Knack Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: October 20, 2022
  • First Released: Nov 14, 2013
  • Genres: Adventure, Platform
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4
  • Developer: SCE Japan Studio,Cerny Games, Inc.
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB E10+

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Vampire Knack


You can unlock Vampire Knack for a future playthrough by collecting 15 Ruby Relics. Ruby Relics give Knack stronger attacks, but there is a price to pay.

Diamond Knack


You can unlock Diamond Knack by collecting 10 Diamond Relics. Diamond Relics are very rare, and Diamond Knack is the most powerful character in the game. His attacks and super moves are stronger and his super move gauge fills up faster.

Secret Areas and Hidden Items


Always keep an eye out for signs that something is hidden nearby, such as cracks in walls. If you spot something that looks different, see if you can find a secret area or a hidden item.

Massive Knack


You can unlock Massive Knack by collecting Emerald Relics. Massive Knack is even more powerful than Vampire Knack, but he can only store enough energy for one super move at a time.

Dark Knack


You can unlock Dark Knack by collecting 20 Amethyst Relics. Dark Knack's defense is twice as strong as any other character, but he also needs twice as many sunstones to be able to use a super move.

Coliseum Attack Mode


When you finish the main campaign, you will unlock Coliseum Attack Mode.

Co-op / Robo Knack Asssistance


When you play co-op mode, a second player can help out as Robo Knack. As Robo Knack, you can press the triangle button to restore Knack's health. Co-op is a good way to let a beginning gamer try the game.

Knack Head Drawing

Easter Eggs

In Chapter 5-3: The Legendary Land, if you go into the little crack on the left of where you start, you can see a drawing of Knack's head on the right edge of the screen.

Time Attack Mode


When you finish the main campaign, you will unlock Time Attack Mode.

Brittle Knack


You can unlock Brittle Knack by collecting Aquamarine Relics. Brittle Knack is even more powerful than Vampire Knack, but when enemies hit him, he breaks into pieces.

Using Unlockable Characters


Any of the unlockable characters can be used in subsequent playthroughs, as well as in Time Attack Mode and Coliseum Attack Mode.

Get the Crystals You Want/Need


Follow the steps below to easily get the crystals you want.

  1. Start playing a chapter and open a chest.
  2. If the chest contains the crystal you want, take it. If it doesn't, do not press X.
  3. Instead, hold down the PS button. You can restart the game at the beginning of the chapter, and the chest will be closed again.
  4. Open it and repeat the steps above as many times as you need to until the chest contains what you want.

Dodging Attacks


You will need to dodge enemy attacks by using the right analog stick. Try to master dodging, as it is an important skill.

Sunstone Knack


You can unlock Sunstone Knack by collecting Sunstone Relics. When Sunstone Knack defeats enemies, they leave behind energy he can collect. Therefore, his super move gauge fills up quickly. His super moves are also more powerful and last longer. However, he has lower defense than other forms.

Chest Floating


With very small treasure chests in certain stages, you can double-jump and stand "on top" of the chest. This has no real advantage but is quite entertaining to watch.

Treasure Chests Locations Guide


If you find all 68 treasure chests in a single playthrough, you will earn a silver trophy in addition to the items from the chests. Follow the instructions below to find all of them.

Chapter 1

Viktor's Challenge

1 - You will jump up to a brick wall after you learn a new attack. The chest is by the wall.

2 - In the area where you fight three enemies, search the wall to your right.

3 - A chest is at the top of the white wall.

Chapter 2

Old Crag's Mines

4 - To your left, there is a chest hidden behind a bug.

5 - Once you use a relic to open a door, you can go through the other locked door to find a chest.

An Unexpected Encounter

6 - There is a chest in the area where you meet with Viktor.

Over the Lake

7 - Fight the bugs, and then enter a hole near the archers to reach the chest.

8 - After you push the rock down the hill, you will be able to reach the chest.

Chapter 3

Another Way In

9 - Once you open the gate, make your way through the traps to find a secret room hiding a chest.

10 - When you reach the red gate, look to the right of the enemies guarding it. The chest is there.

Abominable Knack

11 - A chest is located to the left of the first red gate.

12 - Once the ice bridge crumbles, you will be able to reach the chest.

Inside the Fortress

13 - The chest is located on the other side of the third bridge.

14 - When you reach the second barrel bomb trap, you will be able to find the chest.

Overwhelming Force

15 - After you fight the tank for the first time, drop down from the area. The chest will be behind you.

16 - Another chest is located in the area where you fight the tank.

17 - When you reach the two tanks, climb to the top of the cliff to find the chest.

Chapter 4

The Escape

18 - When you pass the two prisoners, go down the hallway to the right to find a chest.

19 - Outside, go to the balcony and use the lever. It will enable you to get another chest.

