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Last Updated: June 24, 2022
Just Die Already
  • First Released: May 19, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 16,

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Unlock Gun Stores


Gun Stores are located near docks, city center, and sports arena.

To unlock Gun stores, Watch where the cables go from their consecutive locked doors, equip the butt propellor and fly to the second level, onto a metallic grid ledge.

By: Gagan Comment

Unlock the Bird Wing


The bird Wing is one of the scarce items in the game that can be somewhat difficult to find on the map.

Go to the bird's nest. It's up a tree on the opposite side of the street to the Zen Garden's main entrance. Grab the wing and equip it.

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Crate Locations


There are 3 heavy crates on the map that cannot be opened. The goal is to deliver them to the drop-off zones.

Firstly, you require a full-size forklift.

The first one is by the basketball hoops in the middle of the tram. You have to move your forklift out of the way of the tram. 

The second one is at the docks. Get the forklift there. Once you get the forklift there, two NPC's will appear that will disturb you while completing the task. If you try to kill the NPC's, they will respawn again. So the only suggestion is to keep trying.

The last crate is at the track and field loop. You will need good timing on the road to get the forklift. Avoid getting hit by a car. Then enter the track and go over the fence on the left side.

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How to Cut Off Limbs?


Cutting off limbs is required for several door challenges. So here's a short guide on how to cut off your limbs in the game :

  • To cut off your hand, use a firework and aim directly above. If you are aiming down a bit, it will blow off your leg instead. It may take a couple of tries to get it right.
  • To cut off your head and arms, go to the Zen Garden and stand under the spikes.
  • To cut your feet, you can use the tram and run them over.
  • To cut a leg, directly stand on a minefield with the leg that you want to be chopped off.
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Goat Simulator

Easter Eggs

This game was developed by the designers of Goat Simulator; several similarities, references, and Easter eggs of Goat Simulator can be seen in this game.

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Unlock JDA Tickets


In this guide, I'll teach you how to unlock JDA Tickets without much effort. 

In the downtown city center, there are two wooden crates where you can get 1 JDA ticket each. Firstly, equip a butt propeller, grab one wooden crate at a time and drop them to the minefield to open them up. 

There is another crate on a ledge close to the Blue Vending Machine in the Uptown city center. Follow the same steps: EquipButt propeller, grab the crate, drop from a height to open it.

Hence you can unlock JDA tickets with little to no effort.

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Chair Glitch


This person is jumping nonstop on a chair, doing all the weird animations.


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Sharks Glitching


Video of some sharks randomly glitching out and flying in the air. 

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Super Speed


Here's a video of a person running at a super speed, much faster than a normal human could. 

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Zen Garden Puzzle


The Zen Garden Puzzle can be fairly confusing to complete. So here is an easy guide on how to approach this puzzle. 

1. Passing through the large wooden gates :

Use C4 for this puzzle. You can get multiple C4s in the construction yard.
Explosives are one of the effective ways to get into the Zen Garden. So use C4s or any other explosives to get started.

2. Opening the Zen Garden Area :

The entrance to the locked building requires cutting the lower half of your legs.

Next, two golden keys are required to unlock the temple.
One key is required to open up the inner yard section's gate.
Another key is required to open up the weapons storage room in the same side-building.

Avoid getting beaten upon by the NPC :
You need a Zen Master Hat. Take it from the female monks that are roaming around the giant gong in the front yard.

To unlock the final Zen Garden temple's master room :
You will need to search for different-colored orbs: red, green, and blue, and insert them in their consecutive places inside the temple's control room.

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There are a total of 12 trophies for Just Die Already. The list goes from Common to Ultra Rare :
Common Trophies :

Escape the Retirement Home.

Rare Trophies : 

Buddha is me
Become the golden Buddha.

Very Rare Trophies : 

Just a Flesh Wound
Lose 1000 limbs.

Off to Florida
Buy the retirement plan from the blue vending machine.

Ultra Rare Trophies :

Being progressive
Complete all progress-based life goals on the bucket list.

A challenger appears
Complete all challenge life goals on the bucket list.

Complete all collectibles-based life goals on the bucket list.

Ouch, my hip!
Complete all life goals that involve hazards on the bucket list.

Complete all life goals which involve self-harm on the bucket list.

Death is just the beginning
Die 250 times.

Pro baller
Score 10 shots in a basketball hoop without missing.

No life
Complete all life goals on the bucket list.

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