Masks of Yalung Locations Guide for Far Cry 4 on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Masks of Yalung Locations Guide

Search the locations described below to find the 55 Masks of Yalung. By using your weapons to destroy these masks, you will receive Guns for Hire Tokens.

Mask 1 - X: 200, Y: 533

Go to the stream at Bagmati Camp. The mask is on a rock east of the body.

Mask 2 coordinates - X: 205, Y: 415

It's under the bed in Ettan's Shack.

Mask 3 coordinates - X: 209, Y: 479

At the Army Supply Flight 2412 crash site, go northwest to 206, 481 (X, Y) to find a body behind a rock. The mask is on it.

Mask 4 coordinates - X: 210, Y: 568

Start from Danger Dashed and go to 208, 567 to find the mask by the riverbed.

Mask 5 coordinates - X: 221, Y: 618

Enter Yalung's Soul and make your way to the shrine. Go inside, look at the statue, and then look up to find the mask.

Mask 6 coordinates - X: 236, Y: 478

Near the back of the cave at Yalung's Skull, the mask is on top of a large rock.

Mask 7 coordinates - X: 260, Y: 394

Descend into the lake by the Army Supply Flight 2911 crash site and find the mask on the lakebed.

Mask 8 coordinates - X: 267, Y: 552

The mask is in the back of the cave at Yakshini's Flesh, on a table covered in red.

Mask 9 coordinates - X: 269, Y: 496

Go behind the tent at Kalasha Ashram to find a cave. The mask is inside.

Mask 10 coordinates - X: 310, Y: 567

Find the waterfall by the Rochan Delivery Wreck. The mask is on a rock at the middle of the river.

Mask 11 coordinates - X: 311, Y: 482

Go to the highest level of the cave at Satish's Sad Room. The mask is in the last cell.

Mask 12 coordinates - X: 313, Y: 298

Find the waterfall at Yalung's Tears, and look in the water beneath it to find the mask.

Mask 13 coordinates - X: 320, Y: 361

It's behind the wing by the cliff at the Army Supply Flight 2707 crash site.

Mask 14 coordinates - X: 325, Y: 589

It's on the shelves at the south area within the house there.

Mask 15 coordinates - X: 356, Y: 440

It's at the front of the boat.

Mask 16 coordinates - X: 356, Y: 558

It's within the cage by the northeast wall inside of the house at Raksi Still.

Mask 17 coordinates - X: 360, Y: 521

It's in a pool far within the cave at Yalung's Heart.

Mask 18 coordinates - X: 361, Y: 336

Near the collection of bones at Watery Grave, there is an area of shallow water. The mask is there.

Mask 19 coordinates - X: 372, Y: 400

At the back of the cave at Partisans' Clinic, the mask is hidden with the body on the gurney.

Mask 20 coordinates - X: 388, Y: 421

In the northern section of the Shanath Poachers building, there is a cage that contains a dead lion and the mask.

Mask 21 coordinates - X: 399, Y: 781

On the first floor of KEO Logistics, there is a drawer between two beds with the mask inside.

Mask 22 coordinates - X: 413, Y: 541

Head to the southwest corner of the bridge and leave the bridge. The mask is nearby.

Mask 23 coordinates - X: 415, Y: 605

At the furthest point of Yalung's Stomach, there is a skeleton high up on the rocks. It has the mask.

Mask 24 coordinates - X: 417, Y: 469

Find the house along the road and go inside. In the southern area, the mask sits on a shelf.

Mask 25 coordinates - X: 422, Y: 392

From Kyra's Respite, go to 423, 390, and grapple up. The mask is on the southwest platform.

Mask 26 coordinates - X: 425, Y: 674

It's on top of the small shrine at the Dhyangro Ashram.

Mask 27 coordinates - X: 443, Y: 374

It's on a rock at the bottom of the pond near the white car.

Mask 28 coordinates - X: 451, Y: 515

In the western section of Shannath Trappers, the mask is inside an uncovered cage with a corpse.

