Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Here are our Cheats for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 on Playstation 4. The most trustworthy items get the most 'thumbs up' from our users and appear nearer the top!

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Money and Level Cheat Cheats

Create a new profile.

For Max level and Money set the nickname to cms2018promo.

For Level 14 and $19,000 set the nickname to cms2018stage2.

For Level 6 and $8,000 set the nickname to cms2018stage1.


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Questions and Answers

for  the  code  on  the  bottom  for  car  mechanic  simulator  thats  rt  yy  lt  x  a  where  is  that  entered  ?  its  upposed  to  be  for  unlimited  money - Chris, 10 months ago - Reply  
How  do  you  get  the  unlimited  money  glitch  to  work.  I  have  tried  to  do  it  but  nothing  every  happens  I  would  like  to  buy  my  own  car - Cory Oldham, 11 months ago - Reply  
Create  a  new  profile  and  nickname  the  profile:  cms2018promo - Austin Scott, 10 months ago - Reply  

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