Kena: Bridge of Spirits Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: June 10, 2022

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Lost during Kena gameplay? Look for the arrows. Hints

During the Kena gameplay, there will be moments where you get lost. This is due to the nature of the game, but the developers have added discrete white painted arrows that indicate the direction you need to go.

The arrows often will point at a ledge that you can climb or just in the general direction. They are extremely helpful when players are lost. Arrows can be placed on the walls or on the ground. 

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Rot Actions Hints

Rot Actions are the yellow orbs above your health that are needed to heal and carry out combat abilities while facing enemies. Rot actions aren't available at the start of combats by default because you will need to build the courage needed to activate the Rot Actions by landing hits on enemies. If you run away you won't be able to earn the courage needed.   

Rot actions are hidden all over the game but they are mostly found as a small glowing orbs just scattered out and about.  Players will need to interact with them to have the Rot action join them. 

When players complete tasks in the primary storyline that will allow them to get some Rot Actions all at once. You can also use your pulse ability to reveal purple butterflies to cause the hidden Rot to appear. The butterflies can also mark things like stone markers at shrines, squashes in vegetable patches, clues to puzzles, and eliminate tiny tricks. 

The Spirit Tear can also be called on for a Rot Cloud to clear an obstacle. There are also Cursed Chests that contain Rot within.    

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Suggested upgrades to begin with Hints

There are a couple of combat upgrades that you can do at the start of the game. These are unlocked by using Karma and increasing your rot level. 

Some examples are the Rot Hammer which deals massive damage and interrupts an enemy's attack, and the other is Enter the Fray, which makes it, so Kena begins battles with courage already built up. Both abilities are useful against bosses with weaknesses that can be immediately exploited.  

The next abilities we suggest you upgrade are basic attacks that can make the beginning of attacks and facing smaller groups much easier: Sprint attack light, but a player must have this ability unlocked to be able to unlock the Heavy version as this will help with the beginning of attacks. 

The other is the Sprint attack heavy which makes clearing out smaller groups much easier by defeating your enemies in one blow, perfect for timed challenges.   

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Corrupted Flowers Hints

Players will enter a combat situation where the enemies seem to be overwhelming. You will need to build up some Rot Action, use the Rot on the corrupted spawn point, then shoot it/unlock it and that will prevent the spawn from creating more enemies, and you will be able to end the encounter.  

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