Construction Simulator Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: May 4, 2023
Construction Simulator
  • Category: Main Game
  • First Released: Sep 19, 2022
  • Genres: Simulator, Strategy
  • Themes: Business, Sandbox, Open world
  • Ratings: PEGI 3, ESRB E

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How to Get Jobs


In Contract Simulator, the game has two career modes for you to complete; Campaign, and Contracts. Press “J” on your keyboard and the two career modes will pop up. Most of the campaign jobs are locked and need to be unlocked by completing jobs in contract mode. 

Select the “Contract” mode and a list of jobs will appear. There are three job scopes that you can choose from; low, medium, and high. If you select the job on “high” scope the job will be more difficult, you will need to do more and have a 100% completion rate.

The advantage of selecting a job in high scope is that it pays out more money once it is completed. Jobs that are on a “low” scope will be considered complete at 80% and don’t require intricate finishes.

How to Pour Concrete


In Construction Simulator, you will more than likely always need to lay a slab of concrete down for the foundation of a building or house. You will need to purchase bags of concrete from the service store and mix the concrete in a mixing truck.

There are several ways to pour a concrete slab in the game. The first and easiest way to pour concrete is with a concrete bucket. There are two types of concrete buckets that you can purchase from the materials store.

Once you have purchased a concrete bucket from the store, you will need to reverse your cement mixing truck up against your concrete bucket and open the context menu by pressing “F” on your keyboard and select “Pouring”. When the bucket is full you will have to switch off the pouring instruction.

Concrete buckets can be picked up either by a crane or an excavator, using an excavator is the easiest way to transport your concrete bucket to where it needs to be laid. Pick up the concrete bucket with your excavator and move the bucket into place.

Click on the “Context” menu and select “Pour Concrete”, when your concrete bucket is hovering above the area that needs to be laid with concrete. Switch off the “Pouring Concrete” instruction when you have completed the job.

The second way to pour concrete is with the help of a concrete pump that you can purchase or rent from the machine store. You will need to connect the concrete pump to a crane and your cement mixing truck.

Once you have connected the concrete pump to the end of your crane and mixing truck, you will need to select “Pour Concrete” from the context menu. You’ll need to swing the arm of your crane in the direction where the concrete needs to be laid.

The concrete pump will pour out concrete until your cement mixing truck runs out of concrete. It’s easier to pour concrete on multiplayer mode, where one player can monitor the levels of concrete and the other player pours the concrete. 

FS Miner shows you how to pour concrete in Construction Simulator.

Money cheat


In Construction Simulator, there is a cheat that allows you to make a lot of money. You can do this cheat on any digging job that uses an excavator. Go to the Biogas Plant, there is a foundation excavation job where you have to dig out a section of the ground at the biogas plant.

Begin to excavate the ground and load the ground into your dumper trucks, try to fill as many dumper trucks as possible. Once your dumper trucks have been filled with soil, you will need to jump inside each dumper truck and click on the option to sell the ground.

Selling the ground will allow you to make tons of instant money, it does take some time to fill the back of your dumper truck with soil. You can cheat over and over again until your site runs out of ground to excavate. 

Crazy Man From Ireland shows us an infinite money cheat in Construction Simulator.

How to Return Vehicles


There are multiple construction jobs that you will need to complete in Construction Simulator. Each job requires its own set of equipment and fleet of machinery to complete the job. You can either purchase machinery or rent it from the machine store.

Vehicles that are rented from the machine store need to be returned once the job has been completed, else you will be charged extra fees on a daily basis. To return a vehicle press “B” on your keyboard, this will bring up a list of your fleet of vehicles.

Click on the vehicle that is rented, and select the “Return” button on the left-hand side. The vehicle will then be returned to the machine shop.

Epic Transition shares how to return a rented vehicle.

How to Repair Your Machinery


Your trucks and machinery will need to be repaired after they have been used in Construction Simulator. You will only be allowed to repair your machinery once you have unlocked the “ Workshop” upgrade on the company level.

