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Last Updated: July 11, 2022

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How to make a possession pass Guides

When you have loaded a game and are playing a head-to-head match.

You must ensure that your receiver must be near the sideline. 

You must catch the ball while keeping your player's feet in bounds. You must use a possession pass.

A possession catch will allow you to keep the possession and set up the next move.

You must first call and select a passing play. This play must have the receivers either going to the sideline or running routes over the middle of the field. 

You can either use a passing play such as a "comeback or slant route".

You must then locate for the receiver you want to possess the ball.

Once the receiver has run their route you must throw the ball. Before the receiver catches the ball you must press the following buttons.

If you are using Xbox you must press the receiver button and press 'A'

If you are using a PlayStation you must press the receiver button and press 'X'

This will enable the receiver to perform a possession catch and will ensure that the player holds on to the ball.

Madden Solo Guides shows you how to make a possession pass.


How to kick for extra points Guides

Madden NFL 22 has a kicking meter that gauges your strength and accuracy of the kick.

The kicking meter is designed to swing up for power and back down for accuracy.

You will have to click "x" on PlayStation or "A" on Xbox to stop the gauge when you want to hit the desired power and accuracy on the meter.

The higher the meter goes up, the more power the kick will have.

The meter will allow you to first try and gauge your power to perform the kick and then when the gauge comes down it will determine the accuracy of your kick.

The more power you put on a kick, the shorter and faster the gauge will return and make it harder for a player to hit their accuracy.

Shanegotyou11 shows you how to kick in Madden NFL 22


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