Call of Duty: Black Ops III Cheats on Playstation 4 (PS4)

Last Updated: February 16, 2023
Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • First Released: Nov 5, 2015
  • Genres: Shooter, Adventure
  • Platforms: Xbox 360,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360 Games Store,PlayStation Network (PS3),PC,Xbox One,PlayStation 4
  • Developer: Treyarch,Beenox Studios,Mercenary Technology
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Ratings: PEGI 18, ESRB M

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Cheat Codes


Once you gain access to the safe house after Mission 2: New World, interact with the data terminal and select the blue and white logo in the upper left corner. Next, hold down all four shoulder buttons and press Square and Triangle. This will bring up a menu to enter cheat codes. Enter the codes below for the following effects:

Get a random number of Fabrication Kits – MANIFEST
(This cheat can only be used once.)

Unlock the Nightmares Mode campaign – DREAMLAND

Skip Ahead in Shadows of Evil


In the zombie mode’s Shadows of Evil map, you can jump to round 5, 10, or 15 without killing any zombies. When you spawn, look up at the walkway above you. The Shadow Man should be there. Shoot him five times to earn points and move to round 5. Shoot him ten times to earn points and move to round 10. Shoot him fifteen times to earn points and move to round 15.

Mannequin Zombies

Easter Eggs

During a Multiplayer Custom match on the Nuk3town DLC map, shoot the heads off of all the mannequins in less than two minutes to make them disappear and respawn as zombies, which will chase you and attack.

Dead Ops Arcade 2


Dead Ops Arcade 2 – Once you gain access to the safe house after Mission 2: New World, interact with the data terminal and select the blue and white logo in the upper left corner. This will let you play Dead Ops Arcade 2.

Unlock Nightmares Mode


Nightmares Mode campaign – Finish all of the main campaign missions. Alternately, use the cheat code DREAMLAND to unlock Nightmares Mode early.

All Collectible Locations


Search the locations described below to find all 56 collectibles. These collectibles are all sorts of objects, and they will be marked by a white icon once you’re close to them. When you pause the game, the right corner of the screen includes a collectible tracker that displays them in order.

Collectibles in Mission 1: Black Ops

Collectible 1 – At the start of the mission, you’ll crouch to crawl under broken plane wheels. The first collectible is on the computer desk in the next room.

Collectible 2 – While your objective is “Infiltrate the Security Station” and you reach the room where you must hack into the camera controls, the collectible is in the corner across from the control panel.

Collectible 3 – You’ll eventually breach the door of the interrogation room. The collectible is in the corner to your left.

Collectible 4 – On your way to the first extraction point, you’ll go through a hangar where you use a VTOL’s rockets to fight two armored vehicles. There is an office on the left side of the hanger with the collectible inside.

Collectible 5 – Once you’re heading to the secondary extraction point, you’ll be ambushed by robots and have to run to a hangar. You will be told to enter an APC. Before you do, go to the back of the hangar and grab the collectible.

Collectibles in Mission 2: New World

Collectible 6 – While you’re looking for the generator, you’ll be controlling a drone. One of the rooms you enter as the drone is filled with enemies, as well as a collectible on the right side. Kill the enemies with the drone, destroy the generator, and then grab the collectible.

Collectible 7 – After a certain cutscene, you’ll resume playing in a frozen train station. Take the left escalator to find a collectible by the garbage can.

Collectible 8 – While your objective is “Locate the Explosives,” you’ll fight through a dark hallway and then enter a workshop-like room. You’ll see a broken piece of a train and a ladder. Go down the ladder and check the shelves below to find a collectible.

Collectible 9 – Once you’re on the moving train, leave the compartment you start in and enter the next. The collectible is in there.

Collectible 10 – You’ll also reach a train compartment that has stairs to the upper deck. Go up them and check the nearby chair for a collectible.

Collectibles in Mission 3: In Darkness

Collectible 11 – After the first group of enemies you fight, search inside one of the stores on the right. There is a collectible behind the counter.

Collectible 12 – While you’re in the flooded area, you’ll reach a building filled with enemies. The collectible is along the wall around the right side.

Collectible 13 – While you’re swimming in the water with the glowing algae, follow your companion down into the wreckage. The icon for a collectible will appear to your left. Swim out through the broken window to get it.

Collectible 14 – After you get through the water, you’ll enter a building filled with enemies. Go to the end of the room and exit into a side room, where you’ll find the collectible.

Collectible 15 – While your objective is still “Go to the 54i Secondary Comms Relay,” you’ll see a cutscene and then return outside to pass through another flooded area. Once you reach a building filled with enemies, check for stairs outside that lead to the upper floor. Climb the stairs and jump across to the building you came from. On the upper floor of that building, in the second room you reach, you’ll find a collectible.

Collectible 16 – After you use the zipline, continue on until you reach a building where your waypoint is. On the upper floor, there is a collectible in the first room.

Collectibles in Mission 4: Provocation

Collectible 17 – At the start of the mission, jump down and enter the garage to your right. A collectible is inside.

Collectible 18 – After you get the previous collectible and leave the garage, check for another collectible on the right side of the market area.

Collectible 19 – Once you reach the village with the watchtower and turret, enter the building to your left. There is a collectible on the upper floor.

Collectible 20 – In the area filled with colored containers, walk along the right path until you find a red container you can pass through. Climb it inside, and you’ll find a blue container with a collectible.

Collectible 21 – On your way up the tower to the 54i Server, you’ll go through a museum area that contains rock formations, an ammo crate, and display cases. A collectible is in one of the display cases.

