Royal Arms / Armiger Weapons / Phantom Weapons - Locations for Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Royal Arms / Armiger Weapons / Phantom Weapons - Locations

The royal arms in FFXV are special weapons found in the tombs of the ancient kings. There is an initial quest given by Cor to locate them.

They can only be wielded by Noctis at the cost of HP drain.

There are 13 royal arms to collect.

The Sword of the Wise in the Tomb of the Wise

North of Liede accessed as part of the main story, you talk to Cor Leonis inside the tomb to acquire the sword.

The Blade of the Mystic in the Tomb of the Mystic

After fighting Archaen in “The Archaean” you discover this tomb.

The Greatsword of the Tall in the Costlemark Tower Dungeon

In the ‘Of Gods and Kings’ quest you trave to the Tomb of the Tall to discover it has been pillaged. You must read a note there and travel to Costlemark Tower Dungeon where you defeat the Jabberwock (at night).

The Mact of the Fierce in the Tomb of the Fierce

Located at the top of the Rock of Ravatogh Dungeon.

The Sword of the Wanderer in the Tomb of the Wanderer

There is a dungeon behind a waterfall after completing “The Sword in the Waterfall” quest, the tomb is located inside there.

The Star of the Rogue in the Tomb of the Rogue

Located inside the Myrlwood dungeon near Vesperpool.

The Axe of the Conqueror in the Tomb of the Conqueror

Inside the Keycatrich Trench. This is the first dungeon and to get into it you need to do the main quest during Ch 2.

The Shield of the Just in the Tomb of the Just

This tomb is out in the open just west of The Disc in Thommel’s Glade.

The Scepter of the Pious in the Tomb of the Pious

Located inside Malmalam Thicket Dungeon.

The Trident of the Oracle

Given after defeating the Deathclaw during the “Breath of the Glacian” quest.

The Katana of the Warrior

Defeat Marlboro during the “Hand of the King” quest to get this.

The Sword of the Father

This is acquired near to the end of the main quest.

The Bow of the Clever

In Liede inside Belouve Mines.