Horse Club Adventures Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: February 8, 2023
Horse Club Adventures
  • First Released: May 26, 2021
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,

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A Quick Guide To The Hourse Club Adventures


Firstly, you can Customize your character and rider quote extensively. Then there is a main list of characters that you can interact with; these are your friends Hanna, Lisa, Sofia, and Sarah.

Learn More About the Hourse Club The Riders And Their Horses

These are the friendly riders of Hourse Club Adventures. You will mainly be interacting with them on your adventures.

Hannah And Her Hourse Cayenne

Hannah resides in Lakeside, the lovely neighborhood surrounding the riding center, with her parents and sister Mia. She has a strong sense of adventure and is very curious. Hannah's motto, "When Hannah grows up, she wants to be a vet, just like her mom," is in keeping with this spirit. The day before her 12th birthday, she and Sofia, Lisa, and Sarah came across a mysterious chest. What plan do you anticipate Sofia to implement next? It led them to a disused caravan that served as the Horse Club's covert meeting location.

Cayenne is Hannah’s quarter horse. In western riding, Hannah and Cayenne make an unbeatable duo. It makes sense given that the previous owner of Cayenne was a genuine cowboy. Hannah's early morning visits to the stable to feed Cayenne are especially beloved by him. She always does it while singing to herself. Cayenne loves to go on adventures and explore new places, just like Hannah does. What mystery will Hannah and Cayenne enlighten themselves with next?

Lisa And Her Hourse Storm

“Come on, let’s do it!” These are phrases that Lisa frequently uses, according to her friends. Of the four Horse Club girls, Lisa is the sportiest and most upbeat. She and her Hanoverian, Storm, are always in the middle of the action whenever there is a new secret to be revealed. The two of them spend a lot of time training so they can participate in competitions in Lakeside when they're not delving into mysteries. Will Lisa and Storm triumph in the upcoming show jumping competition?

Storm is Lisa’s horse, a Hanoverian. He enjoys competing at horse shows in Lakeside and winning awards. Storm is an exceptional jumper. He received this talent from his father. His preferred challenge is crossing water by jumping. But will his obstinacy cost him points in the upcoming competition?

Sofia And Her Hourse Blossom

Just imagine; that’s how Sofia’s stories normally start. Sofia is very artistic and enjoys adding flowers and other feminine touches to her surroundings. Some of them came from Anna Collins, the owner of Blossom, who frequently sends Sofia small thank-you gifts from her travels abroad. The four friends' wristbands and the Horse Club logo were also created by Sofia. 

Blossom enjoys Sofia brushing her hair. The 20-year-old Andalusian mare is content and at ease in Sofia's care. Anna Collins, her owner, frequently travels and is extremely busy. Blossom enjoys some daily daydreaming with Sofia. The two of them will, however, immediately return to Earth if the Horse Club so requests. What fresh tales do Sofia and Blossom plan to share soon?

Sarah And Her Hourse Mystery

Sarah is very intelligent and observant. She is a fantastic poet and song writer. She uses her favorite word, "magic," a lot in them. She enjoys galloping across the fields of Lakeside with Mystery, the watchful horse she cares for as if she were her own. Because they completely understand one another, they make a fantastic team. The two of them are reportedly extremely tuned in. Since Sarah dislikes being by herself, it's a good thing her Horse Club friends have begun organizing the upcoming meeting.

Sarah looks after the mare Mystery for her owner, Edith Jacobs. Mystery enjoys showing off in the dressage ring. She enjoys going on adventures with Sarah in Peppertree Woods. It's an amazing sight to behold when she gallops toward the Horse Club Caravan with her mane and tail streaming behind her. Will she learn something else about Sarah there?

You Will Also Have A Few Familiar Family Members And Friends.

  • Mr. Oliver Kramer: Mr. Kramer is Hannah’s dad, and his family owns Lakeside.
  • Mrs. Caroline Kramer: Mrs. Kramer is Hannah’s mom, she works as a vet.
  • Mia Kramer and Spotty: Mia is Hannah´s younger sister, and her best friend is Spotty, a pony.
  • Tom Johnson: Tom is a riding instructor; he’s very popular with lots of girls.
  • Emily Johnson is Tom's younger sister, and she is shy but friendly and helpful; like Tom, she works in the stable and the café.
  • Tori Michaels: "Tori is daddy’s little princess." Maybe that’s where her horse Princess got her name from? Tori is bad-tempered, spoiled, and not very popular at Horse Club.
  • Mr. Anthony Michaels: Mr. Michaels has no interest in horses; he’s interested in making money and being successful in his business.
  • Jimmy Michaels: Jimmy has a very high opinion of himself, and secretly he likes horses too. He comes to Lakeside a lot with his dad and his sister, Tori.
  • Arun Shah: Arun Shah loves animals. He runs the Mill Animal Welfare Shelter and is always giving advice to his HORSE CLUB friends.
  • Mrs. Edith Jacobs: Edith Jacobs enjoys the Horse Club's company; she’s always so elegant. Sarah looks after her horse, Mystery.
  • Anna Collins: Anna Collins is a businesswoman; she always brings Sofia little gifts back from her trips to say thank you for looking after Blossom.

Your Favourite Places



At Lakeside Riding Stable, the Kramer family resides in a spacious home. Numerous fields, equestrian facilities, and Peppertree Woods surround them. The Horse Club members—Hannah, Sofia, Lisa, and Sarah—meet there. Every day, the girls embark on a new horseback adventure.  They frequently go horseback riding and come across puzzles that their canine companions help them solve. They frequently go horseback riding and come across puzzles that their canine companions help them solve.


The small rural community has everything most families need, including shops, schools, beautiful surroundings, flora, fauna, and wildlife, as well as employment opportunities. The girls can explore a variety of locations, including hillsides, waterfalls, caves, forests, old buildings, caves, and tunnels.

The Peppertree Woods

The Peppertree Woods, which connect Hazelwood Village and the Lakeside Complex, are the most amazing, lush, and green woodlands. The girls meet up in secret at the Horse Club caravan, where many of their magical adventures begin.


With 120,000 residents, Springdale serves as the region's principal commercial and cultural centerEquestrian show jumpers have a long history in Springdale, which now has a large number of museums, schools, shopping centers, and other urban attractions.

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