Collectible 22 – While you’re crossing the large tree-like platformers, use ziplines to reach the second tree on the left, before you go to your objective. There is a collectible on the lower platform of that tree.

Collectibles in Mission 5: Hypocenter

Collectible 23 – When the mission begins, head down the hill and search inside the yellow tent on the right. There is a collectible in it.

Collectible 24 – After the battle with the large robot, you’ll hack a door and go inside the facility. Inside, go to the end of the hallway on the left to find another collectible.

Collectible 25 – While your objective is “Descend into the Core,” you’ll be ambushed by robots that burst through the windows while you’re on your way to the bottom of the tower. After the ambush, go into the nearby office building and pick up the collectible from the table.

Collectible 26 – After you jump through the dark area, you’ll reach a room with a mobile armory, an ammo crazy, and a blue emblem on the wall. After your teammates discuss the sign and the door opens, check the office to the left for another collectible.

Collectible 27 – Once you’re in the laboratory with test subjects’ skeletons, look for a collectible in the lab’s right corner.

Collectible 28 – After you pass through a flooded room, you’ll go through a hallway with an ammo crate in it. Nearby, there is a room with a beeping television. Go inside to find a collectible under the TV screen.

Collectibles in Mission 6: Vengeance

Collectible 29 – At the start of the mission, turn around and look for a collectible behind the house.

Collectible 30 – Walk through Chinatown on the rightmost side until you reach the garden at the end. There is a collectible in the form of a glowing blue and green flower in the garden.

Collectible 31 – When you reach the courtyard where snipers shoot you and you need to fight a large robot, continue on through the hole in the wall to your waypoint, and then check the left corner for another collectible.

Collectible 32 – In the burning building, head upstairs and cross through the hole in the wall. Another collectible is waiting near the table and chair on the right side of the room.

Collectibles in Mission 7: Rise & Fall

Collectible 33 – In the area where you’re supposed to open the door to the interrogation room, check the computer desk in front of the interrogation room to find a collectible.

Collectible 34 – After your camp is ambushed, head up the escalators and search for a collectible on a table behind the servers.

Collectible 35 – At the point where you spawn with a spike launcher, head to the left side of the area to find the next collectible on the wall.

Collectible 36 – When your objective becomes “Go to Safiya Square” and you head to the top of a building, you’ll reach a ruined village. The next collectible is in the cupboard of a house on the right side.

Collectible 37 – When you reach the VTOL, check the right side of the area before you open the VTOL hatch. Another collectible is sitting on the table.

Collectible 38 – At the end of the mission, you’ll enter a large courtyard. There is only one building, to your left. Enter it, and go upstairs to get a collectible.

Collectibles in Mission 8: Demon Within

Collectible 39 – After the battle at the beginning, you’ll be in a snowy area. There is a bunker to your right, with a collectible inside.

Collectible 40 – Fight the first wave of enemies in the snowy area and head forward along the left side. There is a collectible behind some sandbags.

Collectible 41 – Once it gets dark and the ground crumbles, you’ll encounter the Dire Wolves. There is an ammo crate near this spot, with a collectible beside it.

Collectible 42 – While the German soldiers are fighting you, head toward a large wooden house. There is a soldier in the window of the upper floor, and that upper floor is also where you’ll find the next collectible.

Collectible 43 – Continue on until you need to enter a building through a broken wall. Before you do so, enter the small building on your left. There is a collectible inside.

Collectible 44 – After your encounter with the German Tiger Tank, go into the ruined building on the right side, near the street. There is a collectible in a cupboard inside.

Collectibles in Mission 9: Sand Castle

Collectible 45 – When you land on the mobile refinery platform that has the communications panel on the roof, defend your teammate and then enter the building. The collectible is on a desk on the first floor.

Collectible 46 – When you land on the platform that has the other communications panel, leave your VTOL and head to the left side to find another collectible on the ground.

Collectibles in Mission 10: Lotus Towers

Collectible 47 – Near the start of the mission, when you enter the shopping mall, enter the first shop on the left to find a collectible on the wall.

Collectible 48 – After you breach the air vent, check the locker on the left side of the room.

Collectible 49 – On your way to Taylor’s holding cell, when you’re attacked by the large robot, there is a collectible on a table in the office upstairs.

Collectible 50 – After you and your teammate return outside, cross some rubble, and pass through an area filled with market stalls, you’ll need to climb up the structure at the end. Before you run across the wall, turn around and get the collectible from the roof behind you.

Collectible 51 – After you fight the robots in the area on fire, you’ll head up a hill and pass the wreckage of an elevator. The collectible is inside.

Collectible 52 – While you’re fighting the VTOL Leviathan, head to the roof to the right of where you begin the battle to get the next collectible.

Collectibles in Mission 11: Life

Collectible 53 – At the start of the mission, turn around to get a collectible from the wall behind you.

Collectible 54 – There is a collectible to the left of the terminal you need to hack.

Collectible 55 – After you hack the terminal and find Hendricks, you’ll end up in a dream area. Keep going until you reach three gates. Go through the right gate first, and then through the middle gate. In this area, keep going until you reach the ruined village. Go to the building on the far left, search for a crack in the wall, and climb up the building’s balconies to reach the roof. The collectible is on top.

Collectible 56 – Once the screen turns gray, search the first room you reach. The “Purging Percentage” should be around 40%. The final collectible is on a desk near the sign that says “Coalescence.”

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