Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Easter Eggs on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Actibase console Easter Eggs

In the electronics store you find during the Piccadilly mission, there is a console on display called the Actibase. This is meant to be an Activision console, imagining a world in which Activision began making their own systems. It is surprisingly detailed, and you can even walk around the display to read the console’s specs.

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"Are you serious?" message Easter Eggs

During the Clean House mission, you will fail the mission and need to restart if you kill a civilian. However, if you are particularly cold (or have a terrible string of bad luck), you can receive a special message when you fail the mission. One of the civilians is a baby. If you shoot the baby, you’ll fail the mission with the message “Children are non-combatants.” If you keep shooting the baby after that, you’ll eventually receive the message “Are you serious?” and be sent back to the main menu.

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Imran Zakhaev Easter Eggs

There is a crate in the Genrunner map marked with a hydra logo that says “Zakhaev Arms.” This is a reference to the arms dealer Imran Zakhaev from Call of Duty 4. He is also referenced in a letter found in the game as well.

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Pied Piper Easter Eggs

In the Cheshire Park map, there is a statue of the Pied Piper, a wheel of cheese at a random location, and five mousetraps located throughout the map in random locations. If you destroy all five mousetraps, a piece of cheese will spawn. You need to take the cheese to the cheese wheel, and then take the completed cheese to the statue of the Pied Piper. Music will begin playing, and rats will circle the statue. This of course is a reference to the folklore tale of the Pied Piper.

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Fruit killing skills Easter Eggs

During the Highway of Death mission, you will need to practice with a sniper rifle using a watermelon as target practice. Once you do it, Hadir will say in Arabic, “His fruit killing skills are remarkable.” This is a reference to a similar line being used when you destroy a watermelon in Call of Duty 4.

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Ghost Easter Eggs

At one point, Price mentions Simon Reilly as a soldier to potentially recruit. This was the name of “Ghost” in the original trilogy. Laswell then comments on how there is no picture of Reilly available, a reference to how his face was never shown in the original.

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