded  as  far  as  I  can  go,  to  the  beginning  of  the  mission,  and  can't  find  any  more  ammo.  HELP!  Am  I  doomed? - Mike , 2 months ago - Reply  

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