Some Disassembly Required

20 - There is a chest in the right room by the entrance to the palace.

21 - There is a chest in the left room by the entrance to the palace. Fight the enemy guarding it.

Stealth Knack

22 - Climb up the stairs to reach a ventilation grate. Head on through to reach the chest.

23 - As Stealth Knack, go to the second floor and use the lever behind the red boxes. Go through the green door to find the chest.

The Pursuit

24 - There is a chest behind the door just after the first conveyer belt.

25 - Go upstairs and through the door, and then follow the elevator until you reach the chest.

Chapter 5

The Legendary Land

26 - Search the right side of the room with the floor lasers.

27 - Search the left side of the room with the floating rings and triangle relics.

Sleeping Giants

28 - A chest is hidden in the rock wall of the room with the bats and the crystal bolt enemy.

29 - In the room with the top-down view, cross the second bridge, go to the left, and make your way around an invisible wall to find the chest.

30 - A chest is located in the area with the two relic snakes.

Chapter 6

Rescue Mission

31 - A chest is hidden behind the moving ramp.

Steam Road

32 - When the cutscene ends, search the area around the second fireplace to find the chest.

33 - Once you cross the bridge, melt your way through the crossed door. The chest is on the other side.

34 - When you reach the platforms, don't cross right away. There is a chest next to the girl bot.

Rooftops and Ramparts

35, 36, and 37 - These chests are hidden in secret rooms to the right of the first three areas.

On a Rampage

38 - When you enter the castle, descend the nearby stairs, and search the area until you find a secret room that contains the chest.

39 - When you near the airship near the end of the level, drop down. The chest will be behind you.

Chapter 7

The Best Defense

40 - Break the crates in the area where you fight the boomerang enemies to reveal the chest.

41 - After the saw enemy chases you, drop down. Fight the enemies and go through the red door to find the chest.

Goblin Invasion

42 - There is a chest at the end of the tunnel.

Chapter 8

Heavy Machinery

43 - At the top of the platforms, there is a chest to your right.

The Goblin Caves

44 - When you see the goblin with the shield, go behind him to find the chest.

Chapter 9

Scaling the Wall

45 - When you go around the corner, you will see a white building. The chest is near the building's wall.

46 - When you reach the bridge with the red relic container, cross it and enter the door on the other side. The chest is there.

The Weapons Factory

47 - There is a chest near the wall behind the two axe-wielding men.

48 - Take note of the steel piles you pass. At the third one, search the area to its left.

49 - When you reach the third machine, search the area to its left to find the chest before you fill the machine.

50 - Once you are through the fourth machine, you can find another chest if you turn around.

An Unwelcome Surprise

51 - There is a green door after the first bubbles you encounter. Go through the door to find a chest.

52 - When you reach the area with the orange floor, check the door and you will find another chest.

53 - Outside, a chest waits down the left-hand path.

Chapter 10

Desert Ruins

54 - There is a chest you can jump to on the other side of the gap.

55 - After you enter the caves, there is a chest near the far wall.

Message from the Past

56 - The chest is within the cave just beyond the red gate.

Chapter 11

Fire and Ice

57 - When you leave the caves, there is a chest to your left.

58 - There is a chest behind the bomber enemies you encounter around the second gate.

The Labyrinth

59 - There is a chest to the left of the big, rounded door.

60 - In the first maze, search around the right wall to find a chest.

Ancient Key

61 - Inside the temple, check the relic box and the crystal beside the path to find the chest.

Chapter 12

Inside the Airship

62 - You can find a chest when you are outside the ship, if you look through a door beyond the fans.

No More Sneaking Around

63 - When you leave the tram, there is a chest to your left.

64 - The path will split when you encounter two enemies. Head down the left-hand path to find the chest.

Within Reach

65 - When this section begins, descend the nearby stairs and search around the white wall to find the chest.

66 - In the area with the orange pipe, climb up the stairs and go through the door on the right to reach the chest.

Chapter 13

No Man's Land

67 - When the second cutscene ends, check out the cliff to your left to find the chest.

The Cliff Path

68 - On your way up the mountain path, search the grassy area amidst the rocks to find the final chest.

Get the Barrage Trophy


Follow the steps below to easily get the "Barrage" trophy.

  • You can accomplish this in Chapter 10-2. Near the end, you will encounter eight Ogers. Make sure your Super Move is fully powered up before the fight. If it isn't, allow Knack to die so you can destroy the sunstones again.
  • Once you enter the fight with a fully powered Super Move, use it. It should kill all eight Ogers, which will earn you the trophy.
  • If it doesn't kill all eight, let Knack die so you can attempt the fight again.

Attacking Enemies


If you are in a difficult situation, use your special attacks. You have many powers at your disposal, and they will be very helpful against enemies.

