Don't Starve Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: August 22, 2022
Don't Starve
  • First Released: Apr 22, 2013
  • Genres: Simulator, Adventure, Indie
  • Platforms: Mac,PC,Wii U,PlayStation Network (Vita),Xbox One,PlayStation 4,Linux
  • Developer: Klei Entertainment Inc.,BlitWorks
  • Publisher: Klei Entertainment Inc.
  • Ratings: ESRB E

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Unlimited Lives Glitch


On the PS4 whenever you die immediately press the Playstation Button to exit the game, then close it.

Restart Don't Starve, and you will notice that you are still alive and exactly where you were the last time the game autosaved.

This glitch usually takes you back a day into the past and is very useful if you make dumb mistakes that always get you killed!

you  can  just  reroll
JudeDaDude, 1 year ago - Reply

Game Save Cheat


  1. When you die in the game, your save file gets erased and you have to start all over.
  2. Plug in a USB thumb drive to your PS4. Anytime you want to save your progress you can do so by using the game's "Save and Quit".
  3. Then hit the "PS" button, navigate to [Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage] and copy your console's save data for that game to the USB drive.
  4. When you start playing again and you die, you can simply hit the "PS" button again, access your USB's saved game data, copy it back to the console, and load the game. It works.

Carry Backpacks in RoG


This glitch will allow you to carry a backpack on your back, but also in your inventory. To do this you will need to be in the Reign of Giants DLC. You need a starters backpack with 8 slots, a torch, and an Ice-Flingomatic. Place the ice-flingomatic on the ground, and turn it on. Then place a backpack in the vacinity of the ice-flingomatic. Then, light the backpack on fire with a torch and the ice-flingomatic will automatically put it out. You can pick it up and carry it in your inventory.

Trap Rabbits


You can use a carrot to bait traps for rabbits. Note that traps break down over time.

Do  you  know  that  you  can  simply  put  the  trap  right  on  the  hole  and  keep  your  carrots?  If  you  do  bait  the  trap  you  can  also  use  seeds.
Silly Heart, 3 years ago - Reply

Basic Food Items


At the start of the game, you will have access to certain basic food items.


  • Condition: Raw
  • Restores 1 health, 12.5 hunger, 0 sanity
  • Rots in 10 days
  • Condition: Cooked
  • Restores 3 health, 12.5 hunger, 0 sanity
  • Rots in 6 days


  • Condition: Raw
  • Restores 0 health, 4.7 hunger, 0 sanity
  • Rots in 40 days
  • Condition: Cooked
  • Restores 1 health, 4.7 hunger, 0 sanity
  • Rots in 10 days


  • Condition: Raw
  • Restores 0 health, 9.4 hunger, 0 sanity
  • Rots in 6 days
  • Condition: Cooked
  • Restores 1 health, 12.5 hunger, 0 sanity
  • Rots in 3 days

Morsel (meat from small animals)

  • Condition: Raw
  • Restores 0 health, 12.5 hunger, depletes 10 sanity
  • Rots in 6 days
  • Condition: Cooked
  • Restores 1 health, 12.5 hunger, 0 sanity
  • Rots in 10 days



Picture Title Description Type
The Firestarter
Unlock Willow
The Strongman
Unlock Wolfgang
The Bereaved
Unlock Wendy
The Soulless Automaton
Unlock WX-78
The Librarian
Unlock Wickerbottom
The Lumberjack
Unlock Woodie
The Silent
Unlock Wes
The Puppetmaster
Unlock Maxwell
Look on my works, ye Mighty,
Build an Accomploshrine
...and despair!
Use the Accomploshrine 725 times

