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Last Updated: November 19, 2021

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Shoulder Perspective.
The option to change your perspective between your right should and left shoulder can help you in many situations.

Depending on the right or left shoulder perspective you use, when you peek around a corner, your players’ character model will be more or less visible. As an example hugging a left wall and peaking out of it from the right side with the perspective over your right shoulder too will ensure that only a small percentage of your body is showing around the corner. 

Making constant use of the option to change perspective will save you in many scenarios. This is an extremely helpful tip. 

Ladder Launching
When climbing up a ladder, when you press "x" you'll be launched very far backward. This can be handy to make a quick escape, or help you peak and shoot at an enemy that is at the top of the laddered area. By launching back you will be a much harder target to hit. At the same time, you'll still be able to aim well.

Pre Firing

Like many multiplayer shooters, each map will usually have campers of some sort. You may also know where an enemy is though they are around a corner. This is where pre-firing comes in. 

As you approach the area where the enemy most likely is, aim in the direction the enemy should be before you can see them. As you step out in their view, you need to take the shots prematurely. Pre-firing can be used the opposite way as well, taking shots at the moment you might expect an enemy to peek at you. The timing is difficult for this, though you will learn other players’ behaviors as you play. 

Pre-firing is essential in a competitive game such as Mega Zombie and will become natural to the player as they play the game. 


Crouching will make your player more accurate. As you spray down your machine gun towards an enemy, the bullets will become less accurate. When you crouch, the bullets will not be perfectly accurate, but much more accurate than then when standing. 

This is a risk vs reward move to make, as while you are crouching, your character will move at a much slower pace and be a much easier target. 

When you aim at top of an enemy’s head, all your teammates will see an indicator of where the enemy is. This is extremely helpful and is a sort of silent communication between you and your team.

Soullies gives some of these tips and many more from his experience while playing Mega Zombie

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