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Last Updated: March 7, 2023
Madden NFL 22
  • First Released: Aug 19, 2021

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How to kick for extra points


Madden NFL 22 has a kicking meter that gauges your strength and accuracy of the kick.

The kicking meter is designed to swing up for power and back down for accuracy.

You will have to click "x" on PlayStation or "A" on Xbox to stop the gauge when you want to hit the desired power and accuracy on the meter.

The higher the meter goes up, the more power the kick will have.

The meter will allow you to first try and gauge your power to perform the kick and then when the gauge comes down it will determine the accuracy of your kick.

The more power you put on a kick, the shorter and faster the gauge will return and make it harder for a player to hit their accuracy.

Shanegotyou11 shows you how to kick in Madden NFL 22

Franchise Mode glitch


In Madden NFL 22 there is a glitch where your saved game in Franchise Mode becomes corrupted.

You will start in Franchise mode and begin playing and winning multiple games.

When you try to access your saved game in Franchise mode the game will refuse to open.

This glitch forces you to restart your Franchise mode and all your career progress will be lost.

EXPLODYZ shows you a compilation of glitches in Madden NFL 22

Kicking glitch


While you are in franchise mode, you will experience a glitch when attempting a field goal and extra points kick.

You will set up for the kick and use the kicking meter.

Once you have aligned the kicking meter with perfect accuracy the ball is expected to sail over the poles.

This glitch forces the football to go straight to right and out of bounds along the sideline. 

This glitch occurs only in franchise mode and only occurs randomly. 

Drosa Gaming shares a kicking glitch on Madden NFL 22.

Online franchise desync glitch


You will log on to the online franchise mode and start a match with another player online. 

You will kick off the game and Madden NFL will desync you from the game.

This glitch will cause you to be unable to continue and exit the game.

This glitch can be avoided if you do not do anything before the game starts.

Playing training, doing weekly upgrades, weekly strategies and even if you go to a press conference in Franchise mode this will cause a glitch.

Its Deshawn takes you through a glitch in Madden NFL 22.

Loss glitch


When you have logged into franchise mode and are playing a game online. There is a loss glitch which makes you lose the match.

After the match is completed and you have won your match, the game will record the player having lost the match.

The game will record accurate statistics but record a loss under your results.

This glitch only occurs when a player reaches the playoffs.

SGT Gaming shows you a glitch that occurs on Madden NFL 22

Freezing half time


In face of the franchise mode, you must load the game and play till halftime.

Once you are in possession of the ball at halftime you might experience this glitch.

When halftime is called your game will freeze and it will only show the stadium.

18coltzrock shows you how the freezing glitch in NFL occurs

FG block glitch


This glitch works in practice mode and franchise mode.

You must use the formation safe man right. Then you must use the second man on the left side.

Once you have selected the move and the player you must hold the left stick down and hold the right trigger in and hold in "x".

GutFoxx shows you a Field block glitch in Madden NFL 22.

How to make a possession pass


When you have loaded a game and are playing a head-to-head match.

You must ensure that your receiver must be near the sideline. 

You must catch the ball while keeping your player's feet in bounds. You must use a possession pass.

A possession catch will allow you to keep the possession and set up the next move.

You must first call and select a passing play. This play must have the receivers either going to the sideline or running routes over the middle of the field. 

You can either use a passing play such as a "comeback or slant route".

You must then locate for the receiver you want to possess the ball.

Once the receiver has run their route you must throw the ball. Before the receiver catches the ball you must press the following buttons.

If you are using Xbox you must press the receiver button and press 'A'

If you are using a PlayStation you must press the receiver button and press 'X'

This will enable the receiver to perform a possession catch and will ensure that the player holds on to the ball.

Madden Solo Guides shows you how to make a possession pass.

Edit the Stamina of your players


Madden 22 has a stamina system that reflects the wear and tear a game takes on your players. 

The Madden stamina system that you can alter manually. 

You must go into the gameplay options where there will be a stamina meter for the players that starts from 1-100.

The game automatically sets the stamina of a player to 50 by default. 

The higher the stamina meter the quicker your player will get winded or show fatigue.

Edit the stamina for a player between 30-35. This will ensure your players perform better in match play.

Pwny Montana shows you some tips to edit your stamina in Madden NFL 22.

Choose the Right mode


Your experience and understanding of American football and playing Madden will require you to adjust your settings by lowering the difficulty or increasing it.

The difficulty you must begin your game on is Arcade mode. This is a great place for you to start playing the game. 

The teams in this mode allow you to make mistakes and the margins for errors are greater.

If you want to experience a more challenging mode and feel that Arcade mode is too basic and unrealistic.

Then you can always edit the settings to a more competitive mode but try to ensure that you keep the difficulty level at either Rookie or Pro. 

Time Management


In Madden, time management is an important aspect that you need to grasp in order to win games.

You must always go for a touchdown play and then you should take the points on offer.

Every game is a new challenge. Whether you are playing Franchise mode or against a friend.

It is important for you to understand the situations and predicaments that you find yourself in each game.

You must manage your time by utilizing a running play and running the ball.

You must be methodical with the plays that you call and ensure that you dominate the possession time with the ball.

You must remember that the key to winning is possession. Your opponent will battle to score should you ensure that they are starved of possession.

Take your time and mix shorter passing plays with runs and through long passes for possession and territory.

Each game will have its own scenarios and if you are in the lead, you must wind down the clock.

Floopy sports shares some tips on difficulty modes in Madden NFL 22

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