eFootball PES 2020 Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: June 30, 2021
eFootball PES 2020
  • First Released: Sep 9, 2019
  • Ratings: PEGI 3,

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Free Kick Tutorials


A normal free kick doesn’t require anything special beyond decent kicking power. Start close range at a central position, aim just within the posts and kick at 50% power, and you should make the shot with no problem.

The driven free kick is a low trajectory shot and benefits from a good place kicking stat. Start from just outside of the box, aim inside the posts, and kick at 15%-30% power. To make a shot under the wall, aim between two players and give it low power with just a light tap.

For a curve free kick, you’ll want a player with good place kicking and curl stats. Start from close-to-medium range in central or wide areas, aim just inside the third player in the wall, use 50%-65% power, and after you power up, hold the stick in the direction opposite your player’s dominant foot. Aim at or just outside of the last player in the wall to curve around the outside of the wall instead.

For a dipping free kick, you once again want good place kicking and curl stats. Start from close-to-medium range at a central position, aim within the posts or at the second-to-last player in the wall, apply 50%-65% power, and after you power up, hold down to slow down the shot.

For a power free kick, you want a player with good place kicking, curl, and kicking power stats. This is a long range kick, and you should approach the shot as if it’s a curve shot, but aiming outside of the wall and using 50%-70% power.

For a knuckleball free kick, you are required to have a player with the knuckle shot ability. Having strong kicking power and place kicking stats is also a good idea. You should start from long range or very long range, in a central position. Aim at the second player in the wall, use between 70%-80% power, and hold the shot button again after you power up.

For a trivela free kick, use a player with good place kicking and curl stats, and possibly kicking power if you intend it to be longer range. The outside curler ability is also helpful for this kick. Start from close-to-medium range in central or wide areas, aim between the last two players in the wall, use between 50%-65% power, and after you power up, hold the stick in the same direction as your player’s dominant foot.

For a 2nd man free kick, which uses the layoff player, you can use any of the other styles and their corresponding stats/abilities, and hold down the shoulder button while making the kick.

For a trick free kick, where you fake a shot with one player and then make it with another, you can again use any of the other styles. You will need to hold the shoulder button again as with the previous kick, but this time fake the shot and then make it with the other player instead.

To see these kicks in action, take a look at the video guide below.

Basic Tips


Save your coins for featured players or featured teams, or to get a top manager early on. (Top managers will become unlocked with GP as you progress in the game, but can be unlocked with coins earlier.) Coins are valuable resource, so think carefully before you spend them.

There is a daily login bonus, which can be GP, coins, items, etc. Make sure you log in every day to get your bonus.

You will get 3000 bonus GP for the first game you play each day. Because of this, you might consider playing at least one simple game every day for the bonus. Any game counts.

Both online and offline matches reward you with GP.

Don’t use your best players every time. Rotate in weaker players so you can save your best players for the important games where you really need their skills.

You will earn GP each week if you have a team set for Cloud Matches, which means other players can face that team in SIM matches. The amount of GP you earn for this depends on how well your team does, so make sure you have a strong team set up for your Cloud Matches.

If you get a new player that you intend to use regularly, renew his contract right away so you won’t have to do it once it’s more expensive later.

Similarly, you should use Contract Renewal Tickets on your most expensive players to save yourself the cost.

If you have 3 identical versions of the same player, you can trade them for another player of the same ball type.

Pay attention to your tactical options in the Advanced Instructions menu and set them accordingly based on the types of strategies you’d like to use.

Learn the techniques, strengths, and weaknesses of your players so you know how to best use them in a game.

The new Super Cancel feature lets you immediately cancel any action, giving you greater control and the ability to make quick decisions.

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