Jump, press the button to attack, and then spin toward the enemy. This combination will make a lot of fights much easier.

Sunstones and Other Items


Collect items, especially sunstones. Smash every sunstone you pass to absorb its energy, and make sure you have enough energy to face bosses with.

Coliseum Attack Mode Hints


In Coliseum Attack Mode, you can pick from one of three arenas, and then you will face 10 waves of enemies. There are multiple challenges the first of which is just to survive all 10 waves. After that, you will be challenged to make it through the waves quickly, and then to make it through them without letting the enemies damage you at all.

Knack's Quest Mobile App Hints & Tips


The iOS/Android match-three game "Knack's Quest," a tie-in to the PS4 game Knack, can help you unlock new Gadget parts for the main game. Just make sure that you sign into your PSN account at the start of Knack's Quest.

Every time you complete three levels of a stage, the next stage will be unlocked. You can replay levels as often as you want until you have enough points to unlock its Gadget. If you select the crate icon, which is located near the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see which Gadgets you've unlocked and how many remain for each Collection.

To get a lot of points in a level, try to make multiple matches with a single move and keep a combo going for as long as you can. You can use powers by filling up your combo meter, although the earlier powers are not as effective as the last one. Once the meter fills up entirely, you can choose any type of tile to clear from the board.

Every match you make adds more time to the clock, so don't delay. Try to plan out your next moves in advance and make them even as your previous combo is in progress. Just don't rush and risk losing your combo.

Eventually, you will reach the much harder Stealth levels, which feature glass tiles that you must remove by making matches with adjacent tiles. Do not plan out large matches in these levels, but instead work to use smaller matches to clear away the glass tiles.

Once you complete every stage in the game, you will unlock Endless mode, where you try to get the highest score possible within the time limit.

Time Attack Mode Hints


In Time Attack Mode, your goal is to finish the stage as fast as you can. Each of the 13 stages is based on part of the main campaign. Time is the major contributor to your score, but you also can get bonus points depending on how you play. For example, if you use your super moves, you will earn bonus points. Plan out your moves to earn as many points as possible.



Picture Title Description Type
Ultimate Knack
Received all trophies
Chieftain Badge
Defeated the Chapter 3-5 boss
Gundahar Badge
Defeated the Chapter 7-5 boss
Katrina Badge
Defeated the Chapter 11-5 boss
Guardian Badge
Defeated the Chapter 13-5 boss
Fast Puncher
Landed 100 hits using the Dash Attack
Relic Passion
Acquired a total of over 100,000 relics
Defeated 8 or more enemies with a single Super Move
Big Throw
Defeated 5 gunships by throwing cars
Goblin Hunter
Defeated 100 goblins
Robot Hunter
Defeated 100 robots
Combo Beginner
Achieved 20 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped
Combo Professional
Achieved 50 consecutive hits with the Combo Meter equipped
Forced Breakthrough
Defeated the three Gatekeeper Goblins and cleared Chapter 3-2 without dying
Professional Intruder
Collected the clear crystals in Chapter 4-2 without being detected by the security robots
Quick Work
Destroyed the 3 anti-aircraft guns in Chapter 8-2 within 5 minutes
Ruby Medal
Cleared a chapter as Vampire Knack
Aqua Medal
Defeated the Chieftain's Mech using Brittle Knack
Emerald Medal
Defeated Gundahar's Robot using Massive Knack
Sunstone Medal
Defeated Katrina's Mech using Sunstone Knack
Amethyst Medal
Defeated the Giant Orb using Dark Knack
Diamond Medal
Defeated all bosses using Diamond Knack
Discovered a treasure chest
King of Adventure
Discovered all of the treasure chests
Parts Collector
Acquired a Gadget part
Doctor's Invention
Constructed a Gadget
Acquired all of the Gadgets
Crystal Relic Collector
Acquired a Crystal Relic
New Power
Unlocked an upgraded Knack
Crystal Relic Master
Unlocked all upgraded Knack characters
Completed a non-boss chapter without using any Super Moves
Dynamic Play
Completed a chapter only using Super Moves on enemies and without dying once
Stealth Fighter
Defeated 20 enemies as Stealth Knack and completed the chapter
Knack Beginner
Completed all chapters on Normal difficulty or higher
Knack Challenger
Completed all chapters on Hard difficulty or higher
Knack Master
Completed all chapters on Very Hard difficulty
Relic Runner
Completed a Time Attack stage
Speed King
Achieved five-star ranks in all Time Attack stages
Completed a Coliseum Attack stage
King of Battle
Achieved five-star ranks in all Coliseum Attack stages
Total Victory
Defeated a boss without taking damage
Perfect Action
Completed a stage without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above

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