Code Vein Easter Eggs on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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God Eater connections Easter Eggs

It is strongly implied that Code Vein and the God Eater series are connected. While these links might simply be Easter eggs due to the God Eater creators working on Code Vein, it is also possible they are meant to imply Code Vein is set in the God Eater universe, most likely as either a prequel or a far-distant sequel. It is also possible that Code Vein is simply in another part of the world.

The most significant connection is when a Dyaus Pita from the God Eater series appears, and the character has no idea what it is.

One of the items you can give to characters as a trade is a Bugarally Doll. Bugarally is the name of a show characters in God Eater watch.

God Eater weapons were also available as a pre-order bonus.

One of the main characters is named Louis Amamiya, and another character is his sister Karen Amamiya. In God Eater, there is a major character named Lindow Amamiya, as well as his sister Tsubaki Amamiya.

Due to the plot surrounding the nature of the area Code Vein takes place in, as well as the conversation around the Dyaus Pita’s appearance, it is popularly believed that these are meant to imply the outside world is the world of God Eater.

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Domino's Pizza Easter Eggs

When the Home Base mechanic was first introduced, a Domino’s Pizza logo could clearly be seen at one point, although it was removed from the final game. Not only that, but when the game was data-mined, fans were surprised to discover a large amount of unused dialogue about a pizza place, praising it in such ways it feels as though it was intended to be some sort of promotion for Domino’s Pizza. Since no such marketing campaign ever surfaced, it’s a mystery as to what happened.

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