Ion Fury Easter Eggs on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Dangerous Dave 2 reference Easter Eggs

Since the developer was a big fan of Dangerous Dave 2, also known as Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion, the mansion has been replicated here as an homage to it, bringing its 2D layout into 3D.

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Name Change and Iron Maiden Easter Eggs

The game’s original name was Ion Maiden. Due to the name and the name of the protagonist, Shelly Harrison, the band Iron Maiden felt it was too close to their own name and Steve Harris. In order to avoid a lengthy lawsuit, the developers changed the name of the game to Ion Fury. Shelly Harrison’s name remained, however, so you can decide for yourself if you think that’s a reference to Steve Harris.

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Silent Hill 4 reference Easter Eggs

You can find a replica of Room 302 from Silent Hill 4: The Room, which features red notes at the entrance to either represent the Silent Hill 4 save points or the journal pages from Joseph Schreiber, roughly the same apartment layout (including the chest for items), a ringing telephone, and the remnants of the chains around the door.

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Portal reference Easter Eggs

There is a secret room that is modeled after a testing chamber from Portal, complete with a Companion Room and a cake. When the protagonist approaches the cake, she will comment that she was promised cake, a further nod to the falsely promised cake in Portal.

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Twin Peaks reference Easter Eggs

With some quick maneuvering, you can reach a secret room that resembles the red room seen in the dream sequence in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, with the protagonist commenting, “Ain’t this dreamy?” in response. On the wall, a message says “The good Shelly is in the lodge and she can’t leave. Write in your diary!” which references the message Annie gives to Laura in Twin Peaks (changing the character names to match Ion Fury).

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