Ion Fury Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Access Hidden Level (Piano Puzzle) Hints

The hidden “Grand Slam” level can only be accessed if you have a Purple Keycard to get through the door. This keycard is hidden behind a piano puzzle. To solve it, you need to play a particular melody on the piano found in Heskel’s Office. The melody itself is found in a computer terminal on the previous level. You’ll need to play six notes in order: DCADCF. It doesn’t matter how slowly you hit the keys, as long as they’re pressed in the correct order, so don’t worry if you need to look up the placement of piano keys to find the right ones. If you’re having any trouble, you can also check out the video below.

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All Stashes and Secrets Locations Hints

There are 33 hidden stashes, known as Dick’s Secret Stashes, for you to find throughout the levels, along with a few other secrets as well. These can include secret rooms, rewards, Easter eggs, and more. If you’re having trouble finding all of Dick’s Secret Stashes, use the video guides below to help you find all of the game’s secrets.

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