Mask 29 coordinates - X: 458, Y: 638

It's under the bed inside the house there.

Mask 30 coordinates - X: 460, Y: 379

It's held by a statue at the back right corner of Kyra's Tranquility.

Mask 31 coordinates - X: 472, Y: 419

It's on top of a corpse on a ledge at Cragway Rest.

Mask 32 coordinates - X: 473, Y: 705

Descend down the stairs into the pit at the end of Yakshini's Bondage. There is a corpse with the mask down there.

Mask 33 coordinates - X: 473, Y: 496

Go to Banashur's Song and descend the stairs toward the Mani Wheel. From there, go left until you reach the tower. On the west side, the mask is in a hole.

Mask 34 coordinates - X: 488, Y: 396

It's at the bottom of the north well at Fahmida's House.

Mask 35 coordinates - X: 519, Y: 808

From the Bhirabata outpost, go west until you reach the ruins. Slide down the cliff and search for a wooden box. A skeleton is there with the mask.

Mask 36 coordinates - X: 524, Y: 393

There is a boulder by the tent at Lakeside Sherpa Camp. Climb up it and then head west to find the mask.

Mask 37 coordinates - X: 528, Y: 434

It's in the sunken boat on the riverbed.

Mask 38 coordinates - X: 531, Y: 484

Start at 523, 514 and grapple up until you find an opening. From there, make your way across the ledges with the ropes the cross the area to a platform with the mask on it.

Mask 39 coordinates - X: 536, Y: 693

It's at the riverbed in front of Jalendu Falls.

Mask 40 coordinates - X: 565, Y: 809

There is a wall at the Devi Temple Ruins with boards stacked along it. The mask is beneath them.

Mask 41 coordinates - X: 592, Y: 703

It's on a table in the Ma'untena Ghari Shrine.

Mask 42 coordinates - X: 595, Y: 644

It's in a boat on the shore south of Eagles' Nest.

Mask 43 coordinates - X: 626, Y: 710

It's in the back of a cave located on the cliffs around Ila's Roost.

Mask 44 coordinates - X: 642, Y: 676

It's on the riverbed by the sunken Drunk Kanak's Truck.

Mask 45 coordinates - X: 670, Y: 820

From Dead Man's Triangle, head to the white truck, and then go right to find a boulder. The mask is there.

Mask 46 coordinates - X: 680, Y: 723

It's on the south side of the boulder by the white car.

Mask 47 coordinates - X: 688, Y: 677

Start from 692, 677 and enter the Cave Of The Dead. On the bottom level, the mask is in a pile of bones.

Mask 48 coordinates - X: 708, Y: 627

Grapple down into the well at the back of the house at The Goat's Lair. In the cave underneath it, head for the statue. The mask is in the cell to its left.

Mask 49 coordinates - X: 710, Y: 778

From the entrance to the cave at Sapha Pond, head left to the tower. The mask is on its left side.

Mask 50 coordinates - X: 746, Y: 673

Outside the northeast section of the Shining Minds Seminary, the mask is on a corpse.

Mask 51 coordinates - X: 753, Y: 709

From 755, 702 , climb the hill and make your way to the ledge with the vines. From there, go left and up to find a white house. Inside, the mask is in a fire pit in the western area.

Mask 52 coordinates - X: 756, Y: 780

Grapple up from 758, 783, and enter the Ska'l Cave. The mask is on boulders at the back.

Mask 53 coordinates - X: 759, Y: 724

At the Sky Burial, go to the coordinates and use paths and grappling to get as high as possible. and keep taking the paths upward, then grapple up to the top. The mask is on a corpse on the east side.

Mask 54 coordinates - X: 796, Y: 677

Go to the east side of the Medicinal Poacher building. The mask is between it and a cage with a corpse.

Mask 55 coordinates - X: 832, Y: 682

Start from the coordinates and head upstream to Asru Cave. Behind the waterfall, grapple up to the platform to find the mask by a corpse.