Ghost of Tsushima Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: November 13, 2022
Ghost of Tsushima
  • First Released: Jul 16, 2020
  • Genres: Adventure
  • Ratings: PEGI 18,

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Infamous: Second Son reference

Easter Eggs

The Band of the Second Son is a nod to Infamous: Second Son, another game developed by Sucker Punch, with the color of the headband matching that of Delsin Rowe’s hat. A label on the headband, when translated, reads “Seattle 138,” which is also written on Delsin’s hat.

How to Find All Shinto Shrines


Shinto Shrines require you to reach them by overcoming a platforming/navigation challenge. You will be rewarded with good Charms. There are 16 total Shinto Shrines. If you’re having trouble finding and reaching the Shinto Shrines, use the video guide below for help.

Pet the Fox

Easter Eggs

There are friendly foxes that will lead you to shrines, and yes, you can pet the fox in Ghost of Tsushima. After following a fox and praying at the shrine it leads you to, approach the fox again. A new prompt will appear, allowing you to the pet the fox. (Note, this isn’t possible at every shrine, such as those that are on a cliff, only shrines where the fox will be in a good position to sit down nearby.)

Sly Cooper references

Easter Eggs

The Crooked Kama Headband and Sly Tanuki sword kit are references to the Sly Cooper series, also developed by Sucker Punch. Additionally, if you equip these together with the Thief’s Wrap and Gosaku’s Armor dyed with the Ocean’s Guardian dye, you will earn a special trophy called “Cooper Clan Cosplayer” for dressing up like Sly Cooper.

PS4 Exclusives tribute

Easter Eggs

After you finish the main game, Jin’s home will include an origami display that pays tribute to many different PlayStation exclusives:

  • A red car from Gran Turismo Sport
  • A Tallneck from Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank
  • A motorcycle from Days Gone
  • The colossus Gaius from Shadow of the Colossus
  • A guitar from The Last of Us 2
  • The Leviathan Axe from God of War
  • The PlayStation London logo
  • The Kojima Productions logo
  • A paintbrush from Concrete Genie
  • A baseball bat & ball from MLB The Show
  • An imp in sunglasses from Dreams

Unlock All Stances


You begin the game with only Stone Stance, but new combat stances can be unlocked by dealing with Mongol Leaders. The following stances are available:

  • Stone Stance – unlocked by default
  • Ghost Stance – unlocked automatically as part of the story, after a significant event in Act II
  • Water Stance – unlocked by observing or defeating 3 total Mongol Leaders
  • Wind Stance – unlocked by observing or defeating 8 total Mongol Leaders
  • Moon Stance – unlocked by observing or defeating 15 total Mongol Leaders

Note: the game counts observing and defeating a leader separately, which means that if you observe a leader and then kill them, that will count as 2 toward your total, not 1.

Unlock Fast Travel


Once you visit a location, you will be able to fast travel there. Occupied areas will require you to liberate them first by defeating the Mongols there. However, fast travel will be disabled during certain main quests and tales, so if you can’t fast travel anywhere, finish the quest you’re currently involved with first.

Unlock Headbands


You can unlock new headbands by finding and visiting haiku locations and composing a haiku there. The headband unlocked will be related to your haiku. These are cosmetic items only.

Hidden Altars


There is a trophy for bowing at 10 hidden altars. However, there are more than 10 hidden altars that you can find. They are not tracked within the game, so you won’t be able to check your progress without keeping track yourself. If you’re having trouble finding the hidden altars, the video guide below shows the locations of 16 hidden altars, although there are still more to be found beyond this.

All Fox Dens / Inari Shrines


By finding fox dens and praying at the inari shrines located there, you will gain Minor Charms that give you benefits and help you customize your playstyle. There are 49 total fox dens/shrines in the game. If you’re having trouble finding any of them, using the video guide below to help. (Note: if one of the shrines won’t actually show up and you’re stuck at 48/49 shrines, you might need to complete the quest Unfinished Business first.)

All Hot Spring Locations


Bathing at a hot spring will raise your maximum health. There are 18 total hot springs you can visit. If you’re having trouble finding all of the hot springs, use the video guide below for help.

All Bamboo Strike Locations


At Bamboo Strikes, you will be able to complete a short button-pressing sequence to increase your maximum Resolve, which lets you use special attacks. There are 16 total Bamboo Strike spots you can find. If you’re having trouble finding them, use the video guide below for help.

Basic Tips


The first two story missions unlock important tools you’ll really want to have as you explore. It’s recommended to complete these missions first, before you start doing optional things.

Once you learn different combat stances, switch between stances in combat depending on the enemies you’re facing. Use the right stance for each situation.

Despite how it is set up in the story, using Ghost Stance does not change the story. Feel free to fight however you want without worrying about it influencing the ending or story.

Parrying and dodging will both let you avoid damage, but parrying will also fill your Resolve, allowing you to use special attacks. Master the correct timing for parrying to use this technique whenever possible.

Some attacks can’t be blocked. Unblockable attacks are signaled by a red glow and an audio cue. Learn to recognize these so you can get out of the way in time.

When you approach a Mongol camp, you can either walk up to it directly to start a duel and initiate a standoff, or you can use stealth to take out enemies. You can’t use both approaches on the same camp.

Your map will show more details as you liberate occupied areas.

Check in towns for new tales (side quests) that you can complete. Check back whenever you’re near a town to see if anyone has a new quest for you.

In addition to combat skills, there are numerous exploration skills you can use to find important upgrades and other items.

Birds will lead you to areas of interest. If you hear a bird, take a moment to locate it and follow it to see what it wants to show you.

Sometimes you will come across people who have been taken prisoner. If you rescue them, they will tell you about potential areas of interest, which will be marked on your map.

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