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Last Updated: June 10, 2022

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The first few minutes of FIFA 22 are shocking, star-studded, and completely unexpected.

It all starts in Paris, with David Beckham sipping a cup of coffee in a posh hotel. After being contacted by Lisa Zimouche, a French freestyler, the scene shifts to a room on a lower floor, where you can choose your avatar.

The game then instructs you on how to use the controls as you dribble across the capital, dodging citizens and tourists. This will take you to Le Parc des Princes where you run through a few drills with Thierry Henry and Kylian Mbappé before being whisked off to a swanky Parisian tailor to pick out some threads before taking your seat in the PSG box seat.

The likes of Lewis Hamilton and Anthony Joshua are hanging out here because EA Sports took the time to face-scan them for FIFA 21 and are making sure the assets are recycled. The title then changes to a traditional Champions League match between Chelsea and PSG, and you’re in the game.

A twinkly version of Blur’s song Two, a homage to FIFA 98, plays in the lift as you travel downstairs from the hotel, and as far as intros go, this certainly gets you in the FIFA mood. The opener caught us off guard in a nice way for a franchise that rarely surprises.

Watch this jam packed scene!

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Questions, Answers and Comments

How  can  i  play  the  mini  story  mode  on  FIFA  22  PS4 - Joe Grafton, 8 months ago - Reply  
FIFA  22  doesn't  have  a  story  mode,  but  when  you  boot  FIFA  22  for  the  first  time  you'll  be  able  to  participate  in  a  small  story  about  a  player  testing  for  Paris  Saint-Germain.  You  will  meet  and  interact  with  some  of  the  great  names  in  world  football,  including  David  Beckham,  Thierry  Henry,  and  MbappĂ©,  plus  a  funny  cameo

It  seems  that  you  can  only  activate  this  story  mode  when  you  first  boot  up  Fifa  22,  The  only  other  option  would  be  to  remove  all  your  current  saved  data  of  the  game  and  then  install  the  game  again. - tristyn pawson, 8 months ago - Reply  

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