Darksiders Genesis Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: September 26, 2020
Darksiders Genesis
  • First Released: Dec 4, 2019
  • Ratings: ESRB M

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Unlock All Strife and War Abilities


Strife and War each start with one ability. However, each of them can unlock two additional abilities by finding them in certain epic chests.

Strife unlockable abilities:

  • Caltrops – drops mines that detonate when enemies approach; available in Chapter 3, in an epic chest down a path to the right.
  • World Ender – blasts enemies in front of you with energy; available in Chapter 5, in the area to the left down toward the lava

War unlockable abilities:

  • Rampage – charge forward toward a target and damage enemies in your path; available in Chapter 5, up the ledges near where you fight Boltspitter.
  • Stoneskin – increases defense; available in Chapter 8 after fighting all of the Scarab Hulks.

Spider-Man reference

Easter Eggs

Upon encountering the Elderstone and discussing its power, Strife comments, “Great power? Responsibility? I got this!” This is a reference to the proverb popularized by Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Where are Death and Fury?

Easter Eggs

Genesis focuses only on War and Strife, but the two have a conversation that explains why Death and Fury aren’t with them. While the explanation that the Council chose to send them elsewhere could be related to the overall series story, Strife questioning it doubles as a nod to fans wondering why only two of the four are in the game.

Unlock Secret Boss / Find Last Trickster Gate


There is a secret boss fight you can unlock by opening the Trickster Door in the Void. You’ll need to solve a series of puzzles in order to reach the door. This will then let you fight the secret boss.

All Chest, Upgrade, and Collectible Locations


There are numerous chests (basic small chests and rarer Epic Chests) and collectibles to be found in each of the game’s chapters and areas, including maps, upgrade items, Boatman’s Coins, and more. If you’re having trouble finding any of the chests, upgrades, or collectibles, use the video guide below for help.

All Trickster Key Locations


To open the Trickster Doors, you’ll need to have Trickster Keys. Trickster Keys can be found throughout the game, sometimes in tricky or hard-to-reach areas. If you’re having trouble finding all of the Trickster Keys, use the video guide below for help.

Basic Tips


War is best used for close melee combat, while Strife is better for ranged combat. Stay close to enemies when playing as War and put distance between them when playing as Strife.

Since you can switch between characters, keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind and switch accordingly depending on the situation.

If an enemy’s health is low, you can kill them with an Execution instead of just killing them normally. Executions provide you with health and wrath orbs. However, you’ll more frequently get souls from normal kills.

Wrath orbs allow you to use Wrath, a powerful skill that can be quite useful during combat.

Explore each level thoroughly to find all of its items and secrets. If you can find the area’s Treasure Map, collectibles will be displayed on the map for you.

It’s also worth revisiting areas you’ve already cleared to get more souls and items and look for additional secrets.

Doing side quests is worthwhile for the rewards they give.

Creature Cores let you upgrade War and Strife and become more powerful. Whenever you get new Creature Cores, be sure to equip them. Creature Corse are most often dropped by bosses and mini-bosses.

There are numerous upgrades in the game that will give you an advantage, but some that you should pay particular attention to and consider prioritizing are Potion Health Overflow, Evade Counter, and Vengeance. Other upgrades might be useful depending on your style, so be sure to look into them carefully before deciding what to take.

There is also a co-op mode. When you’re playing co-op, souls are divided between you, while items appear for each player.

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