Fallout 76 Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: October 21, 2021
Fallout 76
  • First Released: Nov 13, 2018
  • Genres: Shooter, Role-playing (RPG)
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Kent Connolly and Continuity Errors

Easter Eggs

In Riverside Manor, you can find messages on a computer terminal criticizing continuity errors in the in-game show Mistress of Mystery, along with other changes made to the show. These messages are a nod to how fans often react to continuity errors, retcons, etc. in series they follow, including Fallout fans who disliked Fallout 76’s place in Fallout lore. The messages were sent by Kent Connolly, a Fallout 4 character—which of course has sparked debates among fans about whether it is consistent with the lore that he could have been alive to send those messages.

The Shining

Easter Eggs

There is a building in Fallout 76 called the “Torrance House.” Torrance is the last name of the family in the book and film The Shining. The Torrance House, although smaller, bears a strong resemblance to the Overlook Hotel from the story, and if you go through the hedge maze, you will find a skeleton with an axe, a reference to The Shining’s main character, Jack Torrance.

The Pied Piper

Easter Eggs

There is a special eyebot that plays music and has several rats following it. This is a reference to the Pied Piper fable, in which the piper played music that enchanted all of the rats into following him.

Breaking Bad reference

Easter Eggs

You can find a man’s body near several partly-buried blue barrels with money on top of them that you can take. The design of the scene is a reference to Breaking Bad, when Walter buried barrels full of his drug money.

Toy Story 3 reference

Easter Eggs

There is a truck with a stuffed bear mounted on the front. This is most likely a reference to Toy Story 3, where being mounted on a truck like that is the ultimate fate of the stuffed bear Lotso.

Nuka Tapper (full arcade game)

Easter Eggs

In the terminal in your room at the start of the game, you can play an arcade game called Nuka Tapper, which plays like the old arcade game Root Beer Tapper. Nuka Tapper is fully playable through this holo tape on your terminal.

Alice in Wonderland reference

Easter Eggs

There is a table set up for a tea party in the eastern area of the map, which is a reference to the tea party in Alice in Wonderland.

Basic Tips


When your hunger/thirst meters are above 75% (doing well), you get stat bonuses.

Only armor offers defense bonuses. This means you can pick your hats and other options freely without worrying about defense.

Keep a melee weapon with you, especially when you start out and ammo is scarce.

Items out in the open can be taken by whoever gets there first, but they will eventually respawn. Chests are a different story, as they will be separate for each player.

When you get a recipe, you’ll need to read them from the notes section before you can actually use them.

Scrapping weapons and armor can give you new recipes.

You can fast travel to Vault 76, your camp, and party members for free, while fast traveling to other visited spots will cost caps.

If you die and are not revived, your non-essential items will be dropped and appear on your map as a quest marker. You can reclaim them if you get there first, but other players can loot them as well.

You can collect dirty water and boil it to purify it.

Craft food as soon as possible to keep it good for longer, because raw ingredients can spoil quickly. Check the condition of any food before eating it.

Unique Weapons


You’ll unlock and be rewarded with unique weapons by performing the following tasks:

All Rise (Two-Handed Melee, +10% HP and -90% weight) – You must complete the quest “Mayor For a Day,” which you get at the Watoga Municipal Center.

Ancient Blade (One-Handed Melee) – You must complete the event “Breach and Clear.”

Anti-Scorched Training Pistol (10mm Automatic Pistol, +25% scorched damage, -20% all other damage) – You must complete the quest “Into the Fire,” which you can get by joining the Fire Breathers at the Charleston Fire Department.

Black Diamond (One-Handed Melee) – You must complete the quest “Flavors Of Mayhem,” which you get at the Top of the World resort.

Blade of Bastet (One-Handed Melee, bonus penetration) – You must complete the quest “Forging a Legend,” by joining the Order of Mysteries faction and listening to the “Blade of Bastet” holo tape.

Bunker Buster (Heavy Weapon, Explosive, +20% damage) – You must complete the quest “One of Us” by joining the Enclave.

Camden Wacker (One Handed Melee) – This can be bought at the Camden Park Prize Shop.

Daisy Cutter (Heavy Weapon, Explosive) – You must complete the quest “Organic Panic.”

Grant’s Saber (One Handed Melee) – This is another one you get from completing the quest “Forging a Legend.”

Meteoric Sword (One Handed Melee, +10% damage to humans, -90% weight, +50% durability) – You must complete the event “Lode Baring.”

Nailer (One Handed Melee, greater damage at lower HP) – You must complete the quest “One Violent Night.”

Paddle Ball (Exotic) – This can be bought at the Camden Park Prize Shop.

Perfect Storm (10mm Automatic Pistol, burn damage after each shot) – You must complete the “Cold Case” quest, which you get in Wavy Willard’s Water Park.

Pumpkin Grenades (Grenade, +damage and +radiation) – You must complete the daily quest “Trick or Treat,” which you get at the Pumpkin House.

Pyrolyzer (Heavy Weapon, Energy Gun) – You must complete the quest “Tracking Unknowns,” which you get after reading the terminals at Harper’s Ferry about the missing people and hunting party.

Rose's Syringer (Exotic, Pipe Gun, makes a shot enemy very strong for 60 seconds and then very weak for 60 seconds) – You must complete all three Raider faction quests given to you by Rose at the Top of the World resort, “Signal Strength,” “Flavors of Mayhem,” and “Keys to the Past.”

Somerset Special (Pistol) – You must complete the quest “Back on the Beat.”

Voice of Set (Pistol, +electric damage against robots) – You must complete the quest “Prototypical Problems,” which you get by joining the Order of Mysteries Faction and listening to the “Voice of Set” holo tape.

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