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  • Genre: Shooter, Role-playing (RPG), Adventure, Sport
  • Platforms: PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4,Linux
  • Developer: Eidos-Montreal
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Ratings: ESRB M
  • First Released: Aug 22, 2016

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All keycodes and passwords Hints

Use the following keycodes and passwords to access locked areas.


  • Storage area on the rooftop (Level 2) - 4801
  • Penthouse atrium door - 0682

Zelen Poor Apartments

  • Apartment 22 door - 0310
  • Apartment 23; safe on the first floor across from the vendor, behind a refrigerator - 9002
  • Apartment 23; Teresa Petrauska’s computer password - krodine
  • Apartment 31; Daria Myska’s computer password - starlight
  • Apartment 41; Josef Severn’s computer password - thevoidwhichbinds

Capek Fountain Station

  • Ticket Booth Door - 3998

Konicky & Hracky Toys Factory

  • Security Hub - 1980
  • Safe inside the storage near Adam’s apartment - 2489
  • Locker on the right - 1998

Svobody Beer Pub

  • Basement door - 1015

Tourist Information Center

  • Information Center - 1591

Palisade Sewer

  • Level 3 - 1363
  • Level 4; Otar Botkoveli’s casino safe - 4863
  • Level 4; Otar Botkovel’s computer password and Security Hub - otarminator


  • Basement - 5622

Tech Noir

  • Storage - 2469

North Prague

  • Vadim Orlov’s safe - 3608

TaskForce 29

  • Storage locker near the TaskForce 29 Headquarters - 6354
  • Safe next to the computer a room near the shooting range - 2023
  • Door to the IT Support area on the first floor - 5545
  • Computer password in the server room - Clod04sfd8s
  • Ethan’s computer password - FrakkingUpTheA
  • Vincent Black’s safe - 7913
  • Aria Argento[s computer password in a room near the shooting range - tuscany2023
  • Dr. Jennifer Phillips’s computer password the infirmary - neuropozyne
  • Infirmary storage room safe - 4822
  • Peter Chang’s computer password on the second level - Aphasia5689
  • Vincent Black’s computer password in his office at the second level’s Organized Crime room - Origami1970 (case-sensitive)
  • Duncan Macready’s computer password in his office at the second level’s Counter-Terrorism Unit - Sharp007 (case-sensitive)

Ruzicka Station

  • Maintenance room door - 0808
  • Ruzicka Security room door - 8066
  • Security computer’s password - DELLAROCCA
  • Ticket Booth computer terminal password - ANTARES

Golem City – The Utulek Complex

  • Dr. Martine Onzime’s safe on the fourth level - 9990
  • Police Barracks North on the third level - 2223
  • Medical lockup on the third level - 6123
  • Locked area - 2046

Golem City – The Throat

  • Laser deactivation terminal - 3354

Golem City – ARC Living Quarters

  • Security gate – 3468

Golem City – ARC Restricted Area

  • Computer in room 350420 - Vm451
  • Mini-Storage - 2544
  • Ty Zahrada’s security password on the fifth level - raptor

Golem City – ARC Operations

  • Kvido Barkus’s computer password on the second level - ou812
  • Marek’s computer password on the second level - pozy45
  • Viktor Marchenko’s computer password on the second level - strmsrg

Pilgrim Station

  • Server Room inside the Employee Only area - 9143

Governmental Registration Office

  • Computer - SAMITHEDOG

Time Machine

  • Door to the Koller’s storage - 1984

Samizdat’s Office

  • Entrance - 5431

Cybercrimes Office

  • Selina Carter’s laptop - 7734

Lekarna Pharmacy

  • Nicholas Cipra’s computer password - owningthedevil

Palisade Bank

  • Executive services room - 9593
  • Executive Vault Room A08 - 1305
  • Account Management Level 8 - 0863
  • Executive A09 safe on the seventh level - 2357
  • Door to the Account Manager Office on the eight level restricted area - 0831
  • Safe in the secret room in Vault A - 1114
  • Computer password on the third floor in the Security Room - clemenza
  • Safe in Vault B - 1110
  • Computer password on the seventh level Security Room - aklvd6681
  • Safe in the Executive Services Room, activated with secret button - 6477
  • Maintenance Room in the Garage third level - 6745
  • Door to IT Services on the ninth level - 1969
  • Safe in Room B, Row 01 - 6641
  • CEO’s office - 0211
  • VIP Vault in Room B, Row 06 - 1996
  • VIP safe of the Prybil family - 0310
  • John Miller’s safe - 1363