Once you have unlocked the workshop, click on the truck or machinery that you would like to repair.  Press “B” to bring up a list of your machinery, and then click on the “ Vehicle Hall” option. Your machinery will now be stored at the workshop and you can click on the “Repair” option.

Kpshamino shares some tips and a guide on how to repair your machinery.

Use Construction View


When you are paving a road or clearing some rubble off of a construction site, it's important that you have a clear view of what you are doing. In Construction Simulator, there is a Construction view option that allows you to immerse yourself in the driver's seat.

The construction view option gives you a better feel of the game and allows you to see if the soil is level. There are color indicators on this view to guide you, green means the soil is level, while red means you still have some clearing to do.

Squirrel shares some tips in gameplay.

Use Points to Upgrade Your Skills


When you earn available skill points in Construction Simulator, you will need to purchase skills that will help you progress in the game. There are multiple skills that you can choose to upgrade, the first skill that you must purchase is “Good Business Sense”.

This skill increases the amount of money that you will receive per job, meaning that you need to do less jobs to make as much money. The skill improves your negotiation skills and earns you a bonus for every job.

Squirrel shares some tips on how to play Construction Simulator.

Turn off Traffic Offenses


There is an optional “Traffic Offense” setting under the “Gameplay” setting options in Construction Simulator. Although the setting was designed to make the game feel more realistic, the setting can be quite annoying and slows down your progress.

You’ll often get fined for the smallest traffic violations and they will all add up, slowly hindering your progress in the game. Turn off the "Traffic Offense" setting to avoid wasting your hard earned dollars on tedious traffic violations.

Fast Travel


Traveling around a map can become extremely time consuming, there is a "fast travel" option available in Construction Simulator. The "fast travel" option allows you to jump from one vehicle to another vehicle, if the vehicle has been discovered in the game.

In order to benefit from the "fast travel" option, you need to discover different vehicles and locations in the game. The more locations and vehicles you discover in the beginning stages of the game, the easier it will be for you to travel.

Wheels247 shares some tips for Construction Simulator.

Unlock the Foreman


In the beginning of Construction Simulator, you will be limited to one job at a time. You can change this by unlocking the Foreman, later in the game. To unlock the Foreman , you'll need to select the 'Company' at the top bar and progress through this option.

Once the Foreman is unlocked in the game, you'll be able to take on up to three jobs at the same time. This means more money in your pocket, and you can switch between different jobs.

Different Vehicles in the Game


Excavators come in three categories: crawler, wheeled, and compact. Crawler excavators move on chains, rotate on their own axis, and lift class B loads. Wheeled excavators are mobile, have a medium bucket capacity, and lift class A loads. Compact excavators are small, maneuverable, and versatile.

Backhoe Loaders
For backhoe loaders, the only option available is the CAT 430F2, which can load bulk goods and attach loads of weight class A to the shovel for on-site transportation with the crane function.

Concrete Mixers
A concrete mixer is essential for any construction site that requires concrete work, even for small areas on the ground. It is particularly necessary if you have a concrete pump on your site.

Concrete Pumps
Concrete pumps can only work in combination with the concrete mixer. To do this, they must be positioned on the back of the concrete mixer. Use the concrete pump to reach high levels.

Rotary Drilling Rigs
Even with the rotary drilling rigs, there is only one model that you can use. With the LH LB28, you drill deep holes in the ground, which are then filled with concrete. A rotary drilling rig must be requested, especially for the construction of high-rise buildings.

Rollers flatten both dirt and asphalt surfaces. There are two types of rollers: soil rollers, which level soil to create a flat work surface, and asphalt rollers, which compact fresh asphalt.

Three dump truck categories include asphalt dump trucks, articulated tippers, and dump trucks. They are used to transport rubble and the machine description symbol indicates whether it's sand or gravel. Asphalt dump trucks are exclusively used for hauling asphalt in road construction along with a cold planer. Articulated tippers are smaller and more maneuverable, while dump trucks can handle more debris but are less maneuverable.

