Easter Eggs for HITMAN 2 on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Flamingo Exit

Once the Miami area is leveled enough that you can start at the “Stands” location, start there while wearing the “Mascot” costume. Find the yellow-and-black “Thwack!” Stand near the race track entrance and take the Flamingo Photo. Knock out a flamingo mascot and take them to the Test Firing Range, where you must scan the photo. This will make the android kill the flamingo mascot, giving you a new feat and the “Pink Army” trophy/achievement as everyone in the area turns into flamingo mascot.

You can also use the flamingo disguise to leave through a special exit unlocked after you take out the targets, which shows the flamingo flying away.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Dolphin Exit

In Miami, grab a fish from the kitchen on your way to plant the car bomb. Once you’re ready to exit, you need to go to the fountain and take the fish out of your inventory. Follow the path of the water spurts with your fish, and you’ll be able to interact with the fountain for a special exit in which you ride away on a pair of dolphins.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Umbrella Exit

If you shoot down the yellow umbrella when the fishing village is visible in the distance, you will later be able to pick it up for a special exit where you fly away using the umbrella.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Delgado incident

In the Delgado mansion, you can see Don Fernando’s cello and hear people talking about the Delgado incident from Blood Money.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Freedom Fighters arcade game

In various spots, including the Santa Fortuna saloon, you can find arcade cabinets for a game called Freedom Fighters. Freedom Fighters was an old arcade game made by the same developers. The arcade cabinet shows the logo and also plays the game’s theme song.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

Replicate Blood Money's funeral scene

At the Isle of Sgail, get a crowbar and break open crates until you find the Burial Dagger. Go into the Morgue and steal the funeral garb, which will then let you infiltrate the funeral. If you interact with the harp player, she will play Ave Maria. This scene mirrors the funeral scene from Blood Money.

By: Samantha Lienhard  

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