Mohan Ghale's Journals Guide for Far Cry 4 on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Mohan Ghale's Journals Guide

Search the locations described below to find all of Mohan Ghale's journals. They will appear as small red books.

Journal 1 coordinates - X: 216, Y: 425

It is on the dresser in the Banapur safe house.

Journal 2 coordinates - X: 247, Y: 397

At the funeral site, it is on top of a broken column left of the door Bhadra enters from.

Journal 3 coordinates - X: 273, Y: 606

From the northwest area of the Kyrat International Airport airfield, enter the warehouse. The journal is in its office. After you complete "Free Willis," you can directly travel there.

Journal 4 coordinates - X: 299, Y: 425

It is on the dresser at the Khilana Bazaar safe house.

Journal 5 coordinates - X: 326, Y: 684

Grapple up from 362, 689 (X, Y), and from there jump and grapple left. Use the zipline to cross the ravine and keep going until you reach a pit. Grapple onto the ceiling and descend into the pit. The journal is at the bottom.

Journal 6 coordinates - X: 328, Y: 432

Inside the warehouse at these coordinates, the journal is on top of the white packages on the shelves in the northern section.

Journal 7 coordinates - X: 380, Y: 573

It is on the table in the Shanath Breeders safe house.

Journal 8 coordinates - X: 394, Y: 504

It is on the table in the Rochan Brick Co. Storage safe house.

Journal 9 coordinates - X: 398, Y: 558

From 409, 462 go into Kalinag's Wisdom and enter the inner chamber. Begin "The Protector's Arrival." When you reach the Thangka fragment, the journal is on a table to its right.

Journal 10 coordinates - X: 405, Y: 669

Jump into the shaft at 405, 665, and head through the water to the journal's coordinates.

Journal 11 coordinates - X: 406, Y: 385

Grapple up from 407, 377 and grapple again to your left. Grapple all the way up to the top and grapple across the chasm to the left. On the other side, find the Udayagiri cave and break through the boards. The journal is at the back.

Journal 12 coordinates - X: 458, Y: 573

It is in front of the shrine at these coordinates.

Journal 13 coordinates - X: 485, Y: 788

It is at the bottom of Lake Visalakhutta.

Journal 14 coordinates - X: 491, Y: 524

Go inside the building at these coordinates, and find the shrine. The journal sits on a table nearby.

Journal 15 coordinates - X: 505, Y: 640

It is on a desk on the first floor of the building at the King's Bridge checkpoint.

Journal 16 coordinates - X: 510, Y: 458

Enter the cave at Yalung's Spine, and head to the back. There, grapple up to reach an opening you can enter to find a ledge with the journal on it.

Journal 17 coordinates - X: 514, Y: 500

At Khazana Temple, go through the tunnel and enter the hidden room on the left. Inside, the journal sits on a table.

Journal 18 coordinates - X: 524, Y: 577

It is in the shed at the back of the house at Ghale Homestead.

Journal 19 coordinates - X: 560, Y: 726

Grapple up from 558, 734. Go left and grapple again, and continue grappling up to the top. There, go uphill to find the journal at the center of the large boulders.

Journal 20 coordinates - X: 737, Y: 884

Spare Pagan Min at Lakshmana. A cutscene will play, and then you'll be in a room with a shrine and table. The journal is on the table.