Liebherr dominates the crane market in all three categories. Cranes lift and move light and medium-weight loads (A to B). Only the mobile crane can be placed anywhere on the site because it is on a vehicle. You can only set up fast-erecting and tower cranes in marked places.

No matter what you want to transport: trailers. Tractors and multi-trailers are essential for various transports. Tractors can pick up material, bulk cargo or vehicles based on the semi-trailer. Multi-trailers do not require a semi-trailer. Your loading area can transport whatever material or vehicles.

Bulldozers run on tracks and are used to dig up soil and spread bulk materials such as sand, gravel or earth. At the rear of the machine there are teeth that loosen the soil, while at the front there is a boom with which you spread the loose material.

Flatbed Trucks with Crane
Small loads (A) can be loaded and unloaded with the crane on a platform truck. At the same time, you can transport bulk goods with the platform as long as you have raised the side walls.

Wheel Loaders
If there is bulk material on the construction site, you can move large quantities of it with a wheel loader and transport it onto a flatbed of your choice. Skid steer loaders are small versions that are suitable for gardening and landscaping. The compact crawler loaders, which drive on tracks, are even more maneuverable.

Blacktop Pavers
To lay new layers of asphalt in road construction, you need asphalt pavers. Before that, the construction machine has to be loaded onto the asphalt tipper.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Gameplay


Camera and Control Options
To start playing, the user needs to access the in-game settings tab and navigate to the camera options. From there, they can select "Camera Dynamic" and set it to "None" to have more control over the camera angles created by their mouse or controller. It is recommended to turn off "Camera Dynamic" and turn on "Camera Controls" for toggling if using a controller.

Managing Vehicles and Machines
Pressing "B" on the keyboard opens the vehicle fleet, where the user can view all their vehicles, sort them by manufacturer, category, or other parameters, and quickly travel or store them by clicking on the mouse. Pressing "3" on the keyboard opens shortcuts to all the machines that the user owns. Pressing "4" opens the job tab, where the user can track their progress, view available jobs, and select the ones they want to work on.

Concrete Bucket and Excavator Usage
Instead of using the expensive concrete pump, the user can buy a concrete bucket at the materials shop. They can then fill the bucket by opening the context menu (by default, "F" on the keyboard) and selecting "Pouring." They can then use the excavator to move the bucket into place and pour the concrete where needed. The excavator can also be used to move other items, including materials, around the construction site.

Material Shop and Filtering Inventory
The user can filter the material shop inventory by hitting "F" on the keyboard, selecting the filter, and showing only the items needed for the entire job or a specific stage of the job.

Gravel Pit and Asphalt Pit Usage
One can drive to the gravel pit to pick up gravel, sand, concrete, and asphalt and take it to the job site, or buy it anywhere on the map. There is no need to be at the gravel pit or commodities place to pick it up. By clicking on the worker on the vehicle context menu, one can auto-fill the vehicles at the job site. There are two choices for selling: one can either go back to the context menu and empty it there or go back to the gravel pit and sell it at that location. At the gravel pit, gravel, sand, and soil can be dumped, while at the asphalt pit, asphalt can be put down and excess concrete can be dumped where concrete is picked up. Refilling the vehicles at the job site to save the truck drive back is an option, or one can be more realistic and drive back to sell it on their own.

Map and GPS Navigation
Pressing M will pull up the map, which shows all the different areas that have been traveled. By clicking on a location and hitting G, a GPS path can be made to go over there. There is a filter on the map as well, where locations where machines and contracts are located can be filtered out.

Company Management
The company tab shows the levels that can be upgraded, the vehicle fleet, the warehouse, and finances. On finances, one can take out loans once they unlock them and transfer money between accounts. The money transfer button is designed to be used in multiplayer. In multiplayer, friends can pay a certain amount of money to do a job with them. In single player, one can deposit money into their company account and take money that is given to them in multiplayer and put it into their single player account. To go online while in-game, one can select online, set up the game name and password, click create game, and then set up an instance for their friend to join them without going back to the main menu.

The video shows you some helpful tips for beginners.

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