Genesis Alpha One Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: March 11, 2020
Genesis Alpha One
  • First Released: Jan 28, 2019
  • Genres: Shooter, Indie, Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Adventure
  • Ratings: PEGI 16, ESRB M

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All Corporations and Tiers


Each corporation has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as higher tiers that can be unlocked if you meet the criteria.

General Ballistics

Tier I – 15 modules, 23 resources, 5 crew, 4 artefacts

Tier II – 18 modules, 31 resources, 5 crew, 6 artefacts; unlock by researching 3 weapons to tier II in one round

Tier III – 25 modules, 49 resources, 7 crew, 8 artefacts; unlock by researching 6 weapons to tier III in one round

Superior Genetics

Tier I – 15 modules, 26 resources, 5 crew, 2 artefacts

Tier II – 18 modules, 38 resources, 7 crew, 4 artefacts; unlock by researching 3 clones to tier II in one round

Tier III – 25 modules, 51 resources, 9 crew, 4 artefacts; unlock by researching 6 clones to tier III in one round


Tier I – 15 modules, 38 resources, 5 crew, 2 artefacts; unlock by completing one tutorial round

Tier II – 17 modules, 51 resources, 7 crew, 4 artefacts; unlock by refining 60 iron in one round

Tier III – 23 modules, 66 resources, 7 crew, 6 artefacts; unlock by refining 60 platinum in one round


21 modules, 51 resources, 7 crew, 6 artefacts; unlock by killing 100 Mechanic intruders in one round


20 modules, 61 resources, 7 crew, 6 artefacts; unlock by killing 100 Framen intruders in one round

Rocket Star

Pre-order bonus and now DLC; comes equipped with Delta Shotgun, FBL Firebomb Launcher, Light Assault Rifle, and Kugelblitz energy weapon

Beginning Tips


Scan planets to see what resources you can obtain from them. Then make sure to gather the resources you need. Important ones to gather in large quantities are iron, to expand your ship, sulfur, to build turrets, and lithium, to build energy barriers and ammo.

Ammo can also be gathered from the surface of planets, so watch for that, too. Having a good supply on ammo can be important to protecting your ship.

Explore planets that have crash sites to pick up upgrades and other valuable items.

While building your ship, make sure to leave both energy and space for you to add new sections to it later on.

As you expand your ship, you’ll need to build reactors to provide powers to the new sections. Make sure you add a reactor whenever you make a sizable addition (multiple areas) to your ship, or you’ll find that your additions are no longer usable.

Build a refinery as soon as you can so you can refine the ore you gather.

Your ship can be invaded by aliens. Add turrets and barriers at any entry points to the ship (including the tractor beam room), so that you can deal with intruders. You might also consider constructing your ship with a narrow design to create chokepoints where intruders will get trapped.

Stay alert for anything strange on the ship, as well. Your turrets won’t detect infestations, so take a thorough look around to make sure you haven’t missed anything that could become a problem later.

Once you encounter an candidate planet, you’ll be presented with the criteria your crew needs to meet to live there. Therefore, you should start focusing on building a crew that meets the requirement.

Make sure to grow the correct plants you need for the crew, as well.

When your crew gets sick, you’ll be able to use the medical bay to create a cure and protect them from the illness in the future.

Infestation Tips


If you get a fungal infestation, you need to clean it up as soon as possible. An infestation will begin as red fungi and should be cleared out as soon as you see them before they get any worse.

They can create gas that sickens your crew members, grow into eggs that hatch dangerous aliens that will attack your crew members, and other dangerous effects.

You’ll want to make sure to check your access tunnels to clear them out of any potential infections, while also checking other areas of your ship.

To clean out an infestation, you will need to shoot them. (While turrets won’t take out infestations, they can be useful to protect against any enemies that hatch from the infestations if you miss them.)

Finding a Genesis Candidate


Your main goal in the game is to find a genesis planet candidate. You will need to scan star systems in order to explore the planets. This can be quite a long process before you actually find a genesis candidate, so you may go a significant amount of time before you reach this point. Eventually, you will find one, and as you continue to explore, you can find additional candidates. Once you have a candidate, you should start preparing the plants and crew you need in order to survive on the candidate you’ve chosen.

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