Hungry Shark World Hints on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: May 8, 2021

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Using Pets


Pets can help you out by getting more prey, and some also have special abilities, such as eating jellyfish, targeting submarines, or increasing your health. L and XL tier sharks can take two pets with them, while the larger sharks can take three.

Basic Tips


You’ll want to eat as much as possible, or you’ll die. If you die, just start again and keep on trying. Eventually, your hard work will pay off.

Dive and then swim up to the surface to become temporarily airborne, which will allow you to overcome surface barriers or eat birds.

Some creatures are dangerous to you. Either avoid them or sneak up on them if you’re large enough to eat other predators.

You can also go up on land and eat humans, but staying too long will attract attention and you’ll be shot by the police. Make your surface visits quick.

Eating gold fish rewards you with more gold.

If you eat enough things, you’ll activate the “Gold Rush” meter that lets you get more gold for the duration of the meter.

Eating an entire school of fish at once will give you a “Shoal Bonus,” which increases the life you restore. Try to do this often, especially if your life is running low.

You can upgrade your maps to find out where things are located in a given level. Fully upgraded maps can be a big bonus to your efforts.

Your sharks also have upgrades available. Prioritize upgrading your Bite, then your Speed, and then finally your Boost.

While Boost clearly increases your speed, it also increases your attack power temporarily. Use Boost if you’re going after a dangerous creature or a scuba diver.

Whenever you begin a stage, check on the three missions. Completing the three missions will result in bonus coins as a reward.

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