Cheats for Blacklight Retribution on Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Free Permanent Gun Receiver and 30 Day Hero Skin

Type this code in the main menu where it says (redeem code):


Just to clarify: anyone can use this code. It does not matter if someone has redeemed it before you. Redeem in-game, not in the Playstation Store!

By: jonjonleprekon   844 251

Zombie Gun

The cheat code is ZOMPWYGDLSLJGGDQ

It will give you a special gun.

By: Null bot   631 260

Questions and Answers

What  is  the  best  way  to  get  gp  in  blacklight  retribution  ?

Nate, 1 year ago

Hello  i  am  dissepointed  whit  de  redeemcodes  it  always  dont  work  whit  me.and  my  friends  have  it.and  whe  are  in  1  clan.please  help  me  get  redeem  codes

Roy, 9 months ago

can  we  please  get  some  free  gp  and  redeem  codes  im  tired  of  spending  my  money

Blake, 9 months ago