Miscellaneous Hints and Tips


  • There are three major meters you have to keep an eye on: hunger, health, and sanity.
  • Items you can eat will appear as a green icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • When you start, make a campfire so that you can cook your food. You should cook food that you plan to eat soon, as many food items last longer when they are raw. Make sure your fire isn't near anything that will catch on fire. Fires are more effective for your survival than torches are. Try to get the crock pot as soon as you can, to increase the quality of your food.
  • Some items should be used as fuel instead of food.
  • Do not waste your items. Don't use a particular item if it isn't needed or in a situation where it isn't needed. For example, fight with a weapon rather than a tool.
  • Items you can craft will appear in green on the left side of the screen. You can use the "Craft" command to create new items from items you find. Every single item is important. You might consider writing or printing a list of combinations.
  • If you want to survive your first night in the game, you need to be in your camp before 9:00. A safe place to make your camp is near a pig house or a pig village, where Pig Men live. Pig Men will help you, but you shouldn't give them any monster meat.
  • Either keep the volume up or wear headphones, because you will want to pick up on audio cues.
  • You can get gold from large rock formations in the deep forests.
  • In combat, try to dodge to avoid losing health. Make sure you have strong weapons and armor before you attempt to fight monsters.
  • You can restore small amounts of health with spider glands, but cooked food is what you will rely on the most.
  • Place traps over rabbit holes to easily catch rabbits.
  • When you see something the game calls "suspicious dirt," it means there is an animal nearby you can hunt down and kill. You can then cook the meat.
  • Dragon fruit is an excellent item. Cooked dragon fruit restores a good portion of both your hunger and your health. To get more dragon fruit, you should capture and cage birds, and feed them dragon fruit. This will earn you dragon seeds, which you can plant to get more dragon fruit.
  • If your sanity falls too much, previously harmless creatures will attack you, making it much more difficult to survive. However, some special items can only be found this way. To increase your sanity, perform mundane tasks or wear a flower garland. To decrease it, pick flowers, eat flowers, and go through worm holes.
  • Once you are used to the game basics, you should start working with things found under the Science tab. Once you craft the Science Machine (you need gold to do so), you will be able to build structures. Build your Science Machine in a place where you can easily get to it. It will also let you craft chests. You will eventually upgrade from the Science Machine to the Alchemy Machine.
  • Build up a ready supply of grass and logs. However, try not to deplete the resources around you. For example, you should get your logs by chopping down grown trees, rather than young trees, and plant the pinecones to grow new ones. Rocks are limited and cannot be replenished, so only use them when you have to.
  • By Day 6, you should have a camp equipped with a campfire, a stockpile of food and other items, and storage space. As winter approaches later in the game, be especially sure to have a good stock of supplies, as well as clothing and earmuffs. Winter makes it more dangerous to walk around outside and harder to find items.
  • If you build the Winterometer, it will show you how close winter is.
  • The default character, Wilson, will grow a beard in winter for extra protection from the cold.
  • It will take you about 80 days to unlock all of the characters through the use of XP.

Adventure Mode


If you find "Maxwell's Door" in the sandbox, you will unlock Adventure Mode. Adventure Mode gives you randomized stages with specific goals to achieve. You can only take four items with you, and you can't keep any items you set on the ground.



As your sanity meter decreases, your character will begin to hallucinate. The danger increases the lower your sanity is.

  • Between 60-99% - Ghost-like forms of monsters called Crawling Horrors and Terrorbreaks will spawn.
  • Between 40-60% - When you are near a fire at night, eyes will appear in the darkness around you. The screen and things on it will shake, as well.
  • Between 30-40% - Rabbits become monsters called beardlings. One of the items they can drop if you kill them is Nightmare Fuel.
  • Between 0-30% - The Crawling Horrors and Terrorbreaks solidify and can attack and kill you.



When you open your inventory, press R2 to see additional options and use the D-pad to see certain actions you can take, such as eating, dropping, or inspecting an item. Some actions depend on your environment for example, if you check a piece of wood while standing near a fire, the "add fuel" action will be available.

If you run out of inventory space, you can drop items near landmarks so you can find them later. However, some items, such as food, will rot away over time.

Wilson Hunger and Health


Wilson's hunger meter has a maximum of 150, although other characters can eat more. If the hunger meter depletes entirely, you will begin to lose 1.24 health points per second.

Wilson has 150 health. You will lose health if enemies hurt you, if you are hurt by fire or cold, or if your hunger meter depletes. Eat food to regain health, especially cooked food.

Crafting Guide


Press L2 to open the crafting menu. Crafted items deteriorate overtime, so keep a ready supply of materials for the crafted items you use the most.

Here are a few basic items you will want to craft early on.

  • Fire - three grass and two logs
  • Axe - one twig and one flint
  • Trap - six grass and two sticks

As soon as you can, you should craft a science machine.

  • Science Machine - pickaxe, four logs, four rocks, and one gold nugget
  • Pickaxe - Craft this from two twigs and two flints.
  • Logs - You can get these by chopping down trees.
  • Rocks - You can find this in caves. A good strategy is to go to one of the yellow desert areas (a Savannah) or to the Rockylands and use your pickaxe to get rocks from boulders.
  • Gold nugget - If you find a boulder with a vein of gold in it, you can mine the nugget with your pickaxe.
  • Once you build a science machine, you can create a new item at the machine to earn 15 sanity points and gain the ability to craft that item anywhere. There are a few very useful items you should craft as soon as you have the science machine.
  • Crock Pot - This will allow you to combine up to four food items into new recipes, which greatly improves the amount of hunger, health, and sanity food restores.
  • Basic Farm - This will allow you to plants seeds and grow crops, so you have a ready supply of food.
  • Drying Rack - You can use this to dry meat, which will improve the amount of health it restores and help you store it.

The science machine also allows you to craft better tools, weapons, and armor.

You can upgrade the science machine into the Alchemy Machine, which allows you to craft even more advanced items, such as a tent.

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