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Last Updated: March 12, 2020

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  • Genre: Fighting
  • Platforms: PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Ratings: PEGI 12, ESRB T
  • First Released: Jan 25, 2018

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Unlockable Characters Unlockables

There are a few unlockable characters.

  • Android 21 – Complete the entire story mode.
  • Vegeta (SSGSS) – Either earn 300,000 Zeni total across all game modes or play “Gravity Spaceship Course” in Arcade mode on Hard difficulty and earn an “A” or “S” rank.
  • Goku (SSGSS) – Either earn 500,000 Zeni total across all game modes or play “Hyberbolic Time Chamber Course” in Arcade mode on Hard difficulty and earn an “A” or “S” rank.

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Easy Zeni Hints

In Arc 3 on Hard mode (unlocked after beating the game once), you can get Victory Zeni Up Lv. 6 skills from enemies. These can be stacked, so you’ll want three of them, which will greatly boost the amount of Zeni you earn. Hard mode also increases the amount of Zeni earned by 250%, so if you equip all three Victory Zeni Up Lv. 6 skills and fight on Hard mode, you’ll quickly earn Zeni.

The Goku/Yamcha/Piccolo fight in Arc 3: Chapter 7 – Map 13 is especially good for this, because it’s a fairly quick battle and adds a 300 Zeni bonus. You can perform light attacks to quickly get through the battle and farm Zeni.

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Alternate Colors Unlockables

If you complete a combo tutorial for a specific character, you’ll unlock a new color for that character. Each character has 10 unlockable colors.


Hard Mode Unlockables

Complete the game to unlock the Hard difficulty mode.


Dramatic Finishes Easter Eggs

When certain characters (rivals) fight on specific maps, if you finish the battle with a neutral Heavy Attack, you’ll trigger a Dramatic Finish. These mimic situations from the anime.

  • Beerus defeating Goku on the Space map
  • Teen Gohan defeating Cell on the Wasteland map (Android 16 can’t be on either team)
  • Goku defeating Frieza on the Planet Namek map (only if the stage has been destroyed)
  • Trunks defeating Frieza on the Rocky Field (Noon) map
  • Nappa defeating Yamcha on the Rocky Field (Noon) map
  • Yamcha defeating Nappa on the Rocky Field (Noon) map
  • Goku defeating Kid Buu on the Land of the Kai’s map


Dramatic Intros Easter Eggs

In addition to Dramatic Finishes, there are also Dramatic Intros that occur between specific starting characters on each team.

  • Krillin facing Nappa on the Rocky Field map
  • Teen Gohan facing Cell on the Cell Games Arena map (Android 16 can’t be on either team)
  • Goku facing Frieza on the Planet Namek Map


Special Paired Attacks Easter Eggs

In addition to the Dramatic moments, there are a few other Easter egg scenes you can trigger under specific circumstances in battle by performing Level 3 Super attacks with a specific pair of characters.

  • If Beerus and Goku Black perform a Level 3 Super, Beerus will remove himself from existence.
  • If Android 18 and Krillin perform a Level 3 Super together, they will both team up for the attack.
  • If Gotenks and Piccolo perform a Level 3 Super, they will perform a volleyball spike attack.


All Special Events/Interactions Easter Eggs

Depending on the characters you have on your team in certain parts of the game, you can trigger special events and interactions between the characters that have various, often silly nods to the Dragon Ball series.


Easily defeat final boss Hints

It is possible to beat the final boss by spamming light attacks.


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