How to Earn S-Rank for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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How to Earn S-Rank

Follow the instructions below to earn an S-Rank. It is based on point score, rather than difficulty, so you can play on Normal if you like.

  • First, disable Reflex Mode so you earn more points. Remain hidden as much as you can, avoid or stun enemies instead of killing them, play quickly, and avoid restarting from previous checkpoints.
  • Mission 1: Ground Zeroes - First, save all of the prisoners. Once you find Paz, call the helicopter and stop worrying about stealth, because speed is more important to your score here than remaining undetected. Get in a truck and get out of there as fast as you can.
  • Mission 2: Eliminate the Renegade Threat - Do not kill any enemies except your two targets. Go up the hill, stunning all enemies, and take the sniper rifle from the truck near the helipads. Find the watch tower, climb to the top, and use the sniper rifle to take out the targets. Call the helicopter.
  • Mission 3: Intel Operative Rescue - Do not kill any enemies. Just stun them, including the helicopter crew. Take care not to kill any enemies accidentally while you're destroying the tank.
  • Mission 4: Classified Intel Acquisition - Don't interrogate the undercover agent. Stay on the back of the truck until you reach the administration building. From there, climb the ladder up to the watch tower and take the cassette tape. Then get back on the truck and wait until it drives you away.
  • Mission 5: Eliminate the Anti-Air Emplacements - Don't let anyone see you, and don't kill any enemies. Restart if you need to. Put C4 on the first Anti-Air turret, blow up the barrels by the other turrets, drive away, and trigger the C4 on the turret. Next, put C4 on the road and use it to blow up the tank. As you leave, you can save some prisoners, although it isn't crucial.
  • Mission 6: Déjà vu - All you have to do here is recreate three or four of the scenes and get to the end quickly, while avoiding enemies.