Crysis 3 Remastered Easter Eggs on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: June 10, 2022

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Dancing Party Easter Eggs

If you are to head on over to the nanosuit room from the main menu, you will find just the normal nanosuit room that the game offers. Once you are here, however, if you were to press and hold the Page up button or Page down button, you will notice that there is a change in the room. What was once a room that held someone in a nanosuit doing different poses, now holds a variety of strange things. The first platform now holds the likeness of a deer from the game, the second platform holds a tank/turret, the third has an enemy from the game (the Stalker), and the fourth platform has a tiny little frog, that appears to do pushups from time to time and finally, the fourth platform has 2 human figures that dance alongside each other for your entertainment.

The Hexagon0 shows us how to get us onto list for the nanosuit room party.


It is all about the Shrooms Easter Eggs

During the mission where your secondary objective is to Investigate the CELL Beacon and find a river that is flowing through the map. If you were to slowly make your way up the left-hand side of the river, keep your eyes peeled on the ground. Look for a tiny little inconspicuous mushroom that is just chilling on the ground, you will know that you have found the right one when you see a little smiley face on the head of the mushroom. Pretty cool right? Well, the Easter egg is not over, if you were to press the use button while looking at the mushroom, the magic happens. Using this mushroom will provide you will an array of colors blooming all over your screen, sending your character on quite a psychedelic trip. Do not fret, the trip will only last a short while, and then you can continue with your mission unaffected.

The Hexagon0 shows us where the happy little mushroom hides.


Channel Your Inner Crocodile Dundee Easter Eggs

For this easter egg, it is best to have your suit geared up towards stealth. Mostly, make sure that you can stealth for a long time. If you head a little further down the river from the happy little mushroom (mentioned in a previous Easter Egg) you will find that there is a sewage pipe that leads onto the river, on top of this pipe, there is a fish lying there that you can activate. If you activate this fish, a crocodile will come out of the pipe and start floating down the river, if you are quick enough, you can go invisible, then jump onto this crocodile and ride it down the river. You will notice that the crocodile heads into a cave that has a lot of enemies inside, being cloaked at this stage will be to your advantage, as the enemies pay the crocodile and you no mind(Mostly because you are invisible). The crocodile will eventually float down into the river and be gone, but you have now successfully evaded quite a few enemies.

The Hexagon0 teaches us how to ride a wild crocodile.


Infinite Ketchup Easter Eggs

When playing the mission where you find yourself just below the dam, take some time to explore your surroundings, you might find something to your liking. Amongst all the weapons and ammo that you might find lying around, there is one other thing that can catch your attention. You might just find a briefcase up on a ledge that sits there very inconspicuously. If you find your way to this briefcase, take a second to open it, it will spew out a ton of ketchup packets for a while, and then you will just be left with a briefcase that is packed to the brim with tiny little ketchup packets.

The Hexagon0 shows us how to find the briefcase filed with ketchup.


Mjolnir Makes an Appearence Easter Eggs

In the mission where your primary objective is the Avoid the CELL Searchlights and make your way to the Park, when you find yourself very near the objective, take a second to pause for a little bit. If you head down the alleyway nearby, you will find a red sign on the wall that has some Chinese lettering on it. Shoot this sign once and then head towards it, on the left-hand side, under a tree, you will notice that there is now Mjolnir sitting in the water. As cool as this Easter Egg is, it gets much, much better. Walk over to Mjolnir and you will notice that you can pick it up ( I guess that your character is worthy). Once you are wielding this weapon, you can throw it, you will notice that when you do, it has quite a weight behind it and that when it lands, it hardly ever bounces. Take this weapon and throw it at an enemy, you will be rewarded with an instant kill, which might just make your life a little bit easier. What makes your life that much easier as well, is if you were to press the melee key while wielding Mjolnir, you can throw lighting at your enemies just like Thor. Use this power wisely, and prove that you are worthy to wield Mjolnir.

The Hexagon0 teaches us where to find Mjolnir and wield the might of Thor.


Become a pool playing Master Easter Eggs

Halfway through the mission “Safetys Off”, you will find yourself in a room with some ammunition lying in some crates. Take some time to look around and look up, you will see a doorway on the second floor which you can actually jump and climb up to. Once you do that, you will notice that you have arrived in a room with nothing but a pool table that is set up for a game. You can actually play a game of pool by walking up and using the white ball. The object of the game is to get all the balls, except the black eight ball, into the pockets. If you sink the black eight ball, the game will reset and you will have to start from the beginning again. Once you have sunk all of the other balls, sink the black eight ball. Upon finishing the game of pool, you will be rewarded by a crowd cheering you on like you have won a championship pool tournament. 

The Hexagon0 shows us where to get a good game of pool in.


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