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Last Updated: June 10, 2022

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Cheats are there. Cheats

Although FIFA does not have an anti-cheat system, they admitted to banning over 30,000 cheaters in the last months. This is surprising for a game without an Anti-cheat. 

Cheats are basically available for hackers willing to put the effort and ready to be banned, and can even be used online play. 

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Using PrivateCheatz to View your opponent’s hidden statistics and information Cheats

To use these cheats you will need to download a software from Though it does come at a price-per-day cost.

Division rivals: This gives you complete access to your opponent’s statistics, allowing you to see how they perform in Division Rivals games.

Weekend League: Similar to Division Rivals, this gives you the ability to check your opponents’ statistics from all the weekend league competitions.

Online draft: This shows you how well your opponent did in their online draft matches.

Origin ID: This displays the origin ID of your opponent.

Club ID: In FIFA 22, this will display the name of your opponent’s club.

Squad name: This will show the name of the Squad being used by the other player.

Formation: This will make the opponent’s relevant info, about their formation, visible to you.

Blacklist: Using this functionality, you can blacklist an opponent, and you will know when you are up against a strong opponent because you’ll receive a notification.

Whitelist: When you enter a match made game against someone on the whitelist, you will receive notification that you’re playing against a rather weak team.

Your side: This simply informs you whether your team is at home or away


Questions, Answers and Comments

How  can  i  play  the  mini  story  mode  on  FIFA  22  PS4 - Joe Grafton, 8 months ago - Reply  
FIFA  22  doesn't  have  a  story  mode,  but  when  you  boot  FIFA  22  for  the  first  time  you'll  be  able  to  participate  in  a  small  story  about  a  player  testing  for  Paris  Saint-Germain.  You  will  meet  and  interact  with  some  of  the  great  names  in  world  football,  including  David  Beckham,  Thierry  Henry,  and  Mbappé,  plus  a  funny  cameo

It  seems  that  you  can  only  activate  this  story  mode  when  you  first  boot  up  Fifa  22,  The  only  other  option  would  be  to  remove  all  your  current  saved  data  of  the  game  and  then  install  the  game  again. - tristyn pawson, 8 months ago - Reply  

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