JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Stage Secrets Hints

Joestar Mansion

1. Dio's zombies will eventually break in and stun fighters that get close.

2. The mansion will catch on fire after a brief period of time.

3. If an opponent is defeated near the top of the stairs, a Dramatic Finish will be triggered where they are impaled by the statue, as Dio was during his and Jonathan's fight at the mansion.

4. Dio Brando can walk up the pillars.

Air Supplena Island

1. If you are not a vampire, Pillar Man or hamon user, the spikes at the center of the stage will damage you.

Nightmare World

1. Death 13 can randomly attack fighters. However it can also take tiny bits of damage.

2. The decor laughs at you.

El Cairo City Rooftop

1. The clock tower is destructible.

2. If a fighter is launched towards the water tower, they earn a Dramatic Finish resembling Kakyoin's death position. Knocking Kakyoin into the water tower allows you to see the manga panel it takes inspiration from, and causes him to remain there for the remainder of the match.

3. Jumping off the buildings damages you, surprisingly.

4. Knocking a fighter into the "Air" sign can electrocute them.

Morioh Town

1. Your character can get a drink at the cafe, and there is a different animation for each one.

2. A Dramatic Finish can occur in the Ghost Alley, where whoever is defeated there is dragged to hell by hands, as Yoshikage Kira was (ironically enough).

3. You can ride a motorcycle which is behind the mart.

4. DIO can atack with a sign similar to the manner he used one against Jotaro and Polnareff.

Boing-Boing Cape

1. If an item has a Reverb effect, then that means that it either damages you (red Reverb) or launches you far (purple Reverb)!

Neapolis Train Station

1. Prosciutto can appear to slow down characters and age their character image, which can be stopped by either finding an item to stop the aging or beating Prosciutto.

2. Pesci can appear from the train to trap fighters with his fishing rod.


1. Chariot Requiem can appear to put fighters to sleep. This can be countered by Diavolo's King Crimson, however.

2. Finding a key and bringing it to Coco Jumbo (the turtle) can restore a 1/3 of your character's health.

G.D. St. Prison

1. An alligator is summoned by Sports Maxx, walking through the prison halls. It can also be damaged.

2. You can collect money from various places across the stage.

3. You can find Emporio and use him to teleport to a place in the prison.

4. You can pay Gwess to shrink other fighters.

5. While shrunk by Gwess, the stage has a lot more secrets to explore.

Cape Canaveral

1. After some time, C-Moon causes the stage to turn sideways.

Rocky Mountain Villiage

1. Dinosaurs created by Scary Monsters are located in various points of the stage.

Higashikata House

1. In the middle of the stage, there is a bunker where you can hide in to restore health.

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