Palisade Station

  • Room on the third level - 0666
  • Mini-Storage - 2565
  • Storage locker west of the station, found through a map given to you during the “Fade to Black” side mission in exchange for a train ticket - 2565


  • Door in the Tubehouse Electronics Store - 0310

Kopecky’s Puppet Shop

  • Locked workshop - 4465

LIMB Clinic

  • Door during the “Taking Care of Business” mission - 4464
  • Helipad building near the clinic - 4465

London Apex Center, Floor 2           

  • VIP room during the “Secure The Convention Centre” and “Protecting The Future” missions – 2202
  • Security override switch in Liam Slater’s office - 5395

Allison Complex

  • Door to the fourth floor - 0011


  • Locked gate in the “Neon Nights” side mission in Dvali base - 0311

Registration Building

  • Back room during the “Golden Ticket” side mission - 6788

Modern apartment – Hlavni 33

  • Apartment 201- 6864
  • Right storage locker on the ground floor - 4227
  • Left storage locker on the ground floor - 2913

Safehouse near Red Queen

  • Third floor locked door, during the “All in the Family” side mission - 0666

Jensen’s Stories (pre-order bonus) – “Investigating the Bombing”

  • Tarvo’s offices on Floor 2 - 1029
  • Tarvo’s offices on Floor 2 -1703
  • Tarvo’s offices on Floor 4 - 4826

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Doge meme Easter Eggs

The “doge” meme is referenced through a record album that shows the dog face used for the meme and says it is “Doggy Holly” from “DogeWorld Records.”

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All eBook Locations Hints

There are 75 ebooks hidden throughout the game. All of them can be missed, and since your ebook collection doesn’t carry over into a new game, you’ll need to be very careful if you want to get them all. You’ll also need to re-collect any unsaved collectibles if you die. Use the video below to make sure you find every ebook location.

Note: Some ebooks are tied to certain side missions or decisions. These are the missions you need to watch out for:

  • Side Mission 2 - “Cult Of Personality” – You need to do this mission during your first or second visit to Prague.
  • Main Mission 7 – You must win the debate with Talos Rucker.
  • Main Mission 10 – You must do Mission 12, the bank heist, and skip Mission 11 (helping Allison). There is an ebook you can only get from the bank vault, and this is your only opportunity to get in there.
  • Side Mission 10 - The Harvester” – Complete this mission before Main Mission 13. You must exonerate both Gunn and Radko and make sure you complete all of the optional objectives.
  • Side Mission 11 - “The Last harvest” – Two ebooks are only available while you have this mission active. It can be found during Main Mission 14.

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Deus Ex 1 references Easter Eggs

If you look closely at the terminal screens in use, they will sometimes display a black and white image of the first level of the original Deus Ex, as well as promotional art for Mankind Divided. There are also mousepads that feature the original Deus Ex logo.

In addition to these, you can check the board in TF29’s crime division to see that they’re currently investigating the N.S.F., the New Sons of Freedom, who will be the National Secessionist Forces in the original Deus Ex.

An email also discusses connections between Joseph Lebedev of the N.S.F. and the Janus Collective, as well as Anna Kelso, who appears in Deus Ex: The Fall.


Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles Easter Eggs

In certain shops, you can find copies of a game called “Knuckles & Knuckles & Knuckles” from the “Knuckles the Echidna” series, with a copyright of 2029. This is a reference to the Sonic the Hedgehog series as well as the popular meme of adding “& Knuckles” to game titles as a joke about new editions and re-releases, taken from the Sega game Sonic & Knuckles.


Portal and Eidos references Easter Eggs

In Prague, go to the store called Future-Past Antiky and enter the basement. Behind some boxes, you’ll find the companion cube from Portal. There are also several video games in the basement, all published by Eidos Interactive. These include Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Tomb Raider: Legend, and Hitman: Codename 47. Finally, if you remove the boxes from an open crate in the corner, you’ll find Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Mitt Romney? Easter Eggs

There is a newspaper early in the game that includes a photograph of a billionaire business mogul named Nathaniel Brown. While it hasn’t been confirmed, the image appears to have been based on (or made from) a picture of Mitt Romney.


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