Dungeon Locations for Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Dungeon Locations

Here is a list of all the dungeons in FFXV in their location.

Keycatrich Trench in Leide

This is the first dungeon and to get into it you need to do the main quest during Ch 2.

Contains the Tomb of the Conqueror and the Axe of the Conqueror.

Boss Battle: Lvl 12 Arachne.
Attempt at character lvl 12.

Greyshire Glacial Grotto in Cleigne

Another main quest dungeon, you are sent here to look for an Armiger after you first visit Lestallum.

Boss Battle: Lvl 17 Ronin mini boss and 3x lvl 19 Mindflayers at the end

Attempt at character lvl 19.

Fociaugh Hollow in Leide

A main quest dungeon during “The Trial of Ramuh” in Ch 5. Blocked by an impassable rock until the quest is complete.

Boss Battle: Lvl 30 Naga.

Attempt at character lvl 30.

Malmalam Thicket in Cleigne

Accessible whilst driving during the main quest “All Set to Set Sail” in Ch 6 as your buddies will recommend you check this dungeon out.

Contains The Tomb of the Pious and The Scepter of the Pious.

Boss Battle: Lvl 38 Bandersnatch

Attempt at character lvl 38.

The Rock of Ravatogh in Cleigne

The “Rock of Ravatogh” side quest takes you here and the reward is Armiger weapon – Mace of the Fierce. It is also part of the side quest Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration.

Boss Battle: Lvl 38 Wyvern Note: You can go through the whole dungeon without fighting the boss and picking up all the loot, including the Armiger, at around lvl 30.

Attempt at character lvl 38.

Steyliff Grove in Cleigne

You will have a chance to enter this dungeon as part of the main quest Party of Three.

Mobs: Lvl 24 Skeleton, lvl 25 Reaper, lvl 25 Creme Brulee, lvl 27 Lich, lvl 30 Iron Giant

Boss Battle: Lvl 32 Quetzalcoatl.

Attempt at character lvl 32.

The Myrlwood in Cleigne

You will have to follow the main story up until Chapter 7 to enter the part of the map containing this dungeon.

Boss Battle: Lvl 38 Treant

Contains the Tomb of the Rogue and the Star of the Rogue.

Attempt at character lvl 38.

Daurel Caverns in Duscae

Boss Battle: An Iron Giant accompanied by Necromancers and Hecteyes.

Contains a Moogle charm accessory is found on the ground fairly early. It increases EXP earned from battles.

Attempt at character lvl 41.

The Baloue Mines in Leide

You can enter this dungeon at any time. Notes: It has several floors you can access via the elevator or hidden passages/stairs. Boss is on the 3rd floor down.

Contains the Tomb of the Clever and The Bow of the Clever.

Boss Battle: Lvl 52 Aramusha.

Attempt at character lvl 50.

Crestholm Channels in Leide

You will have to follow the main story up until Chapter 7 to enter the part of the map containing this dungeon.

Boss Battle: Lvl 50 Jormungand – bring fire resistance.

Reward: When you kill the lvl 38 Black Flan you can pick up the Auto-changer accessory. This changes Noctis’ weapon after each attack. Cindy sends you here as part of her side quest to get Enhanced Headlights. These will drive away daemons when you drive at night!

Attempt at character lvl 50.

Costlemark Tower Dungeon in Duscae

You can only enter this dungeon at night. Dino sends you on a side quest Treasure beyond measure here.

This dungeon takes several hours to complete.

Contains the Tomb of the Tall and the Greatsword of the Tall.

Boss Battle: None, waves of enemies.

Attempt at character lvl 55.

FFXV Secret Pitioss Dungeon in Cleigne

Entrance: You can only access Pitioss dungeon by using the Regalia Type F flying car. See the other section on how to unlock that Regalia Type F but once you have it go to the volcano and look for a small section of road (yellow line on the volcano’s mini map). You can land there if you time it perfectly. After landing follow the path up to the building. Only Noctis can enter and this dungeon filled with puzzles.

Attempt at